Wednesday, August 17, 2016

June- Week 4- Patio Room, Hokulia Luau, AC Broken, Anna's and Dan's BD

Wednesday I was feeling a little "off."  I was kind of grumpy most of the day.  Most likely because our AC was broken and I was HOT!  The kids had fun playing in the kiddie pool though!  My mom came to babysit while I went for a Thyroid follow-up.  
After I got home, we picked up my dad and went to dinner at Zupas.  Then we walked about the Gilgal Gardens.  Really interesting sculptures with poetry and scriptures carved into rocks as well.  
After the gardens, my parents let us hang out with them at their hotel for a bit since they knew my house was so HOT!  Dan worked late that night then supported his brother, Sam, by attending the Salt Lake Hokulia shack opening luau.  
Thursday I ran errands in the morning.  Our patio room was finished that day.  We had quite a bit of water damage due to a leaky roof which needed to be repaired.  The carpet and subfloor was so gross.
The roof got fixed, drywall repaired, new subfloor in some places, mold treated, concrete wall and step epoxy painted, and new carpet squares.  The kids love playing out here now and I love not being worried about mold!  
We swam at Winegar's in the afternoon.  We ate dinner and gave the kids showers in our basement to try to stay cool.  After the kids were in bed (all sleeping in the basement), we hung out outside to try to stay cool.  
Friday we went to the Literacy Program where the U of U chemistry department did come cool experiments and made ice cream for the kids.  Afterwards, we hung out at Swa's house, again to stay cool and out of our hot house.  We ate lunch, played in the swing set, and the kids jumped on the tramp with the sprinklers going.  We went home around 3.  My parents babysat while Dan and I went out for Greek food and the Temple.  After that, we took the kids and my parents to the Bountiful Hokulia shack for their opening luau.  Several of us got up to dance with the real dancers.  
And because I dressed the part, I got to pose for pictures.  Bethany loves selfies! 
That night, because our AC was still broken, and to have a little fun, Dan slept in our patio room with the three older kids.  It was cooler out there than inside our house.  

Saturday the weather decided to cool down a bit, thankfully! I went running in the morning.  Dan did yard work while I tidied up inside.  We ate lunch, then went to the Foxboro splash pad to celebrate Anna's 3rd BD the next day!  Because the weather was about 10 degrees cooler than the day before, the kids were too cold to play in the water much.  They spent more time at the park.  But once we added some Creamies into the mix, everyone had a great time!

Bethany kinda stole the show with her cuteness (and eating grass)!

Knee chub!!

We had a nice canopy for shade.  I used the concrete to warm up.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Mickelle came as well!

After the splash pad, we went to West Bountiful Park and had a pizza picnic with two of my roommates from BYU, Katie and Heather!  I love these girls! I love that Utah is a home base for them and I get to see them most times when they come to town!  

Sunday I found Bethany in her new favorite spot.  Under the table is the best!  I'm pretty sure I have a picture like this of all my children.  
Sunday was Anna's 3rd Birthday! We got her some cute little Anna and Elsa dolls that she always plays with in the grocery store check-out line.  She looked at them but wasn't really pleased until they were out of their boxes.  
After church my parents and Aunt Mickelle gave her some more presents.  Mickelle got her some finding Dori stuff and my parents got her a tricycle!  The blurry pictures is a little happy dance! 
Then we headed up to Dan's parents for the Webster family June BD party.  Here's all the June babies. 
Opening presents. 

We sure love our Anna Gayle and her cute little developing personality.  
Anna’s 3rd Birthday Interview 6/29/16

What is you favorite color? Purple
What is your favorite toy? Ponies
What is your favorite fruit? Oranges
What is your favorite TV Show? Barbie
What is you favorite movie? Rapunzel
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  Bologna (Not really, says mom.  Any fruit)
What is your favorite outfit to wear? Princess shirt
What is your favorite game to play? Go Fish
What is your favorite snack? Fruit Snack
What is your favorite animal? Dory
What is your favorite song? Temples (I Love to See the Temple)
What is your favorite book? I love You Stinky Face
Who is your best friend? Desi, and Mom!
What is your favorite cereal? Treat Cereals
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play Frisbees and balls
What is your favorite thing to drink? Milk
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Blanket
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Treat Cereal
What do you want to have for dinner? Mac and Cheese
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Big Kid
What is your favorite thing to do with our family? Read books
What is your favorite thing to do in school? ----

