Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May- Week 1- Anniversary, Zoo, Fire Station, Lagoon Trail, Sam's Graduation

Friday, McKenna went to a "Color" birthday party where they painted, colored, created, and had a colored powder "fight."  She had a blast!  When I went to pick her up, the dad was blowing all the girls off with his leaf blower and I could see puffs of dust coming off each girl.  Good times!  
Friday, Dan and I got to go on a date to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary (on May 3rd)!! We went to an open house for a guy who makes and sells pottery (his brother lives in our ward)...so cool!  We ate a Taqueria 27, and walked around a nearby shopping center to kill some time.  Then, we had an appointment at Color Me Mine to paint some pottery of our own.  This was a first for us to do together.  It was pretty fun and I really like how the pieces turned out.  We also enjoyed treats at Ugurt.  Big thanks to my sister for babysitting!  Such a fun filled, but relaxing night! 

Saturday we did yard work, grocery shopping, playing in the sprinklers, 
and had a grandkids photoshoot for a mother's day gift for Dan's mom.  
We also went to CPK and saw the new Avenger's movie with my sister, Mickelle, to celebrate her birthday!  
Sunday, May 3, 29 weeks pregnant.  
Sunday after an evening walk.  Darling sisters!  
This is the picture I used on Instagram about our 9th Wedding Anniversary.  Love this man so much and so grateful I decided to marry him!
I spent a lot of the next week organizing the kids' clothes.  Such a daunting task!  Thankfully, since we moved the big kids downstairs, I had an empty bedroom as my "staging area."  I could make a mess and then close the door and walk away from time to time.  Dan ended up helping me quite a bit with this project at nights after kids were in bed.  
Monday, Anna needed a tissue... that was fun to roll back up.   ;)  There was more TP in a pile around the corner back in the bathroom.  
 Such a good big sister who enjoys reading so much!  (Ben's wearing my warm fuzzy socks.)
 Monday was also a zoo day with some cousins.
They have a great dinosaur exhibit going on all Summer.

Anna loved the "toot toot" train.  
Tuesday, we toured the fire station with Ben's "preschool buddies" (as he likes to call them).  McKenna and Anna got to tag along too.   

 Tuesday on the way to swim lessons.  Ben was playing with these dress-up glasses and fell asleep.  
 The kids like to put on concerts for us-- at least one a week.  
 Wednesday, we hiked the Farmington Lagoon trail with cousins.  
We had a picnic lunch. 
We made it back to our cars just as a huge thunderstorm rolled in and started dumping!  
Thursday, I volunteered at McKenna's school before a park and picnic day with Ben and his neighborhood preschool friends.  After this we went to Dan's mom's house for a craft afternoon.  She taught us (the grown-ups) how to make origami tulips. 
Friday, we went to Dan's brother's graduation from the University of Utah's School of Business.  

Saturday, I took an all-day class for teacher relicense points.  
In the evening, we attended our ward temple night and enjoyed dinner in the temple cafeteria.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Apr- Week 3 and 4- Stomach Virus, Payson Temple, Field Trip, Recital

While I was gone in San Fran, Dan did such a great job keeping the kids entertained and active.  He took them for their favorite lunch of "special juice and bread" (a Keva Juice Smoothie and Great Harvest bread).  While McKenna was at a birthday party, he took Ben and Anna on a bike ride.  He said Anna screamed kind of a lot until he gave them his phone to play on.  
Dan also took the kids to the park to play after picking up McKenna from school.  The birthday party McKenna went to was a princess dress-up party.  She had a blast!  
Monday, after I got back from my trip, was a pretty normal day.  I gave the kids their souvenirs (fans, drums and cool chopsticks from Chinatown), did laundry, and prepared for preschool that I would be hosting that week.  

Tuesday, the week took a turn for the worse, Anna woke up puking.  Thankfully (kind of) the poor girl was only throwing up stomach acid.  Easier to catch/clean up in my opinion.  It lasted about every 10-15mins from 7:30-11:30am.  There was more laundry to be done and of course cleaning that day, trying to sanitize everything so no one else caught it.   Here are a few pictures of how sleepy and clingy Anna was for about 3 days.  Tuesday, I also postponed hosting preschool for obvious reasons. 
Wednesday, Anna threw up two more times after breakfast because she was starving and ate too much too fast.  I ended up hosting preschool that day anyway.  We also had a really good Spring snow storm that day.  A little late in the game (it was such a weak Winter), but still very needed.  In the evening, we continued the process of moving Ben and McKenna's bedroom down to the basement.  

