Friday, January 5, 2018

Nov. '17- Week 2- Grandpa Paul, Hero's Lunch, Temple/Ward Conference, Jazz Game

Thursday I went with Anna to music, I worked on my class a little, and I went to Anna's parent/teacher conference.  Ms. Paula had all good things to say about her!   Unfortunately, my Grandpa Paul had declined rather quickly since I saw him on Tuesday and they made the decision to take him off his oxygen, give him some heavy sleep meds to keep him relaxed, and let him pass away.  It took much longer than they thought, but at about 2 in the afternoon Grandpa returned to his heavenly home!  My mom, Mickelle, Uncle Kevon, and Grandma Pat were all with him.  After the kids were in bed that night I went to the Condie's as well to be with mom, dad, grandma, and Mickelle.  

Grandpa was such a good and humble man.  He taught me to always be careful when choosing a good mechanic.  I have fond memories of feeding the sheep and geese he kept on his property.  He was not afraid to speak his mind (when needed).  He loved NASCAR and cars in general.  He worked at Kennecot for 28 years driving those gigantic trucks even though he was only 5'4".  He always gave the most beautiful and sincere prayers.  He loved me and Dan and the kids and always supported us when he could.  When Ben learned that he had passed away, he said, "But he was so funny!  Can I write a note to him and give it to him when he's resurrected?"  I'm so thankful I will see him again!  

Friday Dan was home all day and even got to go biking.  I went to ladies lunch and my mom and Mickelle went to the "Hero's Lunch" with McKenna and Ben at their school.  I can tell from their smiles that they loved it!  We all went to dinner that night at Pei Wei and later watched the latest "Planet of the Apes" movie after kids were in bed.  
Saturday Dan sorted and went through all our dress-ups while I took Ben grocery shopping.  After lunch we did yard work and the kids played in the hammocks a little and Brittana came over.  I cleaned our shower while Dan watched a Utah game.  In the evening Mickelle babysat while we went to the temple for a session.  We went to McDonald's afterwards with the Alexander's for a treat.  

Sunday was our ward conference and Dan and his Dad both spoke.  Dan spoke about "origin stories" and tied that to understanding one another without passing judgement.  Grandpa spoke about our stake goals for 2018.  I substituted in primary in Ben and Henry's class.  We had dinner with my parents and Mickelle, played card games with the kids, and Dan went to Priesthood preview.  I later when to Prelude choir practice.  

Monday Anna had gymnastics and I worked on cleaning out my google drive.  The kids had stroganoff for dinner with my parents while they babysat and Dan and I went to dinner at Chile Amor and the Jazz game with Dan's parents and Sam and Adam.  The newly remodeled areas are sweet! 
Tuesday I went visiting teaching to Shelly.  Ben got to start a new class at gymnastics called Ninja Zone!  It's a mix of martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour.  I worked on my class in the evening.

Nov. '17- Week 1- Native American Day, Utah Game, Russell's Baptism, M and D Here, Corn Maze, Hazel's Blessing,

Wednesday morning I babysat Charlie and Clara, cleaned up Halloween decorations, and went with Anna to her preschool "be there" activity.  Camille, Jordan, and the Alexander's came over to play in the afternoon.  Anna had a little bit of an upset stomach that evening and I worked on my UEN class.  

Thursday I volunteered in McKenna's class for the 3rd grade Native American culminating activity. I spent most of the time cutting brown paper sacks into vests, which they actually ended up using on another day.   Her classroom station was all about teepees and they made a little one out of  a brown paper sack.  She also made a totem pole out of food items, did some clay molding, and made a rain stick.  For lunch, the whole 3rd grade had a feast (soup, veggies, and pita bread).  While I was gone that morning, Dan was able to stay home with the little girls.  He even took them to the park for a bit.  
In the evening I finished putting up Thanksgiving decorations, McKenna had Activity Days and dance and Ban has music.  

