Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Freezer Meals/Ward Party

Dan's sister, Brynn, had the phenomenal idea to have a freezer meal party to stock our freezers during the busy Christmas season and to help her be more prepared for dinners once she has a baby in March. There were five of us participating and we each brought two recipes and sufficient ingredients for everyone.  In the end we each ended up with 11 meals (Dan's mom surprised us with one extra)!  It "only" took about 3 hours.  

We made Beef Noodle Supreme, Chicken Parmesan, Shredded Beef for sandwiches, Empanadas, Ham and Cheese braid, Cream Cheese Chicken Enchildadas, Sloppy Joes, BBQ Chicken Pasta, Spaghetti Pie, Italian Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Pasta, Balsamic Glazed Pork.  Are you hungry yet??  

"Wait, I can't see!"
So much plastic wrap and foil used.
The ham and cheese braids
Pretty sure Adam had the most fun...

Outside was colder than the actual freezer.  Plus we wouldn't have had enough room for them all.  Such good times!  And man does it feel good to know I've got 11 easy dinner ideas!  
We had a blast at our Ward Christmas party later that week.  A talent show was the highlight of the evening.  Dan, along with a few other Elders, became the "Chinmunks" for the night and did a lip sync to the Chipmunks Christmas song. :)  

McKenna loved watching the "Daddies sing the funny song."
I sang Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays. (Editors note: she did great! I love hearing her sing solos)
The Primary kids got up to sing Jingle Bells to welcome Santa Claus!  Technically McKenna's not in Primary yet, but she loved getting up there with the kids.  She's standing in front with the pink shirt and skirt on.  That pink tutu/skirt goes everywhere with us!  
Kenna was a little more brave this time and sat on the big guy's lap.  Too bad I think she looks so grown up in these pictures.  : /  

Condie Christmas Party

I know Christmas (and New Years)  has come and gone, but I have some catching up to do...
At the Christmas party for my mom's side of the family, the kids had their first encounter this year with the big SC.  McKenna was, of course, a little shy and would only agree to stand next to him and talk. 

Ben took a small glance up at Santa's face, looked at me, and as soon as he saw the light of the camera, he flashed some huge grins!  

Enjoying her gift from Santa

More big cheesy grins with Uncle Jonathan

All those (in our group) who attended this year with some of our winnings from the annual raffle.  Fun!  
We've had a wonderful time this year decorating our home for the Christmas season since we couldn't last year due to our condo being "staged" to be sold. We had most of our stuff packed and stored away (to de-clutter the place) including our Christmas decorations.  I was also 8 1/2 months pregnant and was unable to NEST!!  Suffice it to say, last year's holiday season was pretty miserable.   

This year's been pretty great!  McKenna is officially cognizant of Santa and they have both really gotten into it (perhaps a little too much. As I'm typing this a lower strand on our pre-lit tree went out... Ben especially loved that section).

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Festival of Trees

The same weekend as the big wind storm, we attended the annual Festival of Trees fundraiser that benefits Primary Children's Hospital.  Here are some of my faves.  

Tires- "Merry Motorcycles"
Four seasons- "Seasons Treetings"
Sports memorabilia
Pixar's Up
Rubber Duckies- "Duck into Christmas"
Girl Scout Cookies- Samoas
Barbies- "Plastic is Fantastic"
One of Kenna's favorites- Princesses!
One of my favorites.  Christmas sweets-"Goodie Gumdrops"
A "Happy Birthday" tree
Super heros
"Whimsical Wonderland"
Two Tangled Trees
I love the frying pans on the skirt
Holiday Barbies 
The main reason we went this year was to see the tree that Dan's sister's brother-in-law and wife had created for their twin babies; "Our Double Stuffed Miracle."  These babies were born when their mom was just 23 weeks pregnant, fought like crazy to overcome some really significant health obstacles and they are now healthy and strong little babies.  Certainly VERY miraculous! 
Some of the awesome gingerbread houses
Rapunzel's tower
The rivalry
Another Up reference
Angry Birds
While Dan pulled the car up, I tried to take some pictures of the kids.  McKenna has been very into making silly faces and even scowling at the camera.  Oh well.  Cute pictures anyway. :)