Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apr- Week 1- Spring Break, Easter, General Conference

Before I finish posting about Spring Break, I need to post some pictures from the Easter Egg hunt we had at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We waited outside till everyone got there.  

Then there was a mad dash!  So much candy to be had!
Another shot of an attempt at the grandchild picture (missing two kids).  
 I think the girls loved their new dresses!
Wednesday, April 1st, since Dan had to work just the kids and I headed up to Mantua for a quick overnighter with some Webster cousins.  The kids played hard and loved taking trips to the "candy store."  After the kids went to bed, the grown-ups watched Theory of Everything.  
Thursday, we ate breakfast, cleaned up, and left Mantua by 9:15 since Ben and Truman had to be back for cousin Oliver's 4th birthday party.  McKenna stayed up in Mantua a little longer and Brynn brought her home after the boys were done at the birthday party.  I worked on unpacking and later that day babysat cousins Eli and Lola.  That evening, McKenna and I went to a double baby shower for two of Dan's cousins.  While were gone, Dan took these great pictures of Anna.  She kept saying, "Ben...Hi."
 Friday, I did a bunch of Spring cleaning and later in the afternoon we went to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  
 We live in such a great neighborhood!  
 Then we went home and started dying/painting our own Easter eggs.  
 (Ben had a little mis-hap with the ketchup during dinner at Wendy's (bottom left)... as in, he was going to "drink" it and Dan tapped the little cup in his face.  Good times!)  

 We continued with the tradition my family had growing up of having the Easter Bunny come Friday night. Saturday morning we eat tons of candy, enjoy a few toys in our baskets, and then on Sunday we could focus more on the true meaning of Easter.  Anna had a blast digging right into the candy as soon as she came out of the bedroom while the older kids filled their baskets.  
Later Saturday we enjoyed listening to General Conference, did more yard work, grocery shopping, then went to grandma's house for our traditional soup, salad, and donuts during the Priesthood session of General Conference.  

Easter Sunday we had french toast with my siblings, listened to General Conference, then attended the afternoon session in the Conference center while my siblings babysat.  Here's Anna snuggling my sister.  She laid like this for a couple minutes.  
April 5th, 25 weeks pregnant.  Enjoying the beautiful flowers on Temple Square! 
Sunday evening, we went to Dan's parents' house for some popcorn, Ugurt, and a General Conference recap with the Nelson family.  

We're so grateful for the wonderful and inspired messages we heard throughout the weekend that will help us be better people!  

Monday, was a pretty normal day.  Laundry, homework with McKenna, McKenna to gymnastics, then planning preschool and finishing my UEN class for teacher relicense points.  

Tuesday, Dan and I had a meeting about life insurance and then had a lovely lunch date while my brother and then Dan's mom babysat.  

Wednesday, I ran errands in the rain, then went to an educational Essential Oils lunch at Dan's sister's house.  That night I packed for a Webster girls' trip to San Francisco!  So fun!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mar- Week 4- Jazz Game, Aviary, Wreath, Some of Spring Break

Monday, McKenna had a friend over to play and they played pet shop with this cute sign.  
Monday evening, Dan got some tickets to the Jazz game through work and took Ben. He loved the ice cream! 

Wednesday was $1 day at the Tracy Aviary.  We went with the Stewart cousins.  They loved the flamingos.  
Thursday, McKenna's school hosted a moms and muffins event in the morning before school.  It was lots of fun to be with her and a read a story or two together!  
McKenna also had a neighbor friend over to play in the afternoon and they played restaurant using this menu.  I was pretty impressed with her spelling!  
I also bought supplies for and started working on this wreath.  I got the design idea from a "Six Sisters" recipe book.  
We did some yard work in the evening and our Home Teachers came over.  

Friday, we went to a neighbor's house for a BD party for their 1 year old.  They went ALL OUT!  Balloon structures, awesome spread of food, music, and a bounce house!  The kids loved it!  Then we came home and babysat two of the Stewart cousins and I finished my wreath.  

Saturday, I took the girls grocery shopping (with matching hair-dos) while Dan did yard/house work with Ben.  Then McKenna and I rushed off to a baptism for a set of twins I teach in my primary class. 
In the afternoon, Dan helped the YM aerate lawns for their fundraiser while I did some more yard work (yes, we always have a lot that needs to be done!).  