Friday I worked on grocery stuff in the morning.  In the evening, I babysat cousin Ellie and Dan was able to take McKenna and Ben to the Utah football game.  I worked more on my UEN class and made a soup for Russell's baptism lunch the next day.  
Saturday was cousin Russell's baptism!  All the cousins sang Holding Hands Around the World.  Russell was very serious and tender that day and shared a very sweet testimony.  
Lara and I finally got a pregnancy picture together.  Our babies will be about 2.5 months apart.  
When we got home, Dan and Ben got on the roof to clean out gutters and they shared a nice Reese's snack.  Then my parents arrived in town!  My dad had work meetings as well as them coming to be with Grandpa Paul who was still not doing well.  
We went to Zupas for dinner then headed to a corn maze!  It was their last day open and we had lots of fun making it through just before it started to get dark and rain.  The cut outs are always fun too! 
 Sunday- just over 5 months pregnant! 
2, 3, 4, and 5 months.
 Sunday was also baby Hazel's baby blessing.  McKenna was able to feel the baby kick that day for the first time!  At the lunch afterwards, at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Anna got quite the goose egg on her head by falling somehow and hitting the corner of the fireplace.  I got this cute picture of some of the girl cousins playing on a "boat" while Anna iced her head.  :(  My parents and Mickelle came over for dinner that night.  I also went to Prelude choir practice.  
Monday was a normal day of Anna's gymnastics, preschool. me working on my class, laundry, and then my dad and Mickelle coming over for sloppy joes for dinner.  That night we did 3 topical guide topics for FHE, had our Thompson family conference call while Dan worked on his Ward Conference talk.  

Tuesday I took Anna and Bethany and went with my mom to visit the Condies.  The sheep came right up to the fence probably thinking we had food for them.  My grandpa's voice sounded different to me and his health was clearly declining.  Though he had fun showing the girls some fidget spinners he had received.  Also, my car hit a fun mileage milestone.  
We ate lunch there then took Anna straight to preschool.  Bethany decided not to take a nap that day.  Ben had gymnastics and my parents were over in the evening for dinner and watching Slow Mo Guys videos with the kids before bed.  Dan had a late night at the church.  

Wednesday Bethany had speech in the morning, and after school I took all three big kids for a dentist check up. Anna was quite scared at first, but pushed through and was quite brave in the end...and no cavities for any of them!  My mom made gummy candies with the kids in the afternoon.  My parents and Mickelle were over for dinner again and I worked on my class while Dan had more church meetings.  

Monday, January 1, 2018

Oct. '17- Week 4- Webster Family Dinner Oct. BDs, McKenna and Gma BD Date, Trunk or Treat, Tithing Settlement, Halloween

Sunday I spent most of the morning making Halloween deviled eggs for Webster family dinner.  Ben was being super cute and reading to Bethany.  When I went to take a picture, Bethany made her silly face.  I told her just to look down at the book, so then I got the second picture... silly face while looking down at the book.  :)  
Dan taught a combined YM/YW lesson about missionary work.  
After a spooky themed family dinner, grandma had a fun donut eating on a string game.  Of course the goal is to not use your hands.  But, you know. ;) 
 The moms all took turns too.  Dan unfortunately had to leave a little early for a church meeting and missed out on the dads turn.  
 Then we celebrated all the October birthdays, which included our McKenna! 
There were also cute ghost sucker and bookmark crafts.  We gave to Clara for her BD so I had to take a picture her with all her accessories.  
 Monday I went walking with Rachael, took Anna to gymnastics, then did some yard work while the girls played. Anna also had quite the tantrum about a pine cone being in her way while riding her tricycle.  McKenna opened her present from the Winegars after school.  That evening we did yard work as a family when we found a dead mouse and a dead bird in the yard.  Ew!
Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment and all was well with the baby.  I also had my book club that night for "The Ghost Map" at Melissa Roth's.  

Wednesday I went walking with Rachael again then visiting teaching to Shelly.  
McKenna went on her BD date with Grandma Sibber.  They went to build a bear and clothes shopping, and dinner at Panda Express (her favorite!).  

 She got this darling puppy she named Dixie! 

