Saturday, December 30, 2017

Oct. '17- Week 3- Grandpa's BD, Babysit Hailey, McKenna's 9th BD, Pumpkin Walk, Utah Game

Sunday- some funny pictures before church. 
At church it was Steven Nelson's mission homecoming.  I helped Cari Moss with her RS lesson by talking about some of the blessings of Dan being the Bishop and how our lives have changed for the better.  We had dessert at mom and dad's house that night to celebrate Dan's dad's BD!  We're so thankful for his kind and generous presence in our lives.  
Monday morning I wasn't feeling too well (feeling nauseous), but thankfully it passed later that day.  Sam and Lara dropped off Hailey then left for their Hawaii trip.  We took Hailey with us to Anna's gymnastics and had a pretty normal afternoon with Anna at preschool and naps for the Hailey and Bethany.  
After kids were in bed that night, I went to Mickelle and Jonathan's new place to help get them unpacked a little more settled.  We made great progress that night in the kitchen in particular.  
**That day I was given a sweet gift of flowers from Mary Smart to say thank you for sacrificing Dan's time as he serves as Bishop.  It was so thoughtful and kind of her!  <3 p="">
Tuesday I got the three girls up and ready and then took Hailey to her preschool (unfortunately a little late), then I took my two girls to shop for McKenna's BD presents.  After that, we spent a few minutes at 5 Points Park before picking Hailey up.  We had a normal afternoon of carpool, Ben's gymnastics and homework, then dinner and bedtime.  

Wednesday I did matching hair on all the little girls.  
Then we packed a lunch and headed to 5 Points Park again for some play time.  Thankfully the weather was nice and Brynn met us there for a bit.  Later that afternoon, after naps, I took the kids to get their flu shots.  Everyone survived and Hailey was a great cheerleader.  
We also stopped by McKenna's class at the end of the day to see her BD spotlight!  She loved that she had a free dress day the day before her BD.  
Anna and Bethany to a little BD party for Brooklyn Moulton.  I also helped Mickelle unpack some more that night.  

Thursday was UEA Fall Break and also McKenna's 9th BD!!  I think I'm gonna feel really old when she hits double digits next year!  

She went to breakfast bright and early with Dan.  Then she came home and we opened some presents.  She got a new Lego set, a new docket for school, some jewelry, a pair of leggins and a little panda figurine.  
We packed a lunch and headed to West Bountiful Park for some playing with friends.  It was sunny and warm temperatures, but unfortunately the mosquitoes were horrific!  Also, Ben's first front tooth got knocked out! 
I got these funny pictures of Bethany pausing to go #2.  :) 
After Bethany's nap we headed to Jump Around Utah for McKenna's BD activity of choice!  Dan met us there after work.  
It wasn't very crowded and the kids had tons of fun for about an hour and a half.  
Here's a bunch of Boomerang videos!  

We tried to get some family jumping pictures.  :) 
We had pasta salad for dinner, watched some of the new Beauty and the Beast, then had ice cream cake! 
McKenna is a wonderful big sister, very creative and imaginative, so smart, and a wonderful first born for us!  I'm so excited to see all she grows up to be (just not too quickly)!  
McKenna's 9th BD Interview  
What is you favorite color? Teal
What is your favorite toy? Girl Legos
What is your favorite fruit? Pomegranates
What is your favorite TV Show? Liv and Maddie and Girls Meets World
What is you favorite movie? New Beauty and the Beast
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?   Left over Pasta Salad
What is your favorite outfit to wear? Teal pants and maroon sweater from Winegars
What is your favorite game to play? Cover Your Assests
What is your favorite snack? Left over breakfast shake
What is your favorite animal? Horse and Panda
What is your favorite song? Better When I’m Dancin’ Meghan Trainor
What is your favorite book? American Girls Doll books
Who is your best friend? Camille, Brittana, Bridget, Jojo, McKinley, Kira, Olivia, Marley, Savannah, Gianna, Aliza, Soko
What is your favorite cereal? Honey Oat Crunch, Marshmallow Maties
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Trampoline
What is your favorite thing to drink? Hot Chocolate, Smoothie, Shake
What is your favorite holiday? Halloween and Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Blanket and stuffed animal for the month
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Shake, yogurt, cinnamon bread toast
What do you want to have for dinner? Pasta salad
What do you want to be when you grow up? Mom, artist
What is your favorite thing to do with our family? Snuggle and watch movies  
What is your favorite thing to do in school? History, art, music, reading, basically everything

