Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jan. '18- Week 4- NFBP, Ben Bday Date, Girl Dance Class, Bethany Big Girl Bed

Monday I worked on getting back into our routine.  I cleaned and got groceries then went to gymnastics with Anna.  That evening we had the first Nelson Family BD party with our beloved Prophet and Grandfather.  After dinner he said a few words and then let opened up for a little Q&A session.  He is so thoughtful and willing to answer any of our questions we had.  We took this giant group picture and afterwards Dan and I counted at least 50 family members NOT in attendance.  We love all those amazing people!  

We also celebrated the January BDs which included our BEN!  
Tuesday was very chill.  My visiting teachers came over, I picked up groceries in the afternoon, and in the evening Dan had church meetings and I edited pictures while the kids listened to the Greatest Showman soundtrack.  
 We each got copies of the historic issues of the Church News and the Deseret News all about Grandfather becoming the new Prophet.  There was even a picture of our three girls with Grandfather and Grandma Sylvia.  I also took a couple pictures of Bethany "hiding" while she goes number two in her diaper.  She gets mad if you draw attention to it, so she say, "No mom, see me!"  McKenna made this "Feelings Flower" with our window markers and she wrote inspirational sayings on each petal.  Pretty awesome! She wrote things like "Don't worry about a thing, Reach for the stars, Love one another, Believe in yourself, Never give up, Be confident, Have hope in all you do, Stand tall, Follow your dreams, Don't be afraid, You are special."  
Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment and while Ben was on his BD date with grandma, I helped McKenna with her cross stitch project for activity days while listening to the "Greatest Showman."  With her cute fake glasses we kinda look alike, huh? ;) 
 For Ben's BD date, we chose to go to Build a Bear.  She said he was deciding between a Kylo Ren or a Pokemon guy, but then ended up picking Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon."  Quite fitting since he is toothless.  
 Then they ate at McDonald's and bought a few things from Old Navy as well.  
 Thursday Anna had music, Bethany napped at Grandma's while I volunteered in Ben's class while they finished their DIBLES testing.  That evening the girls played this adorable dance class.  

Friday I woke up not feeling well with a yucky tummy.  In spite of that, I made two freezer lasagnas; one for us, and one for the Roths.  Desi also came over to play.  The girls had some awesome dress-ups!
After school, I took all the girls to get their hair trimmed. McKenna always loves how braids crimp her hair.  
Also, when we took out Bethany's messy pigtail buns, the curls were pretty darn cute! 

That evening I went to a RS Activity where they served soup and salad and then had three classes (painting, freezer meals, and making a decorative clip board).  I went to the freezer meal class taught by Meghan Johnson and got some great new recipes to try.  

Saturday we got a babysitting in the morning and went to the temple and then lunch at 5 Guys with Dan's parents, followed by a trip to Costco.  Once we were home for the afternoon, we started organizing McKenna's room so we could move Bethany to a big girl bed!  We sorted, threw stuff out, and vacuumed.  In the end, Bethany was pretty darn excited!  Dan gave himself a haircut that night.  

We still had Bethany sleep one more night in her crib, then tried her first Sunday nap in her new bed and she did great.  

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day.  After church Mickelle hung out here most of the day.  We checked out her new car, watched shows, napped, had left overs for dinner, and looked at the NEW COMPUTER we bought at Costco the day before!  Bethany came out of her room a few times but eventually went to sleep around 10:45.  

Monday at Anna's gymnastics she finally made some progress on her cartwheel!  I finished moving some of Bethany's stuff over to the new room and organized the baby's closet a little.  Paisley came over for a little bit before preschool.  We had a nice FHE that evening doing another Topical Guide topic and then playing Cover Your Assets which I WON!  That night Bethany came out 5 times so we finally put a child lock on the inside of the door.  

Tuesday morning McKenna had an orthodontist appointment and Bethany had a speech appointment.  Camille came over to play in the afternoon and Ben had gymnastics.  Dinner was rough that night with Anna crying for a good 30 mins about not wanting to eat what I had made.  So frustrating! 

