Monday, November 24, 2014

Oct- Week 4- LPA Carnival, Carving Pumpkins, Dan's Work Party, and Halloween

I forgot to post previously that we celebrated the October Birthdays with just the Websters at Sunday Dinner.  My, how these kids keep getting bigger! 
McKenna's school sponsored a fun Halloween carnival!  
It's a fundraiser for the school and it's a HUGE event.  This being our first year attending, we bought wristbands for all the inside games, and plenty of tickets for the outside activities as well.  Now that we know more about it, I think we can cut back and definitely not spend as much next year.  The kids of course loved the inflatable slide! 

McKenna also got a "make-over" and got some "Elsa white" put in her hair.  
They also had this inflatable obstacle course outside.  
Some of the inside games were: keep the balloon up, face painting, push the pumpkin with the broom, painting nails, a cake walk, a movie, plenty of bean bag/ball tosses, pumpkin bowling, walking on a spider web, and many more.  Dan opted to take Ben and Anna home a little early (largely due to meltdowns and tantrums) so McKenna and I stayed a little longer, then went and got a milkshake afterwards!  
Halloween day, we attended Dan's work Halloween party.  They set up their little bounce house, had a potluck lunch, and there was some trick or treating to everyone's desks.  
A group shot of everyone who dressed up! (any idea what Dan dressed up as?)
Kids only (with Anna screaming) :) 
After the work party, we headed home to finally carve our pumpkins!  Ben did not touch the goop, but McKenna didn't mind too much.  

Dan used a stencil/pattern to carve this Frankenstein with Ben.  Turned out pretty sweet!   
McKenna drew her own face and called her "Alice."  She's even wearing a headband.  :) 
We continued with our tradition of mummy hot dogs for dinner. Trick or treating began as I went down the hill first with the kids (Dan stayed home with Anna to pass out candy) and we lasted about an hour.  Ben started to get pretty tired walking back up the hill to get home.  Then we switched and Dan took the kids up to the rest of the neighborhod.  We kept a tally of how many kids we got (my mom used to do this growing up) and we got about 37.  Not a ton, but I think the number has gone up a little every year.  
Love my Ninja Turtle, Princess Elsa, and little bunny!  

The weather was, once again, much warmer that normal which was wonderful!  
Happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oct- Week 4- Pumpkin Walk, Trunk or Treat

Grandma Sibber took McKenna on her annual birthday date!  McKenna chose the same thing as last year; lunch at Sbarro.
 Then shopping at the Disney Store! 
 It's always so magical there! 
 Grandma said they must have gone at a good time because everything (particularly the Frozen section) seemed to be fully stocked.  I probably say the same thing every year, but thank you, Grandma, so much for spoiling her and making her feel so special and loved! 
For the 5th straight year, we attended the North Logan Pumpkin Walk!  The weather could not have been more perfect!  No jackets required!  
There was a large Sword and Stone scene.  I especially loved the dragon.  
 Arthur, Wicked, and Little Mermaid
 Super Heroes saving everyone from the scary pumpkin guy.  
 Frankenstein and the Lego Movie (one of my favorite scenes).  
 A Christmas Carol. 
 The kids always love these.  I especially love Anna's little face poking out too.  
 There were a couple Robin Williams tributes.  
 Mary Poppins
 The Muppets and Frozen
 Steamboat Willie and Snow White (another one of my favorites).  
 Charlotte's Web
 And LOTS more cut-outs!  
 We slept over at Mantua Friday night, after the Pumpkin Walk.  We left early Saturday morning to be back in time for our final Primary Program practice.  That evening, McKenna and I went to a baby shower for my cousin's wife, and then visited my Condie Grandparents with Anna, and my sister.  

Dan took Ben to the U of U game that night.  The game didn't even start until 8pm, so we made sure Ben had a nap that day.  Dan said he did pretty well; the snacks seemed to help, as well! At one point, the salt from the popcorn was hurting Ben's lips, so he put the cold side of his Sprite cup against them to relieve some pain.  Cute boy! 

Passed out on the way home, for sure!
Sunday was our Primary program and McKenna spoke her line so well.  It was, "One way I can show my family love, is by giving them hugs when I see them." 

Monday, it was finally our turn to take Dan's parents out on a date as part of our Christmas gift to them last year (each sibling couple volunteered for a month).  We went to the Mandarin!  
Tuesday was our ward Halloween carnival/Trunk or Treat.  The youth of the ward were in charge and provided a hot dog dinner, this cute photo booth, and a spook alley!  Dan was off taking care of the hot dogs, hence him not being in the shot :)
 Love Ben's ninja pose! And Anna actually loved her costume!  She usually shakes her head "no" to almost everything, but when I showed her herself in the mirror and I asked, "Are you a bunny?", she nodded her head slowly up and down. :) 
 Guess how many Elsa's there were?  I spy at least three. ;)  
 Cute friends, Britanna and McKenna
 Here are the three preschool boys.  Henry, Taggart and Ben.  
 This little one did not go around to the trunks to get treats.  However, she did sit nicely in the stroller as long as she was eating a GIANT Tootsie Roll!  And she started legitimately smile for the camera now!
 It was pretty cold, but definitely a FUN Trunk or Treat! 
I saw a friend of mind post on Instagram about having a glow stick bath.  Thankfully I had some on hand and the kids loved it.  Pretty cool how it made the water glow!
 I wanted to document all the "Valentine's" McKenna has been making lately.  These are all for Ben.  She loves to make them, and he requests size and color.  :)  
 Little stinker.