That evening was our ward Trunk or Treat.  We have a bumble bee, Elena of Avalor, a puppy, and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.  I wrapped my belly in foil and said I was a baked potato.  And this was the first year I made a decent effort to actually decorate our trunk.  
Thursday I went with Anna to music.  Anna was quite grumpy before preschool and refused to wear her costume.  But it was a cute class picture anyway.  We also found out that my Grandpa Paul was not doing so well, so we were able to pick up Dan from work and visit him in the hospital for a bit.  I also babysat Charlie and Clara in the afternoon.  
Friday I volunteered in McKenna's class to help during art.  Anna had Lizzie over for a play date in the afternoon.  McKenna (and Camille) went to a BD party that night for a school friend.  Mickelle babysat while Dan and I went on a dinner and Temple date.  I also gave Dan a haircut that night.  

Saturday Ben and Anna went to open gym and gymnastics then grocery shopping.  McKenna and Bethany went to the church with Dan and watched a movie while Dan started his super Saturday for tithing settlement.  I picked up M and Bth, went home, put groceries away, then headed back to the church for lunch with Dan.  The kids ran around and played in the gym for a bit as well.  
Afterwards, I spent most of the afternoon going through Ben's clothes in the basement.  McKinley Ulmer also came over to play.  When Dan got home, we were able to carve pumpkins! The girls did one and the boys did one.  (Traditional face and Lego Batman face)
Sunday I made it for half of choir practice and Anna unfortunately had quite the fit (about sharing) during sacrament meeting that I almost missed the singing performance because I had to take her out.  That evening at dinner we were helping Bethany practice saying "Anna" instead of just "Na."
That night also started Prelude to Christmas choir practices and it was just what I needed!  I love singing in that Christmas choir! 

Monday after gymnastics, I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood even though it was quite chilly. The girls loved playing in the leaves! 

Bethany also started saying "baby bobo," which is our nickname for baby #5.  I love that she's saying new words almost every day.  
I talked to a tree removal guy and found out (second opinion) that it will be quite expensive to get our dead trees cut down.  That evening was the October Nelson Family BD party.  
Tuesday was Halloween! I watched Will and Desi Alexander while Rachael helped in Brittana's classroom.  Dan came home early that afternoon while I want to Ben's classroom to help with his Halloween party.  I also set out dough to thaw for scone making that night.  
We made our traditional mummy hot dogs then ate a pot luck dinner at the Moulton's house with some other neighbors.  Then we headed out trick or treating and Mickelle and Jonathan came along with us.  
Dan's brilliant idea to serve scones to all the neighbors who came trick or treating was a great hit and will most likely become a new tradition!  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Oct. '17- Week 3- Grandpa's BD, Babysit Hailey, McKenna's 9th BD, Pumpkin Walk, Utah Game

Sunday- some funny pictures before church. 
At church it was Steven Nelson's mission homecoming.  I helped Cari Moss with her RS lesson by talking about some of the blessings of Dan being the Bishop and how our lives have changed for the better.  We had dessert at mom and dad's house that night to celebrate Dan's dad's BD!  We're so thankful for his kind and generous presence in our lives.  
Monday morning I wasn't feeling too well (feeling nauseous), but thankfully it passed later that day.  Sam and Lara dropped off Hailey then left for their Hawaii trip.  We took Hailey with us to Anna's gymnastics and had a pretty normal afternoon with Anna at preschool and naps for the Hailey and Bethany.  
After kids were in bed that night, I went to Mickelle and Jonathan's new place to help get them unpacked a little more settled.  We made great progress that night in the kitchen in particular.  
**That day I was given a sweet gift of flowers from Mary Smart to say thank you for sacrificing Dan's time as he serves as Bishop.  It was so thoughtful and kind of her!  <3 p="">
Tuesday I got the three girls up and ready and then took Hailey to her preschool (unfortunately a little late), then I took my two girls to shop for McKenna's BD presents.  After that, we spent a few minutes at 5 Points Park before picking Hailey up.  We had a normal afternoon of carpool, Ben's gymnastics and homework, then dinner and bedtime.  

Wednesday I did matching hair on all the little girls.  
Then we packed a lunch and headed to 5 Points Park again for some play time.  Thankfully the weather was nice and Brynn met us there for a bit.  Later that afternoon, after naps, I took the kids to get their flu shots.  Everyone survived and Hailey was a great cheerleader.  
We also stopped by McKenna's class at the end of the day to see her BD spotlight!  She loved that she had a free dress day the day before her BD.  
Anna and Bethany to a little BD party for Brooklyn Moulton.  I also helped Mickelle unpack some more that night.  

