Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dec- Week 1- Utah/BYU Bball, Festival of Trees, Ward Party, McKenna's Concert, Temple Square

Tuesday, Dec. 1st, I attended another "Be there" activity with Ben at his preschool.  Some people from Utah State University taught his class about My Plate.  The kids tried samples of something from all the different food groups.  Ben even tried jicama.  

That evening we started our Christmas activity advent calendar.  The activity for the night was reading Christmas books.  
I also got some awesome snuggles from Bethany after the big kids went to bed.  She seriously stayed like this on my chest for a good 20 minutes! 
Wednesday Ben and Anna had a play date with Desi and Henry Alexander.  Aaaand Bethany was adorable.  
I love creeping on the girls during nap time with our video monitor.  I also love seeing Anna reading books.  

Wednesday night Brynn babysat while Dan, Bethany and I went to the BYU/Utah Basketball game with Dan's brother, Adam and family.  It was quite the entertaining game more OFF the court than on. There was a fight between two fans and the cops had to escort them out.  Fans were throwing things onto the court because of bad calls from the refs.  Poor BYU lost and had one player that was particularly a bad sport about it.  With only two minutes left in the game, the BYU player straight up punched a Utah player and got thrown out of the game.  Dummy! 
We also loved seeing people's reactions to how we dressed Bethany in both colors.  And I'm not so sure Bethany loved the loud noise of the crowd.  She sucked so hard on my thumb knuckle she gave me a hickey.  Afterwards, we enjoyed treats at Ugurt .  
Thursday evening I went to a bridal shower for one of Dan's cousins, Makenzie.  

Friday as soon as McKenna got home from school we picked Dan up from work and headed to Festival of Trees.  My sister Mickelle came with us as well.  I always love see the hundreds of themed trees!  After a quick dinner at Wendy's, we visited my Condie grandparents.  McKenna admired their Christmas decorations.  
Saturday was a busy day!  We went to a baptism in the morning for one of my primary kids, then we went to a little cul de sac party with a few neighbors.  McKenna then went to a birthday party for a neighbor friend, and wrapped up the day by going to our Ward Christmas party.  
The kids sang Christmas Bells.

We had a delicious dinner catered by our Bishop.  We heard a GREAT junior high jazz band perform.  And of course, Santa made an appearance.  The line was really long so we opted for all our kids going up at the same time.  We even had our niece Hailey go up with our kids.  She really loved Santa, can't you tell?  :)  
Grandma Sibber holding Bethany. 

Sunday evening we loved being able to relax and listen to the Church's Christmas devotional at Dan's parents' house.  
Dan is still impressed he was able to catch a quick snooze while balancing that Dr. Pepper can on his leg. ;) 
Some cute bed head Monday morning.  
The Mia Maids in the ward brought us this homemade Christmas potpourri.  It made my house smell like wassail.  
Monday evening, McKenna had her school Christmas concert.  Dan was so sweet to paint McKenna's (and Anna's) nails beforehand because it was important to her to have red nails for the concert.  
Here are her songs:
I was raining LOTS that night.  So after the performance we went to IHOP for hot chocolate.  
Not the greatest pictures of McKenna, but still cute.  
Tuesday evening we went to see the lights at Temple Square.  The weather was awesome with temps in the high 40s!  Also, we found a great time to go is early in the evening before 7pm!
We also saw the Macy's candy windows.
When we got back to car we found out that Dan had lost his keys somewhere on Temple Square.  Great!  Thankfully I had a spare key to his car in the diaper bag, and he was staying later to see the lights with the YM from the ward.  So he retraced our steps as best he could.  Checked with several lost and found areas at the visitor's center desks.  Finally, just as he had given up hope and was headed back to the car to come home, one of the desks called and said his keys had been turned in.  Come to find out some girls found them sticking out of another Honda Civic.  Someone was going around to other Hondas trying his keys out to, presumably, see if they could steal a car.  Lame people!  But so thankful they were turned in!  
It was a lovely evening together as a family feeling the spirit of the Temple and the true meaning of Christmas.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Nov- Week 4- Thanksgiving, Utah Games (basketball/football)

Sunday I stayed home from church with all the kids who had runny noses and coughs.  No fun!  That evening I sang at a Young Women program "What Heaven Sees in You."  I sang with the YW President (Laura L.) and her first counselor (Lara W.).  :)   I love that song for what it teaches the girls about their potential! 

Monday we had lunch with dad at work.  
 Ben has been going through a phase of writing on things he's not supposed to.  On top of that, he's lied about it (once).  He's almost 5!  I thought we would have been past this stage with him.  
Such wonderful baby giggles! 