Thursday, early in the am, around 4:50, Ben woke up having thrown up.  Joy!  However, his throw up was minimal, only happened once, and he actually acted and ate fine the rest of the day.  Thank goodness!  Unfortunately, Dan also caught the bug and had it pretty bad!  He was totally down for the entire day.  Even with my boys home sick all day, I still managed to go visiting teaching, go to a doctor's appt (glucose test), do more laundry, and take care of Anna who now had the stomach virus effecting her diapers. :(  We chilled and watched a movie together in the evening.  McKenna, who hates throwing up with such a passion, had given herself great amounts of anxiety about catching the bug, that she was up late and a few times in the night simply with nervous tummy. Thankfully, she never actually threw up.  

On top of the stomach virus we had during the week, McKenna's Fifths disease rash flared up again, two weeks after we first noticed it.  Thankfully, the only discomfort she reported was being kind of itchy.  Also, my blood work came back normal for this and my glucose as well.  My mom was pretty sure I had Fifths Disease as a child, so the blood work confirmed there was no cause for concern.   

Friday, McKenna still went to school but ended up calling me to come pick her up early because her "stomach hurt."  But really, it was just more anxiety.  : /  I still hosted preschool this day as well, and finished up teaching about numbers 1-4.  
Also, the kids had seen me using rubber gloves a few times over the last few days, so they got some out too to protect their hands while they counting Ben's money from his Ninja Turtle bank.  Anna, finally starting to feel better and enjoyed Ben's Ninja Turtle mask.  
Saturday morning, I gave Dan and Ben haircuts, then we divided and conquered the Costco and grocery shopping errands.  My sister babysat that night and we attended our ward temple night followed by treats at Swig.  

Sunday, Apr. 20th- 27 weeks pregnant.  Last Trimester!!  
Sunday evening, we also attended Dan's brother's birthday pizza party.  
Monday, a cute picture of Anna (and the other two) during morning prayers.  She usually covers her eyes like this.  It's pretty cute!  
Monday evening, we were able to attend the new Payson Temple open house with some of Dan's Webster/Nelson family members.  This temple is gorgeous!  I mean, ALL temples are gorgeous. But seriously, this one (in my opinion) is in my top three most beautiful temples.  
The kids did great and were pretty reverent throughout.  
Tuesday, we finished moving the big kids downstairs by washing their sheets and they were finally ready to sleep down there!  They've done very well so far and haven't been too scared or nervous about being so far away from us now.  

McKenna drew and colored this darling family picture complete with a floating baby and question mark.  :) 
Wednesday, we went to library story time for the first time since the Ben and Anna freakout session last time.  :)  We also ate lunch outside on the front lawn since it was such beautiful weather.  I did some yard work.  Dan had a two-day work meeting/symposium at the Zermatt resort in Midway, so we Facetimed him before bedtime.  

Thursday and Friday were pretty normal days: volunteering, cleaning out the car, yard work, playdates, and pizza and a movie as a family Friday night.  
Saturday, Dan worked at a booth for a work event in the morning.  McKenna and Anna and I attended a baby shower for Aunt Pidi who is due two weeks before me.  

Sunday, we celebrated the April Birthdays at Webster Family dinner.  
Monday, I got an oil change for the van and we also went to the Nelson Family monthly birthday party.  Someone captured this cute picture of Anna.  She really likes her pockets these days.  
Tuesday, I helped chaperone McKenna's field trip to the Children's museum.  They had a great time despite the bus being 45 mins late.  Poor kids got totally gypped on their play time.  
Tuesday/Thursday, Ben learned about numbers at preschool.  
We also started a 4 week session of swim lessons!  
All day Wednesday and Thursday I took a class for teacher relicense points.  My sister babysat one day for me so Dan only had to take off one day of work.  
Thursday, McKenna also had her Let's Play Music recital.  She played "I'm an Indian".

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