Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dec- Week 3- Gymnastics, Preschool, Webster and Nelson Parties

Monday, McKenna had her holiday gymnastics show.  She rotated through each piece of equipment and did a little routine to show off her skills. 

Once again, my siblings and Dan's parents came to support!  We enjoyed smoothies and cookies at Paradise Bakery afterwards.  
Tuesday we had our first doctors appointment to confirm Webster baby #4 is growing and doing well!  We announced to the world on our Christmas Card this year.  So fun and so exciting!  Estimated due date is July 18th.  (FYI, Anna turns 2 on June 26th)  I have felt better this time around than with any other baby; mostly just have to fight through the exhaustion.  But other than that, most days I don't even know I'm pregnant.  I know...I'm VERY blessed and lucky!  
I also hosted preschool this week and instead of focusing on a letter, we played a couple of Christmas activities.  One of their snacks was a marshmallow snowman.  
We played pin the nose on Rudolph.   
I also made a snap pea Christmas tree with a cheese star.  I love the Internet.  
Just some cute pictures of my baby loving babies!  :) 
Saturday morning, we had the extended Webster family breakfast and white elephant gift exchange.  

Saturday evening was the Nelson family Christmas party.  
Love these cute cousins only 6 weeks apart.  
There was a delicious dinner.  Here's Ben with Aunt Lara. 

Then there was the live nativity.  Ben was a shepherd along with many cousins.  Here are cousins Joe and Henry.  
The kids are always a little crazy and irreverent, but that's what makes it good! :)  McKenna was an angel, of course.  

We tried to get Anna to be a sheep, but she definitely did not love the costume.  
A beautiful sight and reminder of the true meaning of Christmas! 
Sunday morning I was able to host a little brunch with two of my BYU roommates who were in town.  Love these ladies!  We had tons of fun chatting while the kids played (mostly nice). ;) 
Sunday was also Anna's first time in nursery.  That's big brother Ben behind her.  He graduates to big kid primary in 2015 so they will have only had two Sundays in there together.  

Dec- Week 2- McKenna Program, Zoo lights, Mo Tab, Ward Party

Monday, McKenna had a Christmas Concert at her school.  Each grade sang two songs.  I know these pictures are blurry but it's the best we could do from far away.  She's in the middle, grey sweater, second row up from the bottom.  

They sang, Must Be Santa and I Want to be an Elf.  

We enjoyed smoothies at Swig afterwards with my siblings and the Roth family.  

One morning Ben said, "Mom, take a picture and send it to dad."  Ok buddy. :) 
Tuesday, we were invited by our friends, the Alexanders, to the Jazz Vs. Spurs game!  Wow, what an awesome game that was!  We actually won... and had great seats!! 
They were slightly better seats than Jerry Sloan. ;) Thanks John and Rachael! 
Wednesday, we went with lots of Dan's family to see Zoo lights!  
The carousel is always a favorite.  
We ate Little Caesar's pizza and had a treat at Ugurt afterwards. 

Thursday, we took McKenna to the Mo Tab Christmas Concert with special guests this year being the Sesame Street Muppets and Santino Fontana (the voice of Hans from Frozen).  We ended up with some extra tickets and were able to take one of McKenna's friends, Bridget, and her mom as well.  Unfortunately, our tickets were split up 2 and 3, so we couldn't see McKenna's reactions (since she wanted to sit by her friend). She said she missed having someone to snuggle, but over-all, she loved it! 
Thursday night, right before we left for the concert, Anna was on our bed and tried to get down by herself. Our bed is up so high, that even though she was going feet first, Dan tried to catch her and she ended up bouncing into our bed frame and she got quite the goose egg.  Thankfully it only barely broke the skin.  
Friday was our ward Christmas Party. The kids got to sit on Santa's lap again and Anna clearly LOVED it. ;) 
The Primary kids sang Said Samuel and Ben, who is still in nursery, knew it well enough he joined them.  Other entertainment that night was a junior high jazz band from SLC and McKenna and some friends (including Anna) had a blast dancing to their music.  
Saturday morning we went with the entire Webster family to Breakfast with Santa at the Davis County Conference Center.  The food was amazing and they had great activities for the kids! 

Face painting
Cookie decorating
Sitting on the big guy's lap

Each child got a new stuffed animal after they sat on Santa's lap.  Anna loved her new puppy.  
The whole group!  

The 6(!) year olds!! 
The Grinch and Cindy Lou Whoo were also walking around.  
Sunday, we had our first experience with "nursemaid's elbow."  Anna was on our bed again before church.  I grabbed her hand/wrist to pull her towards me, and I felt a pop.  She cried and cried and then proceeded to not use that arm/hand.  She wouldn't eat any lunch, and since Ben and McKenna had runny noses that day, we decided to stay home from church all together.  I managed to put Anna down for a nap, but when she woke up things weren't any better with her arm.  

I called the pediatrician and they knew right away from my story that it was nursemaid's elbow and I had never heard of it.  They wanted me to bring her in so they could pop it back in place.  However, the doctor on call that night wasn't comfortable doing it and didn't want to cause more pain, so they told me to go to an InstaCare instead.  We happened to be the second nursemaid's elbow the doctor had seen that night and he was very nice about it even though I felt like a schlubb knowing I had caused this!  He first felt the good arm, then the bad one, and popped it back in in seconds.  He brought in two suckers to make sure she'd grab with the good and bad hand and sure enough, she was all better!  Lesson learned!  

This incident on top of missing a major rehearsal, caused me to miss performing in our stake Christmas program that I had practiced for since Halloween.  Oh well.  Dan was nice enough to put the kids to bed by himself and let me at least go watch one of the performances.  :) 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec- Week 1- Festival of Trees, Temple Square, Condie Party

Monday, Ben gave us a wonderful FHE about three prophets he learned about in Nursery the day before.  He was so cute and decided to make it a "puppet show."  
Wednesday, Dan decided to only work half a day and we went to the Festival of Trees on opening day.  We had lunch at Schlotzky's beforehand where Anna started doing a "mean face/happy face" game (with chocolate chip cookies on her cheeks, of course).  
We pretty much decided we may never go in the evening ever again.  It was much less crowded and we could even park in the Expo Center parking lot.  :)
I took only a few pictures of the trees but we had fun counting how many Frozen themed trees there were.  I counted at least 13 and we only looked at the big trees and ginger bread houses.  
Thursday evening, Dan and I attended a Christmas open house for members of our Stake who hold Stake callings.  It was lovely food and wonderful company.  Afterwards, since we had a babysitter, we went on our first Christmas shopping trip and bought more than half of all the kids' gifts.  Success! 

Friday, Dan's boss had asked (way back in October) to sing at their work All Staff meeting.  She has way more confidence in my abilities than I do, but there were no rotten tomatoes thrown, so I guess I did alright.  I sang White Christmas and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  
I also wanted to document a couple milestones.  Anna started feeding herself (quite well) with a spoon.  

Ben can write his own name!  
Friday night we went to eat with Dan's mom and dad, and sister's family, then to see the lights on Temple Square! 

Anna was loving walking around like a big girl!  Towards the end when we were just about done, we decided to go touch the temple. Sadly, she tripped and fell receiving quite the fat lip.  Poor thing.  
Are you surprised we went to Ugurt afterwards?  :)

Saturday, we went to the Condie Christmas Party and the kids got to sit on Santa's lap (or stand next to him).  
Anna didn't even seem that scared.  

The kids both got new socks (Ninja Turtles and Anna and Elsa)
There's a raffle at this party from which we rarely win anything.  But this year we actually got something!  Some cute stocking hooks!  
My Condie Grandparents.