Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sept- Week 1- Utah Game, Anna Inhaler, Labor Day, Bethany First Steps!

Ben's latest Lego creation: Dumbledor's office from Harry Potter.  It's unreal how much time this boy (and his father) spent building this monster

 Thursday I went for a 2 mile run.  I babysat Clara and met with the ward camp director and later the YW Presidency to discuss everyone's desires for camp next Summer.  

Then later that day Anna's back-to-school cold had taken a turn for the worse. She was coughing almost constantly even when she was resting on the couch.  I decided to cancel my plans for the evening, which was to go with Dan to the Utah game.  Instead, I took Anna to the doctor.  So the Utah ticket wouldn't go to waste, Dan took Ben!  I'm sure Ben had a better time than I would have. ;) As it turns out, at the doctor's, Anna's blood oxygen level was between 85-90, when it should be above 90+.  The doc decided to give her an albuterol treatment which definitely helped.  He also gave her a steroid and an inhaler prescription for at home.  I've been wondering for about a year now if she has some form of asthma.  She's still quite young for an official diagnosis, but basically the doctor said if she responds positively to the albuterol, she most likely has some degree of asthma.

As it turns out, Ben did have a blast at the game and was basically the mascot of the game for all the Webster family members in attendance.      
Friday we had a follow-up at the doc for Anna and her blood oxygen level was much higher.  They gave her another steroid and we were supposed to use the inhaler every 4-6 hours for another day.  We babysat the Winegar kids in the afternoon.
Friday night was our first family dinner at our new table! 
Saturday, I ran 2 miles and Dan took McKenna on a bike ride.  I did some yardwork and then I took the three older kids to see Secret Life of Pets with Mickelle and Jonathan.  M and J came over to play for the rest of the afternoon. 
Sunday after Dan was home from church we headed up to Mantua for the Labor Day holiday with some of Dan's family.  Dan's parents did a little family home evening lesson about the gospel being preached to all nations.  
We played "Head Up" after the kids when to bed.  
Monday we were in charge of breakfast for everyone.  We made pancakes, bacon, and clementines.  We cleaned up then went for a 3.5 mile hike with our family and Swa and Whitney.  
We actually took this picture at the end of the hike, but this is the beginning of the trail.  
Some of the beautiful scenery.  Dan started out carrying Anna and I carried Bethany.  About halfway up, Bethany got pretty fussy due to being tired.  I tried to re-position her, but in the end, she only calmed down when Dan took her.  
He got her to sleep and for fear of waking her, I was then in charge of carrying Anna!  Phew!  She's 30lbs.  
The kids did fairly well considering it was a pretty ambitious distance to hike.  Here we are the top.  We even saw a marriage proposal written in a field from up there! 
We had leftovers for lunch, then Dan took Ben and McKenna out on the reservoir on the jet skis along with some other cousins and uncles.  The little girls stayed back for naps, and cleaning out the garage.  We had a lovely BBQ dinner, cleaned up, and left by 7:15.  

Tuesday, I hosted and taught our neighborhood co-op preschool with Anna and her friends (McKayla, Desi, and Beck) for the first time.  We did the letter Aa!  We started with ABC and Animal puzzles.  
The kids each got a turn to "pick some apples of my tree."  
 That evening we had soccer.  Go Voltage! 
Team cheer!  
 This week was also the week leading up to the BYU Vs. Utah football game.  We hung our "House Divided" flag, but also needed to trim back our roses so the thorns wouldn't catch the flag.  I had some wonderful fresh roses for the week. :) 
Tuesday night while the kids were just about to head to bed, Bethany took her first steps!
*Bethany's First Steps!*
Wednesday Camille came over for a play date.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Aug- Week 4- Ben's First Day, 98* Concert, Mantua with Friends, Aug. BD Dinner, McK Starts Dance, Cub Scout Carnival, New Table

Ben had his first day of Kindergarten!  I could tell he was a little nervous mostly because he was very serious.  He was so ready and is doing so well!  Love this handsome boy!
I was able to exercise a little while before driving carpool to pick up Ben.  We give rides to Bennett Camp and Jordan Slaugh from the 1st Ward.  They were both in Ben's preschool class at Adelaide.  They are funny boys who love to tease each other!

That afternoon we met Joana for the first time, who had agreed to babysit for us while we go on our 10th wedding anniversary cruise.  Kind of a job interview.  The kids were sad when she left because they were thinking she was going to babysit right then! 

I also noticed this day both McKenna and Ben were being much more emotional than usual!  Starting back into school, schedules, and expectations is hard on kids!  We had FHE that evening about letting our light shine.  

