Monday, April 29, 2013

Girls Night

Have I ever mentioned I'm so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family?!  We all actually love being around each other!  A few weeks ago we had a lovely girls night out and sleepover.  (We missed Ailin!!)  Dan's parents certainly spoiled us as well!

Delicious dinner at the Mandarin!
A little craft time.  We learned how to crochet curly scarves and ate more delicious food-- carrot cake and strawberry shortcake.  We also watched Hairspray in the "Man Cave."  :)  Incidentally, Dan's dad retreated to our house and they watched Clear and Present Danger. all around.
I had a little bit of a rough night, not sleeping in my own bed at almost 7 months pregnant and staying up too late did NOT agree with my stomach apparently.  Thankfully, I felt fine (besides sleepy) in the morning and was able to eat this super yummy breakfast! 
We continued to be spoiled and went and got pedicures!!
Our finished scarves.  
Our little girls are always the little fashionistas...
So we tried to recreate their darling poses.  :) Silly mommies.  

Thanks mom and dad Webster for such a wonderful time together!

Family Pics and Spring Break

Dan's parents bought matching Easter outfits for all the grandkids which definitely called for a photo shoot!  The grown-ups were being quite LOUD to get all the kids to look and smile that it scared Ben and Oliver half to death.  (Two more grandkids due to join this crazy bunch by the end of June.) :) 
All the girls

All the boys
The whole Webster clan
Since McKenna didn't have preschool or ballet during Spring Break and Dan didn't have scouts, we decided to head up to Mantua!!  I already posted about our little family Easter Celebration up there.  We also took the kids to see The Croods and they loved it and did so well considering it was a 7:10pm showing!  It was quite difficult for Ben to sit still before the movie started and he kept asking for "pop" (popcorn) the entire time.  Good thing we smuggled some in with us.  :) 
We took a ranger ride...
...up to the Mantua Cemetery to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Webster

Dan couldn't take too much time off work, so the rest of our Spring Break was back at home.  But we enjoyed an afternoon at Bountiful Park.
And just a cute iPad watching picture.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter- Part 1

I was in charge of our Preschool Easter party.  We sorted jelly beans, made some bunnies, ate carrots, read Easter stories, sang Little Bunny Foo-foo, had some bunny hop and egg races, and did an Easter egg hunt to match capital and lower case letters.  

A few days later, our neighborhood held their third annual Easter Egg hunt. Because I had to wake up the kids up from their naps to take them, McKenna was SUPER grouchy and never really warmed up to it.  Dan was able to leave work a little early and surprised us when he showed up, which helped Ben be a little happier.  

Dying Easter Eggs was quick and easy this year since we only had a dozen eggs, 6 colors, and stickers to put on once they dried.  The kids have chocolate faces which Dan wouldn't let me wipe off pre-pictures.  :) 

Easter-Part 2

Dan's brother's work does a huge Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter.  Here's uncle Jake giving some of the kids a pep talk about finding the silver eggs and working from the middle of the field out.  :) 
I love Ben's face in this one.  

All the grandkids that came with Gma and Gpa Webster
Kenna, not scared of the bunny.  
Ben, kept saying buh-bye to the bunny. :) 

Love the mouth full of candy. 
We tried to get a nice family picture after church on Easter but Ben kept trying to escape.  Oh well.  
(BTW, 28 weeks pregnant)
We got a decent one of the kids at least.  

Dan's parents had a hunt at their house as well.  We only had 8 of the 14 Webster grandkids though.  

Again, love the chocolate faces! :) 
Our last and final Easter hurrah was just with our little family up at the Mantua house.  

We had a lovely family home evening that night talking about and watching the Easter Story and focusing on celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Stay tuned for more fun at Mantua during our Spring Break...