Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nov- Week 2- McKenna's Baptism, Dan Grizz Game, Cousin Baptism Pics

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 was an amazing day! 
Our oldest daughter, McKenna Jean, chose to be baptized!  She woke up excited and nervous.  We got to the church around 10:20 and set up the room for the lunch.  Bro. Turley conducted the service. Aunt Sarah Jane led the music and cousin Emma played the piano.   The opening song was "Baptism"   and Grandma Kelly gave the opening prayer followed by Grandpa Mike giving a talk about baptism.  He spoke about our relationships in life and how we need to strengthen our relationship with our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.  We then had a special musical number sung by all of McKenna's available cousins, "I Love to See the Temple."  Next, Grandpa Webster gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  He spoke about our covenants with Heavenly Father.  

We went to the font in the Primary room where both grandpas were the witnesses.  I went with McKenna back to the font on the girls' side and had to practically hold her back from getting in the font so quickly (she was pretty excited).  I wanted her to wait for her dad to signal her and hold her hand while walking down the steps. Dan then baptized her.  When she came out of the water she mostly mentioned how cold she was and that the jumpsuit felt really heavy. :)  We blow dried her hair while everyone in the chapel waited for us and watched a few Mormon message videos.  Dan then confirmed McKenna a member of the church and gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The circle of priesthood holders consisted of Great Grandfather (Pres. Nelson), Great Grandpa Condie, Grandpa Webster and Grandpa Mike, Uncles David, Brian, Jake Winegar, Sam, Adam, and Jonathan.  McKenna hugged everyone in the circle then Grandfather took her up to the podium with him as he delivered the closing remarks.  He had her imagine with him that they were going on a picnic and walking down a road.  They come to a fork in the road and he asked her which way they should go.  She answered to choose the right.  He agreed and added to it by saying if we know where we want to end up (with Heavenly Father) then we will always know which way to go and what choices to make.  The closing song was "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" and Grandma Sylvia gave the closing prayer.  Everyone who attended was also invited to write little notes to McKenna.  We have them all saved in a special book.  :)
All the cousins singing "Temples."  Anna didn't want to cooperate.  
Some pictures from the luncheon and nice gifts McKenna received (flowers from her sweet primary teacher and a handmade doll from Grandma Kelly with a dress made from the same fabric our girls' blessing dress was made from).  
The menu: hot dogs, chips, pasta salad, fruit, sara salad, celery with PB and chocolate chips, rice krispie treats and grandma Sibber made cupcakes.  

We're so grateful for so many family and friends who came to support us and McKenna!  My heart was filled with so much JOY I thought it might burst!  

Monday night, the 14th, Dan attended the Foster Family night at the Utah Grizzly game and had to step in to do the ceremonial puck drop.  
I also took dinner that night to my friend Sarah Moulton who just had a baby.  

Tuesday I went visiting teaching.  Anna had preschool learning about the letter Jj.  They did experiments with jelly beans and lots of jumping.  
That afternoon we had a little photoshoot with cousins Katie and Whitney for a Christmas present for grandma and grandpa Webster.  We took pictures of all three of the girls in their baptism dresses.  
Here's the collage we gave them.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nov- Week 1 and some of Week 2- Mom and Dad Here, Preschool Letter Ii, McK Gma BD Date,

Dan volunteered this week at the school for carline in the mornings.  
Tuesday Dan and I both had dentist appointments and no cavities! I roasted all our pumpkin seeds that day.  That evening I worked on planning the next week's preschool classes.
Bethany loves her "job" of emptying this drawer. Most days I don't actually mind; it keeps her occupied.  
 Wednesday I changed the decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  That evening I painted Anna's nails while Ben was at Music and McKenna was at Activity Days.  Afterwards we went to Young Women's to help the girls practice a song and then we stayed at ate dinner with them.  Yummy "Subway" type sandwiches.  

Thursday I worked more on preschool planning.  I had some good snuggles with McKenna when she got home from school.  That evening we also picked up McKenna's baptism clothes.  

Friday we had Avery Cardall over to play with Anna.  After the kids got home from school, we played at the park on Eaglewood Drive as a family!  So fun!  We had BLTs for dinner then had a family movie night in the basement and watched "Road to El Dorado."  

Saturday I took Anna and Bethany grocery shopping and found these gems on my phone from Anna earlier in the morning.  

Dan stayed home and worked on the yard with the big kids.  We went through McKenna's clothes in the afternoon, then my mom and dad came into town!  We met them at a burger place for dinner then they came to stay at our house! 

Ben and Dan matched!  My best handsome dudes! 
I also substituted in Sunbeams that day.  In the evening my parents babysat while Dan and I attended the YW's Night of Excellence.  They performed the song "Press Forward" I had been helping them practice.  

Monday I helped out with Ben's class for a bit in the morning.  I made a new and delicious chicken curry recipe that evening!  I was having a particularly difficult time with Ben after dinner.  He wasn't listening to anything I said and my dad could tell I was getting quite frustrated.  Somehow, he convinced Ben to sit by him while he read to him "Winnie the Pooh."  Thanks Grandpa!  I worked more on my UEN class that evening.  
Tuesday I hosted preschool and taught the letter Ii.  We sorted insects, made igloos, and even had ice cream for a snack.  
 We also did island hopping.  
In the afternoon Camille came over to play and cousin Ellie came over to nap while Swa helped with their school Book Fair.  That evening we stayed up pretty late watching the  election results.  I also got sick that night and lost my voice. :(  