Tuesday Dan gave an UBER ride to Jeff Timmons from the boy band 98*!  He was very nice and when Dan told him I was a fan, he gave him free tickets for their concert that night!  So of course we scrambled for a babysitter (Livia and Melanie Mortensen) and we went with my sister and Dan's sister, Swa.  
Dan wasn't so sure this was the best decision. ;) 
 It was a blast! Not a very well attended concert for sure, but still way fun!  We got to hear MANY of our favorite pop songs from the 90s.  Dan was even up and dancing on the very last song! 
 The girl band Dream and another boy band O-Town opened for them.  Such a blast from the past! 
Wednesday was a normal "drive kids everywhere" kind of day.  But again, we dealt with some high emotions.  
Here are some darling pictures of Bethany though.  Look at all her teeth!  And it is her "job" to empty this drawer. :) 
Snuggles ("Mom, take a picture of us.") and more cute faces.  
I took this video just to show some of Bethany's cute expressions.
Bethany is also getting the hang of using her walker.  
I also took this video mostly to get Anna's expressive faces.  Sorry the volume is so quiet.  She's telling me about her ponies.  
Wednesday after baths, her hair is all big after blow drying.  (Another "Take a picture of me" pose.)
And here are Bethany's CURLS after baths! 
Thursday I had a meeting with some neighbor moms to plan Anna's co-op preschool.  

Friday Dan attended a golf tournament as a representative for his employer. As a non-profit, they were the charity of choice so they raised a ton of great!!  Then in the afternoon we headed to Mantua with friends from the ward; the Alexanders, Roths, and Moultons.  We had homemade pizza that evening for dinner, the kids played outside, we made a fire and had s'mores, and we stayed up late talking and laughing! 
The next day we had a pancake breakfast and the kids swam even though it was kind of windy and chilly.  We had a hot dog lunch, some went on ranger rides, followed by more swimming.  We cleaned up and got an ice cream cone from the general store with the Moultons then left by 5:15.  We ate at Sweeto Burrito on the way home...soooo good!
Sunday I was called and sustained to be the assistant ward camp director.  I'm excited to be working with my friend Erica who is the camp director! 
Dan got a little snooze before we headed to Webster Sunday family dinner. Sundays are tough :)
We had a Back-to-School themed dinner with lunch trays and all, and celebrated Pidi's BD.  I gave her a Brazil coin necklace made by a friend of mine, Kelly Sansom.

These baby girls were stealing Pidi's dessert right and left!  

Monday McKenna and our friend Brittana started their first day of hip-hop dance class!  I went to observe and had a hard time sitting still cause I just wanted to dance with them! 
Tuesday I went running, cleaned my shower, and my visiting teacher's came.  We had soccer that night.   
 Anna and Bethany unfortunately started not feeling well that night.  My two little girls who are NOT in school, got back-to-school colds. :( 
Wednesday  the colds made for some good snuggles though.  Ben had Jordan and Bennett over to play, and McKenna had a school friend over also when she got home.  I got a great picture of Anna trying to sleep through Bethany crying during carpool.  Ben went to his music class while I took the girls to the Cub Scouts' little carnival they planned all by themselves.  
That night we also sold our old kitchen table so we could buy a new one!  Our original table was a hand-me-down from Dan's Grandfather. It expands with 4 leafs, but only came with 4 chairs.  We no longer cared for the stain color and our family had definitely outgrown the four chairs.  We figured if we wanted to restain the table and chairs and buy another set of 4 chairs, it would cost about the same as this new table we fell in love with at Costco.  

Out with the old...
 In with the new! 
This table seats 8 total.  The other two chairs are at the bar and I love McKenna and Ben sitting there in the morning for breakfast! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Aug- Week 3- McK Haircut, First Day of School, 7 Canyon Splash Pad, Bad Health Week for Websters

Monday we had a rental van since ours was in the shop after finally getting fixed from our parking lot hit and run.  We babysat the Stewart kids in the morning, then took McKenna for a back-to-school haircut.  They cut off almost 8 inches!  
And of course, it took her some getting used to, so she didn't want to smile for the "after" picture.  
We attended the Nelson Family BD party in the evening.  

Tuesday, after McKenna's piano, we went to the Liberty Park splash pad with cousins!  We got lucky!  We had no idea every Tuesday it is closed until 2pm for routine maintenance and we were there at 12.  We ate a packed lunch then heard the crew finish up and kids start to play.  Thank goodness too.  My kids have been waiting ALL Summer for this outing!  
Anna decided to pose like a teenager. 
After the splash pad, my good friend and past roommate Brittany Erickson, came by for a visit with her 4 kids.  They were in town (Park City) for a work conference for her husband.  I got to meet her precious new baby, who was an angel!  She was here for two hours but it never seems long enough! 
That evening we had our back-to-school dinner.  The kids love when we cover the table in paper and they can color on it!  I made one of their favorites, Swedish meatballs.  
We had to rush off to Ben's soccer game right after dinner, but after we got home, Dan gave each of the older three their back-to-school father's Priesthood blessings.  I love how seriously the kids take this and they are especially reverent and in tune, but also extremely smiley and happy.  