McKenna's 9 Year Stats
Height:  51.7in (2.5inch increase in 1 year)   45th percentile 
Weight:  51lbs (6lb increase in 1 year) 10th percentile 

After kids went to bed, Dan cleaned out a clog in our kitchen sink.  You can see he was thrilled.  

Friday Dan went to his work's Pumpkin Painting Festival at the Gateway and then officiated in a wedding which had to move time and location due to weather.  Ben helped Dan with the Pumpkin Festival.  (Later, all of us at the Logan Pumpkin walk with Adam and Amelia.)

Then we packed for Mantua and headed north.  Adam and Amelia joined us in going to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk.  The theme had something to do with "time."  Here are some of our favorites! 
Moana and MC Hammer Time! 
The best was this gigantic Star Wars display! 

This "Bingo Time" one was Dan's Dad's company, Legacy House of Logan.  
More Star Wars
They have a witch at the end which freaked Anna and Bethany right out!  She had really great make-up on and looked pretty realistic! 
The cut-outs are also always a hit!  Here's Bethany with her silly faces.  

After kids were in bed, we watched Count of Monte Cristo.  

Saturday Amelia and Bethany did some bonding.  Mia would hold Bethany's cheeks so sweetly and then Bethany would get tired of it and pull away.  :) 
We cleaned up and left by 10 so we could make it back in time for the Utah football game with Dan's parents.  It was pretty chilly, and the Utes lost, but it was still fun times.  

Oct. '17- Week 2- 4 Months Pregnant, Ultrasound, Dan's Mancation, Gaby Jensen Bapstism

Sunday- documenting 4 months pregnant
2, 3, and 4 months pregnant. It's fun to see growth. 
Sunday I also got a new calling to be the YW music specialist.  I will help the girls learn songs to sing for special musical numbers, help them choose meaningful songs for opening exercises, and maybe even learn to lead music a little.  

More funny pictures from Sunday.  
Monday started a week of Dan doing carline at the kids' school.  Also, at gymnastics, it was fire safety week.  Anna wasn't scared at all of the bear that came to visit.  
I also volunteered that day in Ben's class during art time.  I took a baked potato dinner that night to my friend Erica who just had a baby.  We also took some cookies to a new family in the ward, the Pugsleys.  

Tuesday McKenna had an orthodontist appointment which gave her quite the sore mouth for a few days.  Then Anna went to Desi's house and Bethany went to the Roth's while Dan and I went for our 20 week ultrasound.  The baby looked healthy and the doctor said it is an "extraordinarily average" baby (particularly when it comes to size).  :)  Here are a few pictures.  In the 3D shots, you can see the baby's face is snuggled up to my placenta....and I think it looks like a Benny face.  
Wednesday I went walking with Rachael then Bethany had speech.  Ben made this "bed and bathroom" set of Legos.  Bethany and I took a walk to pick up Taggart for a play date with Ben.  Beautiful Fall leaves!  (Bethany LOVES the baby dolls at Anna's preschool and will often rock them and kiss them good bye in the 1 minute it takes me to sign Anna in.)
As a family that evening, we cleaned up the patio room.  

Thursday Dan left for his annual "Mancation!"  They went to southern California to see the Utes play USC.  
They also went to Harry Potter world and Universal Studios.  