Wednesday Desi and Paisley came over to play in the morning.  
McKenna and Ben played at Lewis's in the afternoon because they had early out as well.  McKenna finished her cross stitch while I read to her her book report book (The Westing Game--one of my favorite books!).  That evening I took half of a dinner to the Searle's and then went out to dinner with Mickelle and our friend Bonnie.  McKenna and Ben started an art class taught by one of our neighbors.  We also found out that both our kids progressed from their class spelling bee to the school spelling bee!  So exciting!  

Jan. '18- Week 3- Jazz Game, Press Conference, Webster Girls Weekend,

Monday was Martin Luther King Day.  The kids played pretty well all day while I did some mending and laundry most of the day.  That evening Mickelle babysat while Dan and I went to the Jazz game in the Zion's Bank suite with Grandfather and some other Webster/Nelson family members.  The Jazz unfortunately lost, but it was great to be able to spend time with Grandfather and hear a little about how the Church press conference would go the next day.   
Tuesday we were all up and out the door by 8:10am!!  We got to be in the Church Office Building auditorium which was adjacent to the lobby where the press conference was held where the Church announced the new First Presidency.  
The kids loved being able to wave at the camera when they cut to a shot of the family.  
I loved how Grandfather connected with each reporter and shared a personal experience he had had with them.  I loved how Pres. Eyring and Pres. Oaks helped answer the questions and their answers were unified and woven together nicely.  Some of the themes that stood out to me were 1.) God loves His children.  2.) Commandments are blessings and we can't change them.  And 3.) Stay on the covenant path.  

We were able to greet Grandfather afterwards and take some group pictures.  
Then we headed over to the Church Administration building to see Grandfather's office.  
He and Wendy told us about the Spirit that has been present during the last two weeks and how Grandfather has received major inspiration and guidance!  They told us about the beautiful walnut wood on the walls and how it had softened the heart of Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev.  Ben loved the giant globe and Anna was pretty tired and grumpy by this point, but we still got some family pictures!  
We had lunch at the Lion House with some of the Websters then I took McKenna to school late and Ben just stayed home.  It was a full and inspirational day!  We're so thrilled for Grandfather (and Wendy) and are so excited the world will now know what an amazing man he is!  

Wednesday I went visiting teaching.  In the afternoon I tried to help Ben YouTube some videos on how to solve his Rubik's cube.  That night I packed for our Webster girls trip to Phoenix, AZ!

Thursday I was at the airport by 10:30.  
When we arrived, Dan's dad was already there for a work meeting, so he picked us up in a 14 passenger van!  We ate lunch outdoors (such nice weather) at a place called "The Dressing Room."  It was really unique food such as this churro ice cream sandwich.  
We got to our resort by 5pm, got settled and went for a walk around the property to see what fun things were there!  Then we played Cover your Assets and snacked on lots of grocery items bought by Dad.  
Friday we had a delicious breakfast at the resort, then I went walking on a treadmill at the gym for 30 mins.  Brynn, Laurie, and Ailin went for a hike, then we all met up at the pool!  Beautiful weather and a pina colada smoothie was all I needed to make me happy as a clam.  I even got to nap a little and then enjoy nice conversations with my sisters-in-law in the hot tub!  
After showers I FaceTimed Dan and the kids for a bit, then we headed to dinner at this amazing Mexican restaurant.  The food was incredible and the art work on the walls was so cool! 
We went to the movies and saw "The Darkest Hour."  It was a good movie, just a little slow and difficult to stay awake in with is being rather late at night.  

Saturday we had another yummy breakfast.  The weather this day was quite cold and rainy, but we managed to squeeze in a little mini golf.  Dad left to go home at this point and we were grateful for the time we had with him.  We got to relax and enjoy pedicures while eating warm chocolate chip cookies from a bakery next door to the nail salon.  So good!  
Next, we went and did a little shopping at Old Navy then had some fun taking goofy pictures.  Such a fun tradition.  :) 