Wednesday Grandma (my mom) came to Ben's gymnastics to watch him and she got this great shot of him climbing the rope.   That afternoon Rachael Alexander took my older three kids to the park and I finished my UEN class assignments.  Dan had a very late night at a meeting for Bishops that night.  
Thursday I hosted preschool again.  Dan came home early and took Anna on an ice cream date. <3 p="">
For a snack at preschool we had "Fish and Chips" (both with a short i sound).  We played Don't Break the Ice, pretended to ice skate in our socks, and painted with colored ice cubes.  
McKenna also had her BD date with Grandma.  She got some new scriptures, a Lego set, and ate at Great Harvest! 
Friday evening we visited the Condies with my parents and sister.  My sister brought McKenna a baptism gift of clip-on earrings.  She tried them on and was the cutest, giddiest little thing.  I think she liked them.  
I had to document Ben's cuteness.  He made that colorful creation on my mom's iPad then figured out how to "air drop" send it to me.  Also, he made a "to-do" list of things to play in the patio room.  :)  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Oct- Week 4- Logan Pumpkin Walk, Trunk or Treat, Anna Preschool Halloween Party, Carving Pumpkins, Halloween, Leaf Jumping

Saturday morning we had a big breakfast and chilled till about 10:30 when we went to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk.  We love this Halloween tradition we've been doing for 8 years now! 
It was so fun to have Adam and Amelia, and Swa and kids with us too! 
The theme was something along the lines of, "What's more American than _______?" 
This flag had over 200 Pumpkins in it.  Weighed over 2000 pounds! They of course had to have a Donald and Hillary scene as well.  
Other highlights include Charlie Brown, The Tonight Show...
McDonald's, Hamilton...
Norman Rockwell, and the cutouts are always a big hit! 

All the cousins who were there! 
Cutest babies playing by each other.  Anna was very concerned about the car wash we went through; love her concerned eyebrows.  
We had lunch at Chick Fil A, then headed back to Mantua and the kids watched Hocus Pocus.  
We left by 4:40 and made it home for dinner, baths, and bedtime.  

Sunday the power went out during church and stayed out for quite some time.  Kind of unusual.  Dan taught a great lesson to the youth about standards and how living them can give us freedom.  

Monday we had lots of rain!  This was the day we said goodbye to Dan's Natural Gas Honda Civic!  Over the last year we had spent more on repairs than the car was worth, so it was time to trade it in.  Dan found a GREAT deal on a 2010 Nissan Xterra with only 20,000 miles on it.  

Tuesday I worked on organizing a bunch of pictures on my phone and dropbox.  I also worked on sorting Ben's clothing.  That evening we played and swept outside.  The kids played Hocus Pocus on their brooms. :) 
The kids had Spirit week this week at school, but none of the days were that significant to take pictures of.  Kind of lame themed days.  Oh well.  Hope it's better next year.  

Wednesday Bethany started taking lots more steps on her own! That evening we had our ward Fall Carnival and trunk or treat! Introducing our Star Wars Theme!  McKenna as Rey, Ben as Kylo Ren. Anna as BB8, and Bethany as Chewbacca.  Dan had crazy hair because he was the mad scientist in the spook alley the youth were in charge of.  
My siblings came too! Jonthan found a sweet disco suit to go with his 70s hair! 
Cute Bethany.  Found her reading.  And I also have found her in the morning several times with one arm out of her jammies.  
Thursday, Anna had her Halloween party at preschool at Rachael's house.   

My visiting teachers came over that day.  I also went to a Discovery Toys party in the afternoon.  I wanted to buy everything!  That evening we were able to play outside a little more due to really nice weather.  I did more baptism prep while Dan worked on writing remarks for his first civil marriage he would perform the next day.  

Friday I babysat Ivy Roth in the afternoon and started working on another 6 week online class for teacher licensure.  That evening the Winegars babysat while Dan and I went to the wedding of Ann Marie Wallace and Cory Birkholz.  She is McKenna's primary teacher and they are a great couple!  Congrats to them! 
The marriage took place at the Farmington Botanical gardens and the dinner afterwards was delicious!

Saturday, I finished organizing Ben's clothes and went grocery shopping in the morning.  After lunch, we babysat the Winegar kids while they went to the Utah game.  The kids played great and babies napped well until about 4:30, then we all went outside for some fresh air.  It was the kids idea to rake leaves to jump all means, go for it! 
We did dinner, baths, and bedtime after that.  

Sunday I sang in church with some other women.  We sang, "I Know that My Redeemer Lives."  It was also a particularly hard Sunday with Anna for some reason.  
That evening we celebrated October BDs at Webster family dinner.  
Monday was Halloween!! The kids actually didn't have school due to a teacher work day.  Unfortunately, Anna was up at 6:45!  McKenna was invited to go to the Leonardo with the Roths.  Ben and Anna played with the Alexanders in the afternoon.  We did a little yard work after lunch. Then we finally carved pumpkins while Bethany napped.   Ben chose a stencil one.  McKenna drew her face on (with eye lashes) and I did most of the carving.  Anna's colored on hers for a good while before she changed her mind a thousand times about what she wanted her jack o'lantern to look like.  Good times! 
We had Papa Murphy's Jack O Lantern Pizza for dinner.  Unfortunately, due to Anna's early wake up time, she was quite sleepy at dinner.  We let her take a quick 15 min power nap before getting everyone changed into costumes for trick or treating!  
She was of course grouchy, but managed to smile for this awesome picture!
Happy Halloween 2016!  
I don't know if we'll ever be able to pull off another theme as good as this one, but it was great while it lasted!  
Anna was quite grouchy for most of trick or treating.  She didn't go to any doors and she even refused to choose candy even when it was brought out to her.  Oh well.  The weather was decent but our hands were definitely cold once the sun went down.  I was impressed at how dedicated Ben was at wearing his mask the whole time.