Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girl's Weekend

In the past month and a half, two of my sweet sisters-in-law, and one of my sisters ALL had brand new babies!  Hooray for new nieces and nephews!  (More on that later)  Before the Webster side of the family ladies delivered, we all got together for another fabulous Girls weekend.  But really it was just an overnighter.  :)  

We started out with dinner at Tai Phoon.
We had to go see a chick flick of course, The Vow.  I really liked it. :) 
Then we checked into the Homewood Suites in downtown SLC.  
Naturally, we had to bring our matching nightgown PJs we all got for Christmas! 

The Mother was nice enough to give us each a little gift bag with some sweet smelling soaps!
We stayed up late talking, playing games and snacking.  
The next morning, we enjoyed our continental breakfast and then headed out for some oh so relaxing pedicures!  

Here's a funny shot of us "checking in" with our hubbies and kids to make sure everything/everyone was alive and well. :)  
A BIG thanks to mom (and dad) Webster for such a fun girls get-away!  We certainly felt pampered and spoiled! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brother and Sister

I love my kids!  These were also from Ben's one year photo shoot with Aunt Lara.  

Lining up the Ramen packets really helped entertain the kids one night while I made dinner.  And no, dinner was not the Ramen.  At least not this particular night.   :)
These two are starting to play together more and actually LIKE it. :)  
Playing also often includes some good ol' fashioned wrastling. Doesn't Ben looks like he's enjoying it? ;)
"Get off me!"

Besides these two little munchkins keeping us busy, Dan and I are involved in our Stake's production of Savior of the World.  We both have fairly significant roles and if you're interested we'll be performing on Friday, April 13th, 7pm, at the Bountiful Regional Center (835 N 400 E, North Salt Lake,UT84054).  It's FREE! :)  

We've also been doing some pretty major home improvement projects.  The main goal is to texture and paint our family room, entryway, kitchen, and hallway walls (b/c they're all connected).  Unfortunately, there have been about 100 smaller tasks to accomplish before we do that.   For example, we had to/really wanted to get rid of this wood paneling in our entryway.  Dan had a fun time ripping those off the wall.  :)  We hope to be all done with the texture and paining by Tax Day.  Stay tuned...

February McKenna Pics and Videos

Some of McKenna's recent toy "displays."  She often puts things up high so Ben can't get them . :)  We're still working on sharing.  

Cute hair-do.

When our sister-in-law, Lara, photographed Ben for his first birthday, I got McKenna all dolled up for some pictures as well.  She loved feeling special and posing. 

This pose was Dan's idea. :)

Playing dress-up and tea party with her friend Isabel.

FAST head shoulders knees and toes. :)
Counting to ten in a few languages.  I love her silly expressions.
Dancing!  I love her ending pose when the song is done. 
McKenna is almost 3 and half and I can really tell she's growing and changing so much.  I'm also certainly feeling like 3 year olds are much harder than 2 year olds.  She's more stubborn and sassy for sure!  However, she is developing better manners all the time and also loves to recite and act out her favorite books.  She's also getting better at expressing her emotions.  For example, she'll tell me, "I'm sad about you cleaning up my toys."
And here's a funny conversation we had the other day:

McK- "Mom, should we call Jesus on the phone?"
Me-"Uh, no. But do you know how we can talk to Jesus and Heavenly Father?"
McK- "On the iPad?" 
And here I was hoping she'd tell me a little about prayer.  :)  It was a fun teaching moment!

Friday, March 2, 2012

February Ben Pics and Videos

McKenna was doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" really fast which was quite exciting for Ben. :)  

"Hold me mom!"
 Spaghetti face!


Valentine's Day

Yes, I know I'm a little slow catching up on February happenings.  Oh well. 
We had a lovely heart shaped lunch on Valentine's Day!  Don't you love mom's plate with all the scraps?  :)

Beautiful flowers from my handsome hubby!  The tall red rose is from daddy to McKenna. :) 
The Valentine cards are from my Condie grandparents.  
(Silly girl making funny faces)

We, and by "we" I mean "I", made valentines for Daddy.  :) 
Kenna showing her excitement about her card from the Condies as well.  
A lovely family candle lit dinner.
And McKenna got her first Valentine from a BOY. :)  It was a tootsieroll pop with a cape on it that says, "You're a 'Super Friend!'"  :)  Thanks Maxwell!
Dan and I also got to go on a romantic dinner (PF Changs) and bowling date the Friday before Valentine's Day thanks to my sister, Mickelle, babysitting for us.  :)