Tuesday, November 26, 2013

September- Week 1

This week, Anna started sleeping better as well!  She even had a few "through the night" nights.  

 More family evening walks.  
 McKenna had her first day of preschool! Gosh she's growing up!  She attends a neighborhood preschool just up the hill from our house.  This neighbor has been teaching for 9 years or so and McKenna loves it! 
 We also took Anna to her first Utah Football game.  Don't worry, I'm still a BYU fan all the way (Editor's note...for now)  But it was a fun afternoon with a little bit of a challenge to keep Anna in the shade.  The guest services office was nice enough to let me nurse in the first aid room.  Thanks heavens for air conditioning! 

Go Utes!!

August- Week 4

We took a quick family picture to put in a family bio for a history book being complied for our ward/neighborhood's 40th reunion.  
 Anna had her two month check up!
Anna's 2 Month Stats
Height: 23.5 in (4 in increase in 2 months) 90th percentile
Weight: 11.1 lbs (3.5 lb increase in 2 months) 60th percentile
Head: 75th percentile

We skyped with Grandma Kelly shortly after we got home from that appointment.  Anna did just fine with her shots and they clearly wore her out!  

 Other fun things about Anna at two months:
  • She snorts a lot when she cries
  • She LOVES her bath time
  • She loves laying on her tummy on people's laps.  Not so much on the floor. 
  • I already found her turned 90 degrees from where I put her down in her crib- she's a wiggly one
  • She's very smiley, especially for mom! :)  
By this point, I had been 10 days off of dairy, her face was almost totally clear, but she was still quite cranky in the evenings.  The Dr. prescribed some baby Zantac to see if she was continuing to be fussy, especially while nursing, due to some acid reflux.  About a week later, I quit giving the Zantac to her because she was a whole new baby.  Relaxed while nursing, content and pleasant in the evenings.  That no dairy thing was a life saver!  

We had some friends over for dinner during this week.  
One of my dear friends from VA who just adopted a sweet baby boy 10 days older than Anna.  My sister came too. :) 
The older kids played great together too! 
We played a little match-maker with the babies.  
 McKenna had her first dental cleaning!  She did awesome!  
No tears and no cavities! 
She got to pick a prize, and we found out she has a slight cross bite.  Goody! 
 Anna began to enjoy soft blankets close to her face more and more.  It almost immediately makes her eyes close if they were already heavy.  
Chubby cheeks starting to fill in!  
 McKenna also started gymnastics!  

 Ever since a neighbor gave us the American Girl Doll movie, McKenna Shoots for the Stars, she's been obsessed with gymnastics.  So she's pretty much in heaven every Friday morning.  
That weekend, Dan and I got to go to a Bee's baseball game with fireworks at the end!  A great date night with Anna tagging along!  

August- Week 3

McKenna got a hair trim and they did a fancy wrap around braid.
Wish I could do hair like this.  
Anna getting bigger and happier.  

We had a fun zoo day with the cousins.  The carousel is always the highlight! 

Snuggling my girl! 
Fun at the Dollar Store.
Lunch with cousins at Hires! Entertaining them while we wait for our food. 
We had an end of Summer primary activity that got rained out.  Boo!  Thankfully, we were able to trade the inflatable water slide we had reserved for this cool bounce house with slide.  
Anna's just too cute to not take a picture of sometimes.  Even at the middle of the night feedings. :) 
An evening walk with the family.  Anna looked like a headless baby. :) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

August- Week 2

After staying the weekend at Mantua, we came back on a Tuesday and McKenna had her last day of ballet for the Summer.  She loved being able to be in a class with cousins Whitney and Katie.  I wish I could have watched them more, but I was kind of recovering from having a baby and Sarah Jane and Brynn were nice enough to drive McKenna every time! 

 Along with Anna's increased fussiness, her skin started to break out.  I thought it was "baby acne" though neither of my other two had it this bad.  I also thought maybe it was because I went back on birth control and the hormones were causing it.  She also developed a really phlegmy cough.  She wasn't very content nursing anymore either.  She would latch on, suck for a bit, then arch her back and come off.  She would do this several times during a feeding and it clearly meant something was up.  
Well, thanks to the observations and advice of many loving friends, aunts, sisters, and cousins, I decided to give up DAIRY and see if this was causing all of the above issues.  
Her cough and face cleared up within a 5-7 days.  The discomfort while nursing lasted a little longer as did the evening time fussiness.  But after two full weeks off dairy, she was like a new baby!  Hooray!!

Saturday, the 17th, we let the kids spend some of their piggy bank money and we bought three goldfish!  This was our first experience with pets.  Before we could even acclimate them to their bowl (from the pet store bag) one of them died.  That's the picture of Ben in the top left corner.  He's touching the dead one.  Yuck!  As it turns out, all three died within three days.  We must have bad water or something.  We'll try again someday, just haven't gotten around to it and the kids haven't really cared.  

August- Week 1, More

McKenna attended a friend's birthday party where they rented this awesome inflatable slide.  I was so impressed how brave she was. :)
Right around 6 weeks old, Anna was becoming more and more fussy all the time.  We started giving her gas drops to see if that would help any.  We think it did a little, but the problem proved to be a little bigger than that.  More on that later... 
Also, right around the time Anna was 6 weeks old, I finally started feeling like I could go out in public more.  Not only because I felt like I didn't have to be as cautious about germs, but I was also feeling more confident handling three kids and less exhausted.  So we went to the splash pad with some cousins.  
We headed up to Manuta again for an extended Webster Family reunion.  
Ranger ride
The three girls performing some sort of show.
Dan even got some snuggles in with Kate! :)

Stealing my phone just to take silly pictures.
Ben and Henry playing nice together as they rolled cars back and forth.
Cousin Reed was nice enough to spend his own money and let these girls pick out a toy at the General Store.  They chose these swords, so they because pirate princesses for a while.  Not sure why the goggles. :) 
Anna also had her first major diaper blow-out!  Therefore, it was time to move up to size one diapers.  It's always so sad to admit that "newborn" stage is over. :(

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August- Week 1

Aug. 1st was Dan's dad's work Lagoon day.  This is pretty much the only time we go so we really look forward to this day! 
You have to start with Bulgy the Whale.  
 Dan's in the blue shirt with McKenna next to him.  He looks so huge on those rides.  
 Ben in the blue.  

Anna thankfully did this most of the time.  I fixed her headband, don't worry. ;)
 A lovely water ride to cool us down! I love how McKenna and Katie are snuggled up to grandpa in the red shirt. 
 We rode the ferris wheel while it was getting dark and all the lights in the park were coming on.  I even took Anna on this ride and nursed her while it was going.  :)  
Funny face time
On Aug. 4th, my sister and brother were moving into a new place together in Murray.  We brought them dinner and enjoyed the camping chair/card table atmosphere.  :)