Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Home! (Condo)

We purchased a condo in Bountiful, UT in October of 2007. It was built in the early to mid 80's. The biggest thing we changed/updated before moving in was to install new carpet and tile. So here's a series of before and after shots of OUR home! Enjoy!

This is the front of our house- We have since torn up almost all the bushes! They looked awful. I plan to plant lots of flowers in the spring. We didn't take a picture of it now because it's all covered in snow still.

Front entryway light fixture

Front entryway before


View from our balcony/loft (shot #1) before


View from balcony/loft (shot #2) before


Upstairs bathroom- we haven't really changed anything in here yet.

Upstairs bedroom before

After- Right now this is kind of an office/guest room/junk room

Ceiling fan before


Master bedroom before

After- Sorry 'bout the stuff under the bed :)

Our closet (before). An after shot would be too messy...

Different view of our bedroom now

Bathroom (shot #1) before


Bathroom (shot #2) before- Nasty border

After- Phew! Now more border. We painted this bathroom a light blue.

Bathroom (shot #3) before

After (new towel rack)

Hallway to the master-before


Kitchen before


Dining room before

After -Isn't Dan cute? :)

Family room before


Stairs up to family room before


Stairs down to basement before


Hallway out to garage before


Laundry room before


Basement (shot #1) before


Basement (shot #2) before


This is shot #1 of our small backyard. We have since ripped out that weird tree bush thing. It didn't look too nice.

Shot #2 of backyard from our deck

This is our deck with cute Danny boy measuring.

Garage (shot #1)

Garage (shot #2)
Sorry that was really long. But it's good documentation for us and our future posterity. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So this is our blog. Welcome! We hope this will help us keep in touch with friends better and that it will be a type of journal for us. We'll try to be witty and interseting from time to time. I'm sure we'll get fun post ideas from all of our friends and family members who will read this. Love you all! :)