Monday, February 2, 2015

Basement Construction (Sept-Nov 2014)

Back up!  In September we had our basement remodeled.  We only moved one wall, and the rest was updating and replacing things.  The walls got retextured, new dry wall ceilings, new lighting, new trim, new windows, new doors, and new carpet.  


 Bedroom 1 before
 Here's the wall that we bumped out to create a new bedroom.  (Technically if we ever had to resell the house, we could not list either of the basement bedrooms as "bedrooms."  One has no window and one has no closet.)  We basically just moved this wall out to meet the other wall.  
 During- old wall knocked down
 During- new framing in
 Looking out from inside the new bedroom

 Bedroom 2- Before (it was really just a small storage room)
The after shot of bedroom 2 looks very similar to Bedroom 1- same color walls, trim, and carpet.  

Bathroom Before
 After- new doors make such a HUGE difference in brightening things up! 
We also installed new brushed nickel hardware and they put fresh lacquer on the vanity cupboards.  

We had a little hiccup with the new windows.  Our friend Cesar who was doing the remodel, and has done lots of work for us in the past, had one of his friends supply the windows.  Well, this friend had to leave the country due to a family emergency and we never heard back from him!  So Cesar had to re-order new windows and we waited an additional month for them to be installed.  Thankfully, we didn't have to pay any extra money.

 We were very pleased with the outcome and love spending time down there!  Now, we can move the older kids downstairs in preparation for baby #4.  :)  

Jan- Week 3 & 4- Ribbon Cutting, NFBDP, Mailbox

Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, McKenna had a fun play date with her cousins Whitney and Katie since they were all off school!  

Tuesday (and Thursday), I hosted and taught Ben's preschool.  I taught about the letter "Pp" but didn't take any pictures.  The best part was how funny the boys thought the tongue twister "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" was. :)  

Wednesday, after picking up McKenna, we went to Library Story Time and McKenna got to be a helper.  They read books that were all about being sick.  So she got to pretend she was a patient with a sick tummy and the "doctor" kept pulling weird things out.  :) 
Thursday night, we had a lovely family dinner with my siblings and mom at my siblings' apartment.  

Friday, we went to Brigham City to support Dan's brother, the new General Manager, at the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony for the new hotel, a Hampton Inn.  
Other family members who came to support and the actual ribbon cutting! 

Then we headed up to Mantua for a relaxing afternoon of napping and watching Star Wars.  
We ate dinner with Dan's parents and three of his siblings at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Brigham City.  We arranged to do a babysitter swap with Dan's sister and we each got to do a session in the Brigham City Temple.  So beautiful!  After the temple, we played Farkle with the family who were staying overnight.  

Whenever Anna saw Ellie crawling, she had to too.  :)  
Saturday morning it was our turn to babysit.  We just kinda hung out, watched movies, and played games.  Then Gma and Gpa took the big girls on their morning walk.  You could tell they were pretty cold, but they loved going with them and "earning" a trip to the candy store afterwards.  
Once Dan's sister got back, we fed the kids lunch then headed back to Brigham City to meet up with Dan's brother's family for some bowling!  

Everyone had lots of fun!  I know the scores are hard to see, but McKenna won for the kids, and Jake won for the grown ups.  Yes, I came in last place. :) 
Monday, the 26th, was the Nelson Family Birthday party celebrating the January Birthdays.  Ben's getting pretty good at blowing out the candles.  :) 

Benny wanted me to take a picture of a piece of cheese he made look like a "saw."  Ok, bud. :)  
Also, two funny things he's said recently: As he was running back and forth from my room to the family room getting Duplo blocks to build a tower, he said all huffing and puffing out of breath, "Thanks for the yummy breakfast mom!  Now I have all this energy!"  And then after watching the snail racing movie Turbo, he said, "That movie was so funny it cracked the brains right out of me."  
Wednesday, we went out for one last restaurant dinner with my mom and siblings before she went back to Chile.  She chose Red Lobster and then we went to Cold Stone for ice cream afterwards.  A very delicious night, indeed!!

Just a cute little rock collector. :) 
McKenna playing school.  She definitely loves to be the teacher.  And I love that they (sometimes) let Anna play too. :)  
Saturday night, my sister babysat while we had a fun family meeting and dinner with Dan's parents and siblings.  We walked home and were sitting on the couch talking to my sister when within 20 mins of being home, we heard a loud crunch sound outside.  Dan went to check things out and saw that our mailbox had been pushed/bent/twisted down to the ground, and then run over!!  Dang hooligans!  I mean, we definitely could use a new mailbox, but we were hoping someone would take it out in a snowstorm, tell us, and then help pay for a new one. :)  Oh well!  Dan did his best to bend it back upright, and unflatten the mailbox pancake until we have time to buy and instal a new one.  We also kind of hope the metal did some damage to the vandal's car or tires.  And come to find out at church the next day, that 3 other mailboxes on our street had been vandalized as well.  

Jan- Week 2- Little More Ben's BD, Utes Gymnastics

Sunday, we celebrated the Webster family January birthdays.  
Opening presents was definitely a blur.  

 Aunt Lara was in charge of dessert for the night and made this cute chocolate chip cookie for Ben. His response when he saw it was, "How did you do that?" 
 Ben and Uncle Adam! 

Monday, Ben had his birthday date with Grandma Sibber.  They went shopping at Target and he picked out some awesome Star Wars pjs, a remote control Lightning McQueen, and a couple Ninja Turtle things. Then for some reason he chose to eat and play at McDonald's.  Kind of strange to me since we NEVER go there.  Oh well.  Grandma said he ate really well and played hard. 

Here's one of the pairs of Star Wars jammies-- it says, "Small dark and handsome." :)
Pretty sure I've mentioned before how much of a daddy's girl Anna is.  This is her sweet pathetic face one night after Dan had to leave to go to church meetings.  She had just calmed down enough that I asked her where daddy was and I captured this little point/pout/pose.  
It's been great to have my mom here for an extra couple of weeks; my dad already returned to Chile.  The kids LOVE having another adult around to play, sing songs, read, do crafts, and snuggle with!  
And Anna also very much loves my sister and brother!  Like, when they're around, I'm totally at the bottom of her list of people to go to.  

Anna loved finishing Ben's BD cupcakes one night after dinner. 
Friday, we went to the Utes lady gymnastics season opener!  Even if Dan hadn't gotten free tickets it would have definitely been worthwhile!  We left Anna with my siblings since we knew leaving her behind would help us stay longer.  McKenna loved keeping score all night!  And of course we went to Ugurt after.
 Dan's brother took a screen shot of us waving at the security camera.  McKenna was busy writing down who won the meet so she could tell my siblings at home.  She also said this was the BEST Friday night ever!! :)  
 Saturday, after a busy morning of organizing and decluttering, we put a movie on for the kids and this is how they chose to watch it-- at least for a while.