Sunday, July 14, 2013

... and the rest of June.

A good friend of ours gave McKenna the American Girl movie McKenna Shoots for the Stars. It's all about a girl named McKenna who learns to balance school and gymnastics.  So, ever since then, the kids love to do lots of gymnastic tricks! 
 Enjoying my Benny Boy! 
 Kenna is also doing a ballet class again this Summer.  But this time, her two closest cousins are in the same class!   
 A fun photo shoot with Aunt Lara.
 During the month of June we also celebrated my dear, Dan for father's day and his 31st birthday!  
Wish I had more pictures...  For Father's Day, I gave Dan a new calendar with lots of family pictures for his office, the Men of Mo Tab CD, and some shirts.  For his birthday, we got to go out to eat at Red Rock with his parents and then they took Dan shopping for lots of new clothes!  He also got some money from my parents to possibly put towards a firearm.  And since his birthday was 4 days after having our new baby, he said overall, the actual day of his birth didn't feel much like his birthday at all.  But we certainly tried.  :)  I got the kids up and decorated the house a little and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast of some apple fritter type things.  I gave him some new socks, a lecture series on CD from James E. Talmege on the Articles of Faith, and he got this head lamp from his brother Jake, along with some new work gloves.  Overall, I hope he felt spoiled and loved!  I'm SO grateful he's the father of our THREE children!  I couldn't have asked for a better   second half!  Love you Dan! 
The weekend before my due date, Dan was at scout camp.  I enjoyed morning snuggles from these cute faces!  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chalk Art- 2013

Here are the highlights of the 2013 Utah Foster Care Foundation's Chalk Art Festival that took place Father's Day weekend at the Gateway.  It was a western theme.  
Kenna liked this My Little Ponies one
 Lots of Despicable Me.  Has to do with adoption, and the sequel just came out.  

 Also, lots of Toy Story to go with the western theme.  

 Other cool ones...

 We also stopped by the Blickenstaff's toy store at the Gateway.  
 At the Kid's Corner, the indoor football team, the Blaze, had a little bean bag toss to win some free tickets.  
Love these action shots

 There was also a Doc McStuffins booth!  McKenna brought her Minnie Mouse doll and helped give her a full check-up.  

It was another fun weekend with just our family of four!

Family Fun- Beginning of June

June 6th we celebrated Dan's mom's birthday with a grown-up only dinner to the Lion House.  Then some group pictures on Temple Square.  

 37 weeks pregnant- quite large! :)
 We finally got to meet baby Harper!  She's the daughter of one of Dan's dear friends, the Packs, from Canada. 
 One night while playing outside, Ben was so proud he got McKenna's helmet on his head AND buckled.  :)
 Lovely Otter Pop tongues!  
 Enjoying the neighbors kiddie pool- no swim suits needed.  ;) Just lots of sun screen.  
We enjoyed a wonderful Webster Family night at our b-i-l's parents' house!  We love that Winegar pool!
We were also able to spend some time up at the Mantua house.  
Memorial Day weekend
A fine looking group of golfers
 Visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Webster's graves
 Dan and I also invited 5 couples/families from our ward to an over-nighter at Mantua the first weekend after school got out.  The kids had a blast on the slip in slide!

 And ranger riding of course!  
We definitely packed in tons of fun in June!  A few more posts to come before we introduce our new baby!