Tuesday, March 18, 2014

February- Week 4

Another fun day at the Zoo.  Can you tell the sun was bright?

Can't remember what animal they were looking at here, but Aunt Ailin just put her phone over the rail to get this shot.  Cute little faces! 

First official whale spout. 
Funny story about her cute pointer fingers, I have multiple pictures of McKenna like this also with her pointers up.  
Anna's favorite past time while nursing...

I braided McKenna's hair after baths one night and she wore crimped hair the next day.  She was a little nervous at first, like usual.  Everyone said very nice things about it, but as of now she doesn't ever want to do it again.  Silly.  
Dance party! 

McKenna got to try the big balance beam a few weeks ago.  

Babies chewing on their toes is one of my favorite stages! 

February- Week 3

We took Anna swimming for the first time at the Rec Center.  She rarely cries during her baths so I thought she'd love it!  And she did! 
 Ben really makes the best faces sometimes.  
 She started out a little unsure, and then loved it!  
At McKenna's gymnastics they had an Olympic themed week and gave all the kids a gold medal and a chance to stand on the podium. 
Anna's squeals!
Cute laughs! 

Story time: Ben's first trip to the ER.  
Sunday after church Ben's voice sounded a little hoarse.  I didn't think much of it and we went to Dan's parents' house for Sunday dinner.  I saw him a few times throughout the evening and never noticed any hoarseness.  But when we got home and were getting ready for bed, his voice was all raspy and squeaky again.  We put the humidifier in his room for the night.  Then, around 4:15am, Ben came into our room sounding like he was gasping for air and had a "barky" cough!  Scary!  We were pretty sure it was croup.  We calmed him down a bit, and Dan bundled him up, took him out in the cold night air, gave him a popsicle, and things improved a little.  The on-call pediatrician said if things didn't improve significantly after doing all of that, we needed to take him in.  His chest seemed fine while he was breathing, but the base of his throat was sinking in quite a bit while he breathed.  Dan took him straight to Primary Children's Hospital and they said we did everything right.  Hooray!
Dan took this picture while waiting for the doctor. They were watching Despicable Me 2, so I don't think either of them minded the wait.
They confirmed it was croup and gave him a steroid to help relax the chords in his throat.  We got a prescription for another steroid the next day and things improved quickly!  For the rest of the week, his cough just sounded like a lingering cough from a normal cold.  

February- Week 2

I seem to remember taking this picture because Anna kept wrapping herself up in the blanket.  
It was cute.  

 Valentine's Day
Heart-shaped Eggo waffles for breakfast
 Coloring with Benny while McKenna was at a playdate.
 Dan came home early from work! 
Beautiful flowers from my honey!
 Homemade heart-shaped pizza
 Bo-go Fro-yo at Ugurt!
It was a great Valentine's spent with the ones I love the most! 
We also watched a TON of Olympic coverage this week and the next!  It's such a fun two weeks, though I was very unproductive.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February- Week 1

I decided to chop my hair.  I just don't do well with long locks and small kids.  Thankfully, Dan really likes it short.  
Cute cousins!  6 weeks apart! 

A fun Monday morning at Kangaroo Zoo.  We were there with some cousins, but I only got these three pictures.  

More Anna with the "one (yellow) ring to rule them all."  Anyone care to name that movie quote?

Kissing the baby in the mirror

Ben and McKenna acting out "Frozen" in whatever costumes we have. :) 
She's clearly using her ice powers. :) 

January- Week 4

We celebrated the January birthdays at a Webster Family Sunday dinner.  
Ben got a sleeping bag, a football and several items of clothing.  He gave each gift, and giver an enthusiastic hug! 

Miss Anna enjoying her "new" to her excersaucer!  And that yellow ring became her favorite toy for a few weeks.  She would hold onto that thing for an hour or more at a time! 

McKenna wanted to share her sleeping bag. 
Celebrating January Birthdays at the Nelson Family Birthday Party! 

Playing with my 8 month old!  How did that happen already?

This never gets old for Dan.  Such a tease! 
I wanted to document that both McKenna and Ben have really been into coloring for a while now.  Thank heavens for something that keeps their interest and improves their motor skills. :) 
Family Home evening.  Ben's really not upset about it, I promise.  
I tried putting Anna in the big bath using our cool bath seat, but she still slipped around too much.  Maybe in another month or so.  
Tricky hair-do.  McKenna actually really dislikes when I try new things on her hair.  Oh well! 
A little "Frozen" serenade.  
Showing off his letter skills.  No biggie they're not in order.  :)