 Monday evening my parents came over for dinner and then my mom made a pumpkin craft and an ornament with the kids.  
 Tuesday since it was Thanksgiving break and neither of the kids had school, we had play dates with friends.  They also set up and played "beach."  
That evening we had my parents over for dinner one last time before they headed back home to Chile.  **Big news** they are moving back to the states in the Spring!  They'll be in Florida which is only 6 hours from my sister in Alabama and 1.5 hours from Disney World!! ;)

 Wednesday, Dan didn't have to go into work!  So I took McKenna shopping for some clothes in the morning and then Dan went to lunch with a friend.  That evening our home teachers came over and passed around goldfish crackers; each time we ate one we said something we're thankful for.  After the kids went to bed I finally got to watch "Captain Phillips" with Dan.  Suuuuuch an intense movie,  I cried a lot at the end.  

Thursday-Thanksgiving Day.  I got up to nurse Bethany at 6am, then Dan was a sweetheart and let me sleep in till 9!  We watched the Macy's Parade which is a favorite tradition of mine.  Dan took the older kids for a little Turkey bowl action at the Winegar's back yard.  Then we went to Dan's parents' house around 1:30 for a lovely Thanksgiving meal with all his family except David and fam.  After eating, we turned on a movie for some of the kids, played Mario Kart, and we had a special visitor come and give us his love!  He even helped McKenna with a Thanksgiving word search.  

Some of the sleeping and snuggles during the after meal movie.  (Editor's note: please ignore Ben's shirt. Lapse in judgement...)
 All Friday morning we decorated for Christmas!!  After lunch, we took the kids to see the new Peanuts movie with some other extended family.  In the evening we went to dinner with Dan's parents and then to the Utah Basketball game.
(Editor's note: That's one pretty woman!)

A great way to keep Bethany warm! 
Thanks mom and dad for a fun evening!  
 Saturday we had a light snowfall.  Dan took McKenna to the Utah football game (vs. Colorado).  It was a COLD and snowy day!  We made sure they were layered up and McKenna enjoyed hot chocolate twice. :)
I took the other three kids to the Thompson Thanksgiving (my dad's side of the family).  The kids fell asleep on the way there.  I traded babies with my cousin Steffanie.  My Grandma Jeanne loved holding Bethany.  
Sunday McKenna gave a talk in Primary about service and did a great job! 
Bethany dressed like a candy cane.  
She also learner to roll (flop) over!  She stayed on her side for so long it was kind of anticlimactic.  
Monday Ben had a play date with Taggart and I worked on laundry and mending.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov- Week 3- Bethany 4 Months, McKenna and Bethany Check-ups

Sunday, the kids were matching so I tried to take a few cute pictures and this is what I got.  Poor Bethany was hungry! 
After I fed her she was a little happier.  
Still not the easiest to get to smile. (Editor's note: let the record show that she gives smiles freely to her Daddy.)
Bethany's 4 Month Stats
Height: 24.7in (1.7in increase in 2 months) 50th percentile
Weight: 11lbs 2oz (2lb 12oz increase in 2 months) 2nd percentile
Head: Went from 50th to 10th percentile
Still a little tiny thing.  
Milestones the last two months:
  • Lots of sucking on hands, even gagging herself
  • Laughing out loud
  • Still good at putting herself to sleep
  • Still loves ceiling fans
  • Face broke out a little, possibly from mom eating too much ice cream
  • Crying kicked up a notch... much louder
  • Had her baby blessing 
  • Very stinky toots
  • Every time we tickle you, you give one good laugh then get the hiccups!
  • First Halloween (dressed up as a pumpkin)
  • Started grasping objects
  • Batting at hanging toys
  • When she didn't sleep through the night, she only woke up once around 4 or 5am.  

We had my parents and sister over for dinner that evening and my mom did a cool snowflake craft with the kids.  
Bethany admiring her daddy!  It's amazing; whenever he speaks, he has her full attention. She sure loves her daddy!
Dan got some good laughs out of her.   
Tuesday Ben's preschool had a "be there" activity.  We read the Gingerbread Man, decorated cookies, then did some nursery rhymes with actions to encourage nice physical contact with your preschooler. 
Yup...he still likes to make goofy faces.  :) 
Thursday, I had Ben's Parent/Teacher Conference.  His teachers had all good things to say about him, for which I was very thankful.  
Thursday was also McKenna and Bethany's well check-ups.  Poor baby got two shots and was super snuggly.  
McKenna's 7 year old Stats
Height: 47in (2in increase in 1 year) 35th percentile
Weight: 43lbs 4oz (4lb 14oz increase in 1 year) 15th percentile

Anna often enjoys a little nap while I drive carpool.  It's really funny and cute when she wakes up and  is very sad and asks to go pick up the kids with me.  She doesn't realize she's slept through it and missed the whole thing.  
Friday we went to Ladies Lunch at the church, I also had a song practice for something I was singing at church on Sunday.  Later that night we went to Mockingjay (Part 2) with some of Dan's family thanks to our friend and past realtor Cari Moss.  We went to dinner after at the Hilton Garden Inn in good!!
Saturday we went to breakfast at IHOP with my family to celebrate my brother's birthday.  
Later while I went grocery shopping, Dan hung our Christmas lights, and Dan and Ben got haircuts.