Saturday, July 5, 2014

June- Week 2- Carnival, Chalk Art, Wheeler Farm

We babysat cousins Katie and Truman while their mom and dad were in Hawaii!  
One of the fun things we did was go to Uncle David's work carnival!  
We started with some fun pony rides!
Don't worry that she looks like she's about to fall off. ;) 

Inflatable bounce house with slide! 

Unfortunately, some dark storm clouds rolled in and the carnival got rained out within the first hour.  Here we are, huddled under the food tents waiting for it to let up so we can run to the car.  
You may also note poor Truman had puffy swollen eyes for most of his stay with us.  Not sure what he may have been allergic to, but he never complained.  McKenna also threw up the following morning.  So we had an eventful time while the Stewarts were with us.  :) 
That same weekend, Father's Day weekend, was the Chalk Art Festival (sponsored by Utah Foster Care Foundation) at the Gateway.  McKenna was tired of walking, so the girls squished together.  
We went on Friday night, so a lot of the art wasn't done yet. But here are some  of the highlights.  
Thanks you Pic Stitch for making it easy to post a lot of pictures a one time. :) 

Father's Day Sunday we were lucky enough to have Dan home in the morning.  No Meetings!  We're so blessed to have this guy in our lives!  His children adore him and they loved spoiling him with many pictures, his favorite candy, and supplies for an up coming camping trip.  
The next day, we got to visit with one of Dan's old roommates, Scott and Laura McIntyre, and their cute family!  They were visiting from Kansas!  It was so great to catch up and the kids played very well together! 

Later that night we attended the Nelson Family Party to celebrate June Birthdays!  My baby is turning 1!!  

We, and the cousins, bought a $5 summer movie pass to see 10 movies (one every Tuesday morning) and we rotate which adult goes with the kids.    
We also went to Wheeler Farm with cousins.  The weather was perfect!! You'll notice jackets in JUNE?!?

This kid likes to "snuddle" and fall asleep on me.  Well, ok! :) #imafaker 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June- Week 1

Since Anna's officially crawling now, she loves her new freedom!  She especially loved this spot for a while, by the piano looking through the rails down the stairs.   
Cute jabbering.  
This girls loves the wagon on our walks around the neighborhood. :) 
 We had a fun lunch date with dad at his work.  
 Dan built a "house" out of a giant appliance box.  

 Anna's also getting the hang of the "so big!" game.  :)

 We went to the 7 Canyons Splash Pad at Liberty Park with cousins.
 Play date with Whitney, playing Halloween/trick-or-treat.  
 It's hot enough now to fill the kiddie pool with freezing cold water and the kids won't freeze.  This particular day I was too lazy to put sunscreen on the kids, but not too lazy to build this shade contraption.  It covered *most* of the pool. ;) 
 Love her little chubby legs. 
 Again, because we made this kid give up naps, he falls asleep almost anytime we get in the car.  Such skill keeping the sucker in his mouth!  
 Cuteness enjoying the nice weather outside on a blanket.  
 A lovely grown-up only birthday dinner for Dan's mom.  Before this, most of us were able to attend the Bountiful temple together and performed sealings for some family file names.  Such a wonderful experience!  
Daddy time is precious time!  
I also wanted to document how good McKenna's art work is getting.