Thursday, January 21, 2010

15 months old

Height- 30 in, 50th percentile (1 in increase in 3 months)
Weight- 20.1 lb, 15th percentile (.8 lb increase in 3 months)
Head Circ.- 18.4 in, 60th percentile (.1 in increase in three months)


Accomplishments and fun things over the past three months,
in no particular order:
  • Has 9 teeth (including 3 molars- soon to be 4)
  • FAST crawler, comes when you call for her, and can crawl up stairs
  • Can pull up to standing and cruise, still working on standing alone and walking
  • Front facing car seat
  • Is fully weaned
  • Can fold her arms for a prayer (most of the time)
  • Can blow on hot food
  • When she gets fussy, singing a song calms her down 95% of the time
  • Loves to push buttons on DVD player and VCR- time for a new entertainment center with doors!
  • Can blow kisses and LOVES to wave buh-bye
  • Don't get between McKenna and her food! If she over stuffs her mouth and you're afraid she might choke, don't even think about trying to take some of that food OUT of her mouth. She gets SO mad! She's such a good eater. :) (But also hates anything with the slightest spicy kick)
  • She had a 12 year old babysitter put her to bed
  • We started brushing her teeth on bath nights
  • Has had a tummy bug and threw up multiple times... yuck!
  • Pushes limits when mommy says "no"
  • Points to what she wants
  • Opens and explores cupboards more- loves to open and close doors in general
  • Knows how to point to (somewhat consistently) belly, legs, feet, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, teeth, and hair
  • When daddy come home, she waves "buh-bye" to mommy (such a daddy's girl!)
  • She's had a HUGE increase in her SIGNING! She knows: cereal, banana (LOVES bananas), book, shoes, eat, water, bath, sleep, please, milk, play, fish, bird, more, daddy, all done, cracker, mommy, and thank you. Still working on: help, friend, ball, drink, apple, story, kiss, airplane, bread, hot, cold, in, out, up, down... and many more! I've tried to get these on video, but of course, she won't perform
  • Officially transitioned to one nap, usually anywhere between 11-2pm (which is awful considering our church schedule just changed to 11-2pm!)
  • Can "say:" up, bye, hi, mama, and magnet (sort of), and LOTS of other things in her "own language"
  • Learned that unrolling the toilet paper is fun
  • Can recognize a toothbrush picture in a book and make the motion to brush teeth
  • Learned how to make spit bubbles
  • Pretend talks on mommy's cell phone
  • I always find her socks at the foot of her crib on the floor at the end of her nap
  • LOVES the book, "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb"
  • Her mullet is out in full force! See pictures below.
Here she is doing most of the actions to "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree"
Further evidence that McKenna is such a daddy's girl!
Here she is waiting outside the bathroom for him.
Here they are watching the Utah bowl game together! Love them!
Mullet evidence

I tried to get a couple pictures of her cute face, but she's so wiggly these days so most of them are blurry. :)

And I had to get some bath pictures. The Band-Aids from her shots. :(
We love her oh SO much! She's got such a fun little personality that brightens our lives!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Third Bedroom

(Photo dump) Here's our basement before the flooding disaster

Like I said in the last post, we decided while all of our stuff was displaced, why not add a wall or two and make a third bedroom?!?! A long while ago, Dan came up with this great floor plan so someday we could upgrade our condo and make it a more marketable (whenever the time comes to sell). Now we made this plan a reality!!
So it begins

A new wall!
More framing
Here's the closet, before...

(our only "walk-in" closet in the whole house now) :)
Hallway right after you come down stairs before...

Bedroom (view 1) before...
Bedroom (1) after
Bedroom (view 2) before

Bedroom (2) after
Bedroom (view 3) before

Bedroom (3) after

Office (view 1) before
Office (1) after- a little different angle
Office (view 2) before
Office (2) after- slightly different angle again
Office (view 3)
There you have it! We're pretty happy with how it turned out! We've had to down size some furniture but we're lucky to still have our old master bedroom set to put in the new bedroom.

I didn't mention this in the UDK post before, but yes, thank heavens insurance will pay for the disaster clean up. However, the third bedroom addition was out of our own pocket. Happy New Year to us! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Utah Disaster Kleenup

After our basement disaster (check Dec. 14th post), I have to give mad props to UDK!
They had our basement as good as new in 8 days! Here's some documentation of the reconstruction.

The torn out wall that was most damaged
Torn out stuff

LOTS of new insulation and drywall
Some old mold damage they cleaned up too
Putty drying

Paint drying
Almost there
Carpet being reinstalled!
They also came and cleaned the carpet. And there you have it. All done!
Or is it?? We decided while all of our stuff was displaced, why not add a wall or two and make a third bedroom in the basement?!?! Stay tuned for more pictures of that remodel!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some videos

I just had to put this one up. I was mocking McKenna's crying and she didn't think it was too funny.
Sorry this one is sideways. When you ask where McKenna's eyes are, this is her response.
She rolls her eyes and flutters her eyelashes.
She's learned to blow!
And she's picked up a new dance move or two!

Friend Get-Togethers

Over the holidays, we were SO happy to get together with quite a few groups of friends. Some live here in UT. Some came from VA, TX, OH, CA, and WA. If you're not in any of these pictures, maybe it's time we get together with you!

Some UVSC Institute Council friends.
Dan's past roommates
With wives and babies (Sorry you got cut off Nicki!)
One of Dan's mission companions, Andy Olson, with wife Heather and son Spencer. It was fun to see them one last time before they moved to California (Andy joined the Navy), even if Dan did wet his pants...thanks to McKenna :)
Some of Laura's past roommates with husbands and babies
Just the girls
Hooray for Christmas back to the real world!