Saturday evening was the General Women's Broadcast.  I got to go to dinner at Kneaders with these awesome sisters and mother-in-law of mine!  A couple nieces came along as well.  Love them all!  
Dan and the kids went over to his brother, David's house, for pizza and a movie.  While the kids were watching a movie, Dan helped David put together a new basketball standard for their driveway.  
Sunday, Ben gave his first talk in Primary about prophets.  
Translation: "...His name is President Thomas S. Monson.  He builds churches and temple.  We can listen to whatever is righteous.  I'm glad... I'm glad I could give this talk about prophets.  In the name... In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
Pretty irreverent to take pictures and video, I know, but it was his first time!
It won't happen again.  ;) 

Sunday we also had Webster family dinner and Grandma and Grandpa spoiled the kids with matching Easter outfits!  Pretty difficult to get a nice group shot of them though.  ;)  
Monday started McKenna's SPRING BREAK!  We also noticed she had had pink cheeks for a few days and realized it probably wasn't a sunburn, but actually Fifths Disease.  Nothing too terrible for her to handle since her rash was slightly itchy.  

Monday, we also went with the Stewart and Winegar cousins and grandma to the Conference Center downtown in hopes to get the kids excited about the upcoming General Conference.  
That evening we attended the monthly Nelson Family Birthday Party.
Tuesday, Dan decided to take off work and be with us for at least part of Spring Break.  
We took the kids to the theater to see "Home" with the purple alien guy.  
Because of all the popcorn, we had a light lunch, and then some quiet time.  

I headed to my OB's office for some bloodwork to make sure I hadn't caught McKenna's Fifths Disease, which can be dangerous for baby #4.  Results still pending because I had to get follow-up blood work two weeks later.  
When I got back, we went up to Grandma's house to take advantage of the winds that day and we flew kites!  

That evening we just stayed at Grandma's house for a little BBQ dinner with us, them, and Sam and Lara.  More Spring Break happenings on the next post. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mar- Week 2 and 3- Children's Museum, Another Lost Tooth, Dentist, Preschool

We love our Sunday naps on the couch.  This was taken at the end of Dan's nap so Anna was just helping him wake up.  
Monday, we went with a couple cousins to the Children's Museum at the Gateway.  They loved being able to see themselves on the monitor.  
They were terrified of the building collapsing.  ;)  

Tuesday morning, McKenna woke up and had finally lost her second front tooth!  Again, she was a little embarrassed and didn't want us to take any pictures.   So Dan gave her his phone on the way to school and she took some great selfies!  
Tuesday, Ben also had preschool and learned about the letter "Ww."  Funny boys in wigs! 

Wednesday, Anna had a pretty rough day for some reason.  She was just SUPER grouchy!  Thankfully, I went in to check on her during nap time and was reminded how cute she can be.  She put that sock on her hand all by herself. :)  
I also started the Spring yard work this day.  There's always LOTS of raking thanks to our pine trees.  I'm also grateful our yard is a hill so gravity can help!  

Thursday, I attended a Stake Relief Society activity that night where we participated in a service project to make washable feminine hygiene products for teenage girls who don't have access to disposable one.  Such a cool thing to be a part of! 

Friday, Dan and I went on a dinner (Iggy's) and movie (Imitation Game) date night!  Thanks to my siblings for babysitting!
Saturday, I got a haircut and then sang Amazing Grace as part of a duet at a funeral for a man that lived in our neighborhood.  Dan worked on organizing the garage and the kids enjoyed playing with all the toys outside.

In the evening, we babysat cousins Whitney and Oliver.  

Sunday evening we enjoyed some nice weather with a lovely grilled cheese picnic dinner and then  a walk around the neighborhood!  
Monday the weather continued to be awesome, so we went to the park for lunch with some cousins.  
Tuesday, I hosted preschool and we did the letter "Xx."
Since it was St. Patrick's day, I planned a little treasure hunt with "X marks the spot" with rainbow and gold (candy) treasure.  I also had prenatal check-up.  Everything looked great!   
We enjoyed being a little festive on St. Patrick's day. 
Green mashed potatoes with rainbow fruit. 
We went for a walk around the Bountiful Temple after dinner.  
Wednesday, McKenna and Ben had dentist appointments.  Ben's FIRST time and he did awesome!  
Thursday, I volunteered at McKenna's school and later hosted preschool again.  This time teaching the letter "Yy."  Yummy yogurt pops.  
Thursday evening, McKenna and I got to go see the new "Cinderella" with most of the Webster girls!
Friday, Dan went to McKenna's school to volunteer during an American Birthday celebration McKenna's class was having.  

We also had a fun picnic lunch at a park (Lewis Park) with some neighbor friends.  That night we had a pizza picnic in SLC and then went to Ugurt with the Roth family from our neighborhood.  My brother also happened to be in Salt Lake and wanted some fro-yo so we met up with as well! 

Saturday, my brother babysat while Dan and I attended a temple sealing for a ward friend.  
Snuggling with the kids after baths.  
Sunday, March 22.  23 Weeks pregnant.  
McKenna's school Spring pictures, before she lost the second front tooth.  
"Buh-bye!" So funny!