We chilled in our hotel rooms for a bit then went to dinner at Kona Grill and walked around a mall for a bit. I took a picture of this street we kept driving past.  I was obviously missing my family. :)  Back at the hotel we played Spot It and packed a little.  
Sunday we left the hotel by 8:40 and headed to church at a nearby ward.  It happened to be their Ward Conference, so we were able to sustain all the church officers, including our new Prophet!  Both the bishop and the stake president spoke about the power of the Book of Mormon.  After Sacrament meeting we drove to see the Glendale temple.  It's only about 4 years old and so pretty.  We took some nice pictures though it was a little windy and chilly.  
We had lunch before heading to the airport to fly home.  
I got home at about 5:15, got lots of hugs and kisses and even this cute sign they made for me! 
I looked at pictures from the kids time with Dan and we had pizza for dinner.  Then we headed over to the Behunin's for scones for dessert.  Once kids were in bed, I unpacked and talked with Dan lots.  

Some of the highlights were eating out, visiting Dan's work, and playing the snow!! 
Poor Bethany and Anna had colds while I was gone.  Dan was able to sit with all the kids during Sacrament meeting and said the kids were very well behaved. We realized this was the first time in almost 4.5 years Dan hasn't sat on the stand...fun time for the kids, and Dan!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jan. '18- Week 2- Boondocks, Greatest Showman, Pres. Monson Funeral.

Monday I went to a doctor's appointment and thought Dr. Watt's accidentally revealed the baby gender, but he didn't.  He just heard the girls say "baby bobo" and thought that meant it was a boy.  We went straight to Anna's gymnastics.  The girls played with playdoh, and I listened to my book club book a lot!  Bethany went to the Behunin's while I volunteered in Ben's art class and went to his class for his BD spotlight.  That evening we went to Boondocks for bowling to celebrate Ben's BD.  He also got $5 of free arcade games.  
Dan was a champ and folded tons of laundry that night while I was on my family conference call.  
Tuesday we had a pretty chill day at home.  I listened more to my book and moved pictures to our external hard drive.  I had book club that night at Shelly's house about "The Queen's Poisoner."  I really liked this book and realized how much I enjoyed the fantasy genre.  

Wednesday at breakfast, girls being shy and cute.  
I got a video of the kids dancing to the "The Greatest Showman."  Love Ben's random Nerf Gun firing.  
I felt grumpy most of the day and was really lacking in patience and energy.  I'm thankful for new days! 

Thursday I ran an errand while Anna was at music, then we played in the basement.  We had a normal afternoon of homework and Dan had a Bishopric meeting. 
Fun with SnapChat
Also, Bethany fell off my bed and bit her lip.  Not too big of a deal, but I was excited it was the perfect opportunity to use the "boo boo bunny" to hold ice for her suck on.  
Friday McKenna stayed home from school so she could attend Pres. Monson's funeral with us.  Kylee was so nice to babysit Anna and Bethany.  It was a beautiful funeral with wonderful memories of our prophet and his amazing years of ministry.  We went to Apollo Burger after then I drove carpool.  That night I took Ben and McKenna to see "The Greatest Showman" and Dan stayed home with the little girls and watched "Little Mermaid."  
Saturday the kids had play dates in the morning with the Lewises, Alexanders, and Lizzie.  We had nice enough weather that Dan took down Christmas lights, cleaned windows, and we raked leaves!!  Korie Brown came over in the afternoon.  I felt very thankful to have gotten so much work done outside so that hopefully was have less to do in the Spring.  

Sunday at family dinner, McKenna gave a little family home evening lesson about the Plan of Salvation.  I'm so grateful for her bravery and desire to teach.  It's showing her testimony is growing!  We also had a little family meeting about Grandfather and how and how some things may change with him as our new Prophet.  (McKenna drew this strawberry on Saturday and I took the other picture on Saturday as well when all the kids came to me at one time asking for something.  They are all so cute!)

Jan. '18- Week 1- 6 Months Pregnant, Bethany Videos, Pres. Monson Passed Away, Utes Gymnastics, Mickelle's Car Hit, Ben's BD!

Happy New Year 2018!!  
This was actually taken Sunday the 31st, but this is me 6 months pregnant!  
Monday after breakfast we spent the morning cleaning up and putting away Christmas!  It takes us about 2-2.5 hours.  What a job!  After lunch, Dan took the older three up to Grandma and Grandpa's to help move their basement furniture so they could get new carpet after a basement flood.  Dan also went to the airport and picked up my brother, while I worked on editing pictures.  After dinner we just did more house keeping things like laundry and redoing our kitchen calendar.  We also enjoyed listening to "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack!  

