Monday, February 25, 2013

Photo Dump- Randomness

Since Christmas, we have received a LOT of snow.  WAY more than last Winter.  I, unfortunately haven't been taking as many pictures as I should have to document it all.  But suffice it to say, our mailbox was just about buried at one point and we still have snow piled as high as our front stair banister.  My mom took these pictures after a particularly impressive storm.  

We also had sub-freezing temperatures for a good month which caused a TON of these big boy icicles to form all along our roofline.  
Good times playing at Wal-Mart.  We never actually pay the money to turn those things on.  Thankfully they are content to just sit in them.  Because we're great parents like that.  :)

Snuggles for mommy!
After making this lovely creation, Ben declared it was, "Daddy!"  :)
McKenna endlessly putting on her "shows."
This particular show she dressed up all of her stuffed animals too.
More dress-up pictures from Ben.  

Intently watching a few deer right outside our window.  
A few of you readers asked to see the Christmas collage we (Dan's siblings) gave to Dan's mom.  It turned out SO well! 
I got to see one of my dear VA friends over the Christmas break and snuggled her sweet 4 month old!  Love that baby P. 
Building forts helps the Winter days go by a little faster (if only...)
McKenna put this on Ben's head, started laughing and said, "Mom, take a picture or something!"
Trying on her ballet costume.  Her recital is in two weeks!  
This was dance picture day-- full make-up and hair done!  I think we're in trouble with those eye lashes.  
This was during a run through of their dance.  An arabesque I believe.  :)
Anyone else's kids love to do this?  :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ben's Birthday- Take 2

Benny got to go on a Birthday date with Grandma Sibber.  She took him to lunch at Arctic Circle, where he played much more than he ate.  But boy, did he have fun!  Then she took him shopping at Wal-Mart where he was not too pleased when Grandma put something in the cart that she happened to need for herself.  She said he kept pointing to himself as if to say, "No, only stuff for me."  Crazy little boy.  She bought him some cute new clothes, PJs, and bath toys!  Thanks Grandma for spoiling him!!
 Ben also got to celebrate at the Nelson family party.  

All the January babies!

 Then we celebrated again at Dan's parent's NEW house with just the Websters!!  The home is so beautiful and fits LOTS of people quite comfortably!  

 Opening MORE presents.  Sheesh, this kid got a lot of stuff!
 Thanking Grandma!
 Modeling his new Under Armor jacket.  So cute!