Saturday before the game, they got in a temple session and some beach time.  They also enjoyed a Clippers NBA game! 
Thursday I had a quick meeting with Becky Paulson about music and YWs.  McKenna also started a new hip hop class that evening (new day and time, thankfully the same teacher).  
(Anna and Bethany had a little fight that night that resulted in Bethany biting Anna on the cheek.)  :(
Friday Anna had Lizzie and Desi over to play while I worked on a grocery list.  
Later we went to ladies lunch at church.  That night, we went to pizza and movie at Grandma's house with all the aunts and cousins.  

Saturday we went to Gaby Jensen's baptism!  We miss them not living in the ward, but so glad we're still friends!  We went and picked up groceries right after.  That afternoon we made birthday cards for RJ Parker and Grandpa Webster.  The kids had baths and went to bed nice!  So thankful Dan was coming home the next day! 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Oct. '17 Week 1- General Conference, Anna Fire Station, McK Activity Days Program, Hike with Stewarts

Sunday we had our conference french toast and then we sorted through our 72 hour emergency kits while listening to the first session of conference.  We also set up a tent in the family room to hopefully help entertain the kids a little and help them (or us) listen better.  In between the sessions we took the kids for a walk and the animals in our neighborhood came right up to the fence, probably thinking we had food for them.  We also got the sad news that Bro. Salisbury in our ward and Elder Robert D. Hales both passed away within an hour of each other.  During the next session of conference Dan was spending time with the Salisbury family while I made zucchini bread and we painted finger nails.  
(The top picture is from Saturday night after the men folk came back from Priesthood.)
We went to the conference recap at Dan's parents' house that evening.  Grandfather gave us a little insight into rushing to Elder Hales' bedside and giving him a blessing before he passed.  He said in the blessing he told him he would continue to preach the gospel on either side of the veil.  He also told us Pres. Monson is receiving great care and in good spirits.  
Monday Anna had gymnastics and then we went through her clothes (next size up) in the basement. Dan helped the Salsburys with funeral plans that evening.  
Jonathan borrowed our TV that night for something he needed to set up with his own TVs at home.  

Tuesday I went walking with Rachael then Desi came over to play.  Jonathan returned our TV.  In the afternoon Ben had gymnastics and McKenna had dance.  It was "bring a friend" day, so she took Camille.  McKenna also went with Dan that night to visit the Chatelains while the other three kids wached shows in the basement while I cleaned up toys and finished sorting Anna's clothes.  

Wednesday I babysat Clara and Charlie in the morning.  After lunch Brynn watched Bethany while I went with Anna to her preschool "be there" activity, which was a visit to the fire station.  Anna started out brave but was too shy in the end to climb in the fire truck drivers seat or to even pose for her group class picture.  
Later, McKenna finished her book report then later played with Brittana.  

Thursday I attended Anna's music class with her.  Later that evening, Mickelle babysat while Dan and I went with McKenna to an Activity Days Program.  There was a soup and salad dinner, a slide show of pictures from the last year, and then each girl presented three things they have worked on in the three areas of the Faith in God book.  
Learning and Living the Gospel: She brought Book of Mormon Stories because we read it every morning as a family.  
Developing Talents:  She painted a letter M she got for her BD.  
Serving Others: She brought a heart to represent the time she played piano at an assisted living center.  
Friday I walked with Rachael, then showered and headed to Laurie's for a sisters lunch.  I didn't get any pictures of the grownups, but it was sure fun to see all these GIRL cousins playing together!  
Dan conducted the funeral (his first funeral as Bishop) for Bro. Salisbury and everyone said he did a lovely job! The kids had another sleepover that night in McKenna's room.  

Saturday I took Anna and Bethany grocery shopping then Dan went to a baptism.  Dan also got this adorable picture of Bethany.  
After Bethany's nap, we took advantage of the warm temperatures and amazing Fall colors and headed to Killyons Canyon trail up Emigration Canyon.  We hiked with the Stewarts for about three miles and the kids did great! 
Such beautiful weather and colors!! 

 This should be our Christmas card! 
After the hike we went to a park by the U of U and had pizza with the Stewarts.  The kids still had tons of energy to play and run around so we walked to Ugurt for some dessert!
 We ran into all the guys going to the Utah football game.