Tuesday Dan went back to work and Anna went to preschool but McKenna and Ben still had the day off.  Hannah Hilbig came over to play, Ben worked on a math packet for school and had gymnastics.  We were able to watch "The Grinch" cartoon before bed and I had my family conference call that night while Dan had appointments.  
 Dan received this beautiful beaded/lit Salt Lake Temple from Sis. Janet Thomas.  
Wednesday morning we found out that our dear prophet Pres. Monson passed away.  I watched our local news most of the morning. 
I got these cute videos of Bethany naming the letters on my sweatshirt.  (She kept getting mad at Anna for trying to help her. )

I also got a video of Bethany asking for more Cocoroos cereal.  But really, I was just trying to get a video of her asking her latest favorite question, "Why mom?"  So cute! 
 I went with Anna to a "Be There" activity.  I ended up taking Bethany with us and she was being quite bossy to another little sister that was there.  McKenna had a play date with Camille.  That evening I went to a freezer meal prep class with a company called Citrus Pear.  I made 10 freezer meals for $180!  I was super impressed with how organized and efficient it was.  
Thursday I watched Bethany change her baby doll's diaper 100% by her self.  She put out the pad, wiped the bum, and tried to put one of her own (large) diapers on her.  She's going to be a GREAT big sister!   Bethany went to the Moulton's while I went with Anna to music.  I watched Charlie and Clara in the afternoon and our home teachers came over that evening.  
Friday I worked on a grocery list, then Beck came over to play with Anna.  I caught a cute picture of Bethany during her nap with her feet up.  In the evening we went to Hires for dinner and then to the Utes Vs. BYU gymnastics meet with the Winegars.  The Utes won, of course.  And unfortunately, Ellie wasn't feeling well and threw up that night in her seat.  
Saturday the kids went to the church to meet their new primary teachers.  Mickelle came to babysit while Dan and I went to the stake Senior Retreat.  This is a special mini youth conference overnight activity for the youth in our stake who are seniors in high school.  We only had one of the three seniors from our ward attend (Shad Bartschi).  We went to hear the Hartvigsens speak and the enjoyed some great conversations with Bridlewood ward members while the youth went bowling.  
We drove home in the snow/rain.  When we got home, we told my sister she better move her car, but unfortunately, she was too slow to do so and someone came sliding down the hill and sideswiped her car.  :(  Thankfully the police was super nice and didn't ticket anyone!  And now Mickelle has a new car! 
Saturday evening we went to In N Out for dinner, then grocery shopping, baths, and bed time.  We also decorated that night for Ben's birthday the next day.  
 And the blanket made my belly look like a snowman belly.  
 Sunday was this cute boy's 7th birthday.  Turning 7 on the 7th means it was his GOLDEN birthday.  
He gave and Article of Faith in Primary.  We watched the Sound of Music and looked at his baby pictures in the afternoon while we waited for Dan to get home from meetings.  
 He would close his eyes while unwrapping as gift until it was all the way open so he wouldn't "ruin" the surprise.  McKenna made him that cute playdough name.  He also got Cover Your Assets, a reading light, new undies, a Rubik's cube, and some new Nerf darts which totally revived all our Nerf guns.  
He requested pancakes, pears, and bacon for his BD dinner and Zebra cakes and cookies and cream ice cream for his treat.  (Editor Dan's note: Incidentally, all of these food items are a few of MY favorite things. I think he kinda likes me...)
After dinner, Ben Skyped with cousins in Alabama and Grandparents in Florida.  We also played Cover Your Assets.  
We love our Ben so much!  He is quite tender and physically loving (lots of hugs and kisses even when his sisters don't want it).  He is so smart and soaks up new knowledge easily and quickly.  He is also creative (Legos) and loves to be physically active (Ninja Zone).  He's picking up the piano quickly and would spend all day everyday with his dad if he could!  He has taught me how I need to be more tender, kind and patient, especially when it comes to parenting him.