Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grand Daughter Sleepover

The second night we were in the hospital after having Anna, McKenna got to go to her first grand-daughter sleepover with Dan's parents.  
I got all of these pictures and text from Dan's mom's blog.  (Hope that's ok. :))  

"Oh how I love these girls!  It was their turn for their sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa!  What sweet girls they are, too!  We had a blast!  I had 12 things for us to do over the next 24 hours... all numbered.  The numbers were in a jar, and they got to take turns picking those numbers out of the jar.  Here's the run down... hold on to your hats.  It was a great and marvelous time! :D
First of all, we started out with princess cupcakes! Ya have to have "tea" and cakes at 4 in the afternoon, right??
 Then we made these awesome foam frames

 We also got 5 different flavors of hand sanitizer!  YUMMY!!!  And these darling mouse sanitizer holders!!  
For dinner we made our own pizzas and bread sticks out of bread dough.  We had grapes, too!  Delish!
The next pick was Hoola Hoops!  We tried our hand at hoola hooping!  Emma was a pro!  
The other girls will get lots of practice now that they have their own! 
 After we hoola and/or hooped, we decided to make a game out of them, leap frogging... but don't jump outside of the hoop, or the sharks will eat you.  They all did really well. 

  That day we also made foam door hangers, got stamps and pads of paper!
Then it was time for our movie!  I really wanted to show Princess Bride, but I think it's at Mantua!  DARN!!  So, we found another movie... Princess Protection Program... kinda cute, but kind of a random movie.  Anyway, the girls got a wand that glowed in the dark, popcorn and their movie!  It was all good!
Then prayers and bed time at 10:00!  Can you believe it!  Even Emma!  All were quiet by 10:30!  Whew!  We wore them out!  Love you girls!
Next morning the little Princesses didn't come upstairs till 8:30!  I was shocked and just a little bit 
happy about that --- that they slept so well!
This was the royal table that they came upstairs to!  Crowns at each of their plates!
See the king in the back, slaving away making french toast and eggies... isn't he the best?
  After breakfast we did some puzzles... not just any puzzles, but 3D puzzles.
 Painted some ceramic princess pieces.  they did such a darling job!!  
Then, it was time for the outside/get wet/kind of fun!  
I had cut up three different colors of foam sponges into thirds and put them together with a rubber band.
We started out with just tossing them back and forth into our buckets of water... three of us on each team.  But then, Grandpa got a little careless, and hit Grandma in the lower section on her body... and you know... one thing led to another and well... you get a foam bomb water fight!!
I think the girls really liked throwing their bombs mostly at grandpa... and they were alright getting hit... so long as it was below the waist.  

They ran races up and down the lawn to dry off... such endless energy, I tell you what!
The girls also got pinwheels to twirl in the wind while they ran.  
Then, inside for water to drink and more number picking.  
Next up... Nails and Lips... they got nail polish and lip gloss stuff.  
They also got princess bracelets, a pink water weenie, a patriotic rubber duckie, we played Bingo.  
And last but not least, they got a princess pencil and pad of paper to use while they read their scriptures.  Those are to use with scriptures so that they can write down their favorite scripture or thoughts about a scripture to help them remember how they felt about what they were reading
because they are a princess, and a daughter of a Heavenly King!

We love these girls so much!  Thank you for coming you sweet little things!
You are each so precious to us and we love you so very dearly!!
Never forget that!!  We had a great time being with you!!!"

Introducing Baby Anna! (Part 1 of Many)

Once again, my pregnancy lasted 40+ weeks.
On my due date, Sunday, June 23rd, I was feeling a little discouraged because I had actually been up for several hours in the night timing contractions. As soon as I got up and started moving around, they QUIT!  Booo!
I had a doctors appointment on Monday, the 24th, and the doctor stripped my membranes just to see if it would help things along.  Ouch!  (I was STILL 2cm and 70%.  Same as the last four weeks.)  But, I still ended up being pregnant for 3 more days until my induction date on the 26th.  I probably would have gone longer but my doctor was going out of town on the 27th, so we needed to get this baby out before he left.  During those post due date days, I got a LOT done in terms of "nesting."  So much cleaning and organizing!  It felt so good.  And I just kept laughing to myself about how different this was compared to when I had Ben.  We moved into our hour the DAY BEFORE I was induced with Ben.  So much cleaning, unpacking, and organizing I wanted to do then, but just couldn't.  Oh well.  
Here's Dan and I right before heading to the hospital.  

Sorry if this grosses anyone out. ;)  Kinda ready to pop!

Birth Story/Timeline

8am- Arrived at the hospital

9am- Pitocin drip started. 3cm and 70%
9:51am- Dr. Watts came in to break my water. Good, clear fluid. Already progressed to 4cm and 80%
10:15am- Epidural administered!  Thank heavens!  Those contractions were getting REALLY painful!  
10:38am- They put an oxygen mask on me due to a dip in the baby's heart rate. At 5cm and 80%
10:52am- Done with oxygen.  Catheter put in. 5+ cm.  Nurse left and said she'd let me rest a bit.  
12:15pm- Nurse Carolyn had a hard time finding baby's heart rate on the monitor because I needed to change positions.  *I didn't really feel like the epidural worked 100%.  I was still feeling some pain.  Hence the need to change positions.  I was also quite nauseous at this point.  I wasn't feeling any pressure yet.  But when the nurse checked me, I was at 10cm and baby was crowning!  I saw HAIR!  Baby was sideways (instead of face up like my other two).  
12:36pm- Dr. gave me a little 2nd degree episiotomy and the baby practically slid out!  

*Note: I've cut my labor times in half each time.  McKenna was 12 hours, Ben 6 hours, and this one was 3.5 hours.  But I had pitocin to help things along with the last two.    

They put the baby on my chest, started wiping it off and I couldn't get a good look at the bum to see if it was a girl or boy and the doctor hadn't announced it yet.  I think Dan could tell I was straining to see and said, "It's a..." and the doctor finally announced  "It's a GIRL!!!!"  We both cried and kissed and kissed again!  

Introducing Anna Gayle Webster
 7 lbs 13oz 19.5 inches
June 26th, 2013, 12:36pm

My amazing Dr. Watts and Nurse Carolyn! 

 She had the cutest little whimper/cry for the first little bit, but was mostly calm and quiet.  
She reminded us a lot of Ben when she cried, but reminded us a LOT of McKenna when she was asleep.