Sunday, December 16, 2012

Festival of Trees- Part 2 Gingerbread Houses

The kids were getting pretty tired by the end and were happy to share the stroller.  :)

 Tinker Belle 
 Sponge Bob Square Pants
 The Provo Tabernacle
 A Temple
 I just love how elaborate some of these houses are.  
 The Once-lers House from the Lorax
 Rapunzel's tower
 The Shire 1
The Shire 2
 This one was titled "Reality"

 From the Ice Age movie

Another fun year at the FoT! So glad we get to see such a cool event each December.

Festival of Trees- Part 1

Thanks to a friend in our ward, we purchased some tickets to the Festival of Trees. Such a cool event!
 Made out of soda cans
 Gotta love the Twilight tree!
 Cute monkey tree
 I also like the trees with the big chunky decorations.
 Justin Beiber
Upside down tree 
 Utah Utes... (Editor's note, whenever Ben sees Utah paraphernalia, he signs "Daddy". Gotta raise 'em right :) )
 Done by the Weber State nursing department- notice the bed pans. :) 
 BIG gingerbread cookie things
 My sweet tooth had to take a picture of this candy tree and candy shop
 Cute owls
 Our fun posse
 Hot wheels
 This one kind of grossed me out but was so cool.  I'm assuming the background is wood, but it's covered in chewed bubble gum!!  
 Don't know what that tubing is regularly used for (dryer vent?), but still pretty cool.
 A Halloween tree
 A Frog Princess Tree
 Upside-down tree covered to make an ice cream cone.
 Sesame Street
 Cool crayons and paint stuff.  
 Now that's more like it!  BYU- Go Cougs! (Editor's note: Bleh)
 Made out of soda bottles
 I really liked this tree.
 Cool train track going all the way around
 More gingerbread cookies.  Loved the pretty colors.
 Gotta have a pink tree somewhere
 This one had hair styling accessories all over it
 Dan's sister's sister-in-law tree, "Double Trouble" with cute board games all around the bottom.
 Made for these cute little miracle twin babies born at 26 weeks gestation.  
 Cool snowman tree
Sorry for all the pictures.  It's so hard to narrow it down to my favorites.  Stay tuned for the gingerbread houses.