Monday McKenna started attending Patriot camp with the Stewarts and Whitney. This was a Paul Revere relay race.  
Ben also went to the last week of his Balls of Fun Summer camp.  
Bethany learned a new trick. : /
We got our new air conditioning installed as well!  The big kids went to play at the Alexander's in the afternoon.  
Tuesday Anna went on her birthday date with Grandma Sibber!  They ate at Chick Fil A, shopped at Target, and then had Hokulia.  She had a wonderful time and truly felt spoiled! She got more ponies too!  What more could she ask for? 
Cousin Katie came over to play after lunch.  Then we went swimming next door at the Gunnerson's.  
Wednesday McKenna had a playdate with Whitney.  I took the other three kids shopping for Dan's BD presents then Taggart came over to play with Ben.  My parents and Mickelle came over to hang out in the evening.  
Thursday was Dan's BD!  We gave him presents in the morning.  It was Star Wars themed. :) 
After McKenna went to camp, we took the little three for a bike ride, walk/jog.  The girls did not do so well sitting together in the stroller.  So it wasn't as successful as we hoped.  Dan played Legos with Ben then worked half a day.  My mom helped me make the BD dinner, steak, kebabs, corn on the cob, PDQ balls, and olives.  Then my parents babysat while Dan and I went to a Bee's baseball game!  It was one of their worst games in the last 6 years.  They lost 23-3! :(  So we left after the 6th inning.  Still, we had fun!  Love this birthday boy so much!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

June- Week 3- Bethany 11 Months, Chalk Art, Bee's Baseball, Father's Day, NFBD, Gma Sewing, Fishing

Wednesday Bethany turned 11 months!  
Ben attended his summer camp "Balls of Fun". Afterwards, I hung out with Brynn for a little bit.  The kids had swim lessons.  We took dinner to the Alexander's who just had a baby.  After dinner, we went up to Dan's parents' house to fly kites!  It was super windy!  
That night after baths we documented Bethany's little curls!  I don't know if these will continue and turn into a full curly head, but for now they're sure cute! 
Thursday I did some visiting teaching, then we picked up cousin Oliver to stay with us for a few days while his parents were away.  

The kids had their last day of swim lessons.  McKenna improved so much and advanced to the next level!  


The backyard where swim lessons were held was so awesome!  It had a trampoline, swing set, and a zip line.  
Ben also improved!  However, he will most likely repeat the same level next Summer.


The kids also loved the free swim time they had right after their lesson time.  

Friday we took Oliver with us to Mills Park literacy program.  We packed a lunch and ate there with the Stewart cousins.  Anna got a hair cut (trim).  When we got home, I told the kids we would be going to the Bee's baseball game that night and suggested it would be a good idea for them to take a nap.  They didn't even argue and went straight down to sleep!  
Here's the whole Webster crew (minus Swa and Jake) at the Bee's game!
We had hot dogs, chips,beans and fruit for dinner.  We needed to get Oliver some ear plugs to keep him calm and help him enjoy the game a little more.  

Most of the kids rode the train during the 6th inning.  We sang the 7th inning stretch, got some cotton candy, and then called it a night.  Anna's only nap that day was for about 15 mins on the drive to the baseball game.  Clearly not long enough.  :)
Saturday Uncle Brian was nice enough to watch Ben and Oliver while I took the girls to a baby shower for a Nelson cousin, Hayley Helsten.  After the shower I ran some errands with all 5(!) kids.  They did pretty well considering it was late afternoon.   Dan was at his annual Utah Foster Care Chalk Art Festival all day.  We met him there after dinner at the food court at the Gateway.  
Here are some of our favorites.   
They also absolutely loved riding on the escalators.  My parents flew in that day and were there too!
Sunday was Father's Day!  The kids gave Dan his gifts before breakfast.  We're so thankful for this guy!  He's an amazing father who knows what each of kids need, when they need it! 
Bethany had her first whale spout at church. :) 
After church we headed to my Condie Grandparent's to visit my mom's Dad.  Love that Grandpa Paul of mine!  Unfortunately, Bethany wasn't feeling very well.  Pretty sure she had a fever which made her super cuddly.  :(
I was also lucky enough on Father's day to have my own dad in town!  We gave him a yummy fruit edible arrangement.  For our dinner we had bacon, scones, and fruit.  All Dan ever wanted! :) 
After dinner we spent some time outside and grandma was awesome at getting Bethany to laugh.  

Monday, we had an appraiser coming as part of our refinancing, so McKenna and I cleaned the house really well!  Later, we went swimming at our neighbor's house.  In the evening, we attended the Nelson Family BD party to celebrate our June babies, Anna and Dan! Anna got in some sweet snuggles with Grandfather right when we got there.  :) 
Tuesday I noticed a significant change in my running training for my 10K.  I felt stronger than ever and my time dropped as well!   Tuesday we also had Grandma sewing class.  The kids made these adorable jammie shorts.  We also discovered this day that our air conditioner was broken!  Boooo!  It was brand new 5 years ago so it seemed young to be having problems.  It got up to 82* in our house that evening. Ugh! 
Tuesday evening we attended my Dad's company picnic at Liberty Park.  Dan left a little early and took Ben to the YM activity... fishing at Farmington Pond!  He just had a bobber on the end of the line, but Dan said he was a natural.

Can anyone spot Lagoon in the background?