Wednesday was McKenna's first day of 2nd grade!  Ben started three days later due to kindergarten only doing testing for the first three days.  McKenna's teacher this year is Mrs. Sonntag, one of the founding members of the school.  Dan got to walk her in and snap a quick picture.  Her first three days were half days.  She then had piano lessons and a play date in the afternoon.  

I also went with Ben to his first day of Let's Play Music, year 2.  That night I got a new calling to be the assistant ward camp director.  I'm so thrilled to be working with Erica Day and the new YW's Presidency.  

Thursday I went visiting teaching then took Ben for his Kindergarten testing.  He did so awesome!  He's already reading so well! I made dinner that night for another sister in the ward who had recently given birth.  
Bethany figured out how to climb on the hearth, but didn't really know how to get down, hence the sad face.  :)
Friday I vacuumed and Bethany followed me around not the least bit scared of the loud machine.  In fact, she was in my way most of the time.  Dan went rafting with our youth in the afternoon. In the evening, I took the kids to the Novak's to swim for Brindi Walker's BD party.  
Saturday we had our first garage sale!  We didn't do as well as we hoped, but we made some money off of stuff we were just going to DI.  We made a total of $55.  Dan took the middle two to 7/11 for "Bring your own container" day for slurpees! 
That evening we had our adult session of stake conference with the visiting general authority being Dan's Aunt and Uncle, Elder Mike and Rosalie Ringwood!  They gave wonderful talks about being filled with goodness and that help will come if we remain faithful and keep our covenants.  
We enjoyed some treats at Dan's parents house right after.  

Sunday I sang in the stake choir for stake conference.  Some of Dan's Canadian friends, the Packs, came over in the afternoon.  We took a nice walk around the neighborhood in the evening.  

This week was an interesting and sad week for the Webster family's health.  Clara had a scheduled procedure to remove her birthmark.  Dan's dad had a bike wreck which left him with some broken ribs, a separated shoulder, and some wicked road rash.  And poor Amelia had a seizure.  
Clara's birthmark turned out to be benign, Dan's dad has healed pretty alright as well and Amelia may need to see a specialist.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Aug- Week 2- Swim Day, Soccer Starts, Beehive House, Lagoon Bounce Back

Monday the kids had Taggart and Phebe over to play.  After dinner we went to the Roths for cookies and milk.  
Tuesday, Bethany's morning breakfast hair, styled with banana.  
We had another swim day at Mantua with friends.  Kylee, Molly, Melissa, Leslie, Sarah, and Laura L. came.  Again, the kids had a blast and I loved being able to hang out with my friends too. :)  We left by 4:45pm and headed to Wendy's for dinner then went straight to Ben's first soccer game of the season.  Dan is his coach this time!  What a guy!  He makes sure all the kids are having FUN!
Wednesday we did some things around the house, the kids played at the Alexander's, I took dinner to my friend Melissa Smith who just had a baby, and I went to a meeting for Ben's music class.  

Thursday we toured the Beehive house with Brynn and kids, Grandma, and Whitney.  Before we went, I briefly explained why they call it the Beehive house.  I said something like, "bees have to work very hard to make honey, just like the pioneers were such hard workers." 
During the tour, the sister missionaries asked if anyone knew why it was called the Beehive House.  Ben raised his hand and gave an awesome answer. I remember him saying..."It takes bees a long time to make honey and they have to work really hard just like the pioneers had to work hard and it took them a long time to cross the plains."  The missionaries said he explained it better than they could have. So cute.
After the quick tour, Grandma was nice enough to take us out to lunch at the Lion House!  
We also had a fun little photo shoot.  
Such fun and cute cousins.  
That evening I took McKenna and Ben to their back to school night and gave Dan a haircut.  

Friday Dan went boating with a Sunday School class from church to help be a chaperone.  Mickelle came to babysit in the evening and we bounced back to Lagoon with the older two!  LOTS of fun with them and an ice cream cone on the way home! 
Saturday I went running, Dan did some service with the stake youth.  After lunch we went to Leatherby's for a delicious treat with the Trevor and Kristin Salter and kids.  Dan and Trevor were mission companions!  Such a great couple!  Wish we could have spent more time with them, but we're thankful for anytime we get when people come to visit Utah.  

My sister came to babysit while Dan and I got to go to the temple.  I ran into two friends from my teaching days at Woods Cross Elementary.  After we did initiatories, Dan and I had a nice walk and talk around the temple discussing our future and goals and such. 

Sunday I spoke in church about my experience at stake girls camp being over the service project.  
Anna put her own earrings on. ;) 
In the evening I had stake choir and we watched Olympics.