Thursday was UEA Fall Break and also McKenna's 9th BD!!  I think I'm gonna feel really old when she hits double digits next year!  

She went to breakfast bright and early with Dan.  Then she came home and we opened some presents.  She got a new Lego set, a new docket for school, some jewelry, a pair of leggins and a little panda figurine.  
We packed a lunch and headed to West Bountiful Park for some playing with friends.  It was sunny and warm temperatures, but unfortunately the mosquitoes were horrific!  Also, Ben's first front tooth got knocked out! 
I got these funny pictures of Bethany pausing to go #2.  :) 
After Bethany's nap we headed to Jump Around Utah for McKenna's BD activity of choice!  Dan met us there after work.  
It wasn't very crowded and the kids had tons of fun for about an hour and a half.  
Here's a bunch of Boomerang videos!  

We tried to get some family jumping pictures.  :) 
We had pasta salad for dinner, watched some of the new Beauty and the Beast, then had ice cream cake! 
McKenna is a wonderful big sister, very creative and imaginative, so smart, and a wonderful first born for us!  I'm so excited to see all she grows up to be (just not too quickly)!  
McKenna's 9th BD Interview  
What is you favorite color? Teal
What is your favorite toy? Girl Legos
What is your favorite fruit? Pomegranates
What is your favorite TV Show? Liv and Maddie and Girls Meets World
What is you favorite movie? New Beauty and the Beast
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?   Left over Pasta Salad
What is your favorite outfit to wear? Teal pants and maroon sweater from Winegars
What is your favorite game to play? Cover Your Assests
What is your favorite snack? Left over breakfast shake
What is your favorite animal? Horse and Panda
What is your favorite song? Better When I’m Dancin’ Meghan Trainor
What is your favorite book? American Girls Doll books
Who is your best friend? Camille, Brittana, Bridget, Jojo, McKinley, Kira, Olivia, Marley, Savannah, Gianna, Aliza, Soko
What is your favorite cereal? Honey Oat Crunch, Marshmallow Maties
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Trampoline
What is your favorite thing to drink? Hot Chocolate, Smoothie, Shake
What is your favorite holiday? Halloween and Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Blanket and stuffed animal for the month
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Shake, yogurt, cinnamon bread toast
What do you want to have for dinner? Pasta salad
What do you want to be when you grow up? Mom, artist
What is your favorite thing to do with our family? Snuggle and watch movies  
What is your favorite thing to do in school? History, art, music, reading, basically everything

McKenna's 9 Year Stats
Height:  51.7in (2.5inch increase in 1 year)   45th percentile 
Weight:  51lbs (6lb increase in 1 year) 10th percentile 

After kids went to bed, Dan cleaned out a clog in our kitchen sink.  You can see he was thrilled.  

Friday Dan went to his work's Pumpkin Painting Festival at the Gateway and then officiated in a wedding which had to move time and location due to weather.  Ben helped Dan with the Pumpkin Festival.  (Later, all of us at the Logan Pumpkin walk with Adam and Amelia.)

Then we packed for Mantua and headed north.  Adam and Amelia joined us in going to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk.  The theme had something to do with "time."  Here are some of our favorites! 
Moana and MC Hammer Time! 
The best was this gigantic Star Wars display! 

This "Bingo Time" one was Dan's Dad's company, Legacy House of Logan.  
More Star Wars
They have a witch at the end which freaked Anna and Bethany right out!  She had really great make-up on and looked pretty realistic! 
The cut-outs are also always a hit!  Here's Bethany with her silly faces.  

After kids were in bed, we watched Count of Monte Cristo.  

Saturday Amelia and Bethany did some bonding.  Mia would hold Bethany's cheeks so sweetly and then Bethany would get tired of it and pull away.  :) 
We cleaned up and left by 10 so we could make it back in time for the Utah football game with Dan's parents.  It was pretty chilly, and the Utes lost, but it was still fun times.