Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oct- Week 1- Gen. Conf., Preschool Fire Dpt., Hair Cut, Anna 2 yr Check

Thursday, October 1st was my mom's BD!  I had a dental cleaning in the morning then we attended McKenna's parent teacher conference in the afternoon.  Her teacher only had good things to say about her and she's doing very well academically.  We're so proud of her!  In the evening I had my first meeting with the other Stake YW camp committee members.  
I caught Dan being sweet.  
These are the toys you get in the Wendy's kids' meals.  I've hated them for a long time and have thrown many of them away.  Only recently we have saved enough  that Ben has been getting really creative and building fun things with them.  This is a fancy airplane!
Friday McKenna went to a birthday party for a neighbor friend.  It was a "fashion" party so McKenna asked if she could wear make-up.  She loved it! :)
Friday evening Dan and I went on a fun double date with some friends from church.  We ate at Boba World and then went to see Everest.  A really intense movie that was quite sad! 

Saturday was a day of General Conference, yard work and grocery shopping in between sessions, THREE new apostles called (Rasband, Stevenson, and Renlund), and soup salad and donuts with the Websters at Dan's parents' house.  
Sunday we had our traditional french toast breakfast then enjoyed two more sessions of General Conference (doing our best to listen while 4 young children also needed our attention).  
We did have a somewhat quiet 10 mins or so during Dan's Grandfather's talk.  All 6 of us were piled on the love seat.  
For some of the day the kids actually played nice and quietly together.  
In the evening we went to the Conference re-cap at Dan's parents' house with a 150 Nelson family members.  

Monday I took a field trip with two other Stake YW camp people to check out Camp Piuta where we will be camping this coming Summer.  

Tuesday I went to Ben's preschool for a "Be There" activity.  The fire dept came and taught a little about fire safety.
They made these darling fire dog hats.  Anna loved it too. :)
Wednesday McKenna had crazy hair day at school.  We practiced the night before and she won a prize in her class!  I also had a crazy hair day and CUT my hair so short I can no longer have a pony tail!  I love it!:) 
Anna had her two year well check (a little late).  
Anna's 2 Year Stats
Height: 35.1in (2.9in increase in 7.5 months) 50th percentile
Weight: 26lbs 14oz (3lb increase in 7.5 months) 40th percentile
Head: 90th percentile
The doctor said she's a pretty "textbook" two year old.  :)  Healthy, busy, and gaining independence. 

Funny/important things about Anna:
  • We've had to start doing 'time out' with her.  She was kind of confused the first few times.  Once after Dan put her in there, I went to talk to her and she said, "Dad lock a door."  
  • She strokes Bethany's head and kisses her and says, "I luff her."
  • She loves to (loudly) alert me to whatever Bethany is doing:  "Mom! Betany sneeze!"  "Mom! Betany smile!" "Betany so tute!"
  • Loves to be "Super Anna!" and "Doctor Anna."
  • Calls Princess Jasmine "Damiss."
  • She can now tell me her favorite part of her day when I tuck her in a night. :) 
  • Saying a little more in her prayers than the just the last word of a phrase.  
  • Can help sing a few songs.  
  • Can almost sing ABCs.  
  • Can count to 13!
  • Can put on her sandals by herself. 
  • Not the least bit interested in potty training but tells me almost every time she starts pooping in her diaper.
  • She may be ready to give up naps... :( 
  • Still LOVES her binki and blanket! 
  • Loves to play whatever McKenna and Ben are playing! 
  • Can pick out/find the capital letter A (for Anna!)

Sept- Week 4- Hailey's BD, Mary's Visit, Women's Broadcast

Wednesday I received a new calling to be over the service project for Stake YW Girls Camp!
Thursday I had a dermatology appointment for just a general skin check.  Everything is a-ok.
Ben loves to dress in his Utah colors and carry around the Utah football too.  
In the evening we celebrated cousin Hailey's first birthday!  She did great smashing her cake! 
Anna and Lola enjoyed Hailey's new chair.  
Friday my best friend Mary and daughter Corinne came for a visit from Maryland.  They were in town for a wedding.  We got some Wendy's for lunch and went to a park.  Miss C and Ben did not want their pictures taken, so we'll just enjoy these grumpy faces.  :)
Mary and I had a good laugh at our 4 year olds trying to take pictures of us.  They snapped about 10 in 2 seconds.  
Friday evening we went to a fun Cub Scout Pack Meeting for the ward.  
Saturday evening I got to attend the General Women's Broadcast with some of the Webster/Nelson/Ringwood girls.  Afterwards, we all went to a wedding reception in Park City for a Nelson cousin.  Anna was at home with Dan being adorable! 
Sunday we had a lovely Webster family dinner celebrating the September BDs.  
Monday my visiting teachers came over in the morning and Ben had his friend Taggart over to play in the afternoon.  Darling Bethany getting good at smiling.  

Tuesday Ben and McKenna had dental cleanings and did great!  No cavities!
I also found this lovely gem on my phone. ;) That evening we decorated for Halloween.  
Wednesday Anna spent some time "calling" her Thompson aunts and uncle on the Play Doh phone.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sept- Week 3- Bethany 2 Months, Bridal Shower, Aspen Grove

I don't know when this picture was taken, but this is Dan's mom loving her two newest granddaughters.
Tuesday I took Bethany for her 2 month check-up.  
Bethany's 2 Month Stats
Height: 23in (4in increase in 2 months) 60th percentile
Weight: 9lbs 7oz (3lb increase in 2 months) 10th percentile
Head: 50th percentile
  • She has been our baby who sneezes the most.  
  • Had an in-grown fingernail, been fine ever since.
  • Our first baby who doesn't spit up! 
  • Around Aug. 18th I started cluster feeding in the evenings (nurse ever 2 hours) and she started only waking up ONCE at night!  Goes to bed around 10-11pm, wakes up between 3:30-5am to eat, right back to sleep till 7am or 8am!
  • Aug. 26th- moved up to size 1 diapers.
  • Aug. 27th- First smiles!  
  • Good at putting herself to sleep.  
  • Sept. 1st- Slept through the night.
  • Sept. 4th- started sucking on hands a little.
  • Has been to Mantua 2 times.
  • Sept. 10th- Cooing and smiling at ceiling fans.  
  • Sept. 12th- Went to the State Fair.  
This picture was pre-shots. She cried the longest she's ever cried in her life, which still wasn't very long. She was easy to soothe.  I gave her Tylenol two times that day, and once the next day and she never seemed more fussy than normal.  
 But I still gave her lots of extra snuggles!
Wednesday we had lots of rain and we actually had to wear long sleeves and long pants.  I did these cute piggy tails on Anna and I just love her fake little smile.  It's as if her cheeks are too heavy to lift. ;)
McKenna had a neighbor, Gaby, over to play in the afternoon.  
I had a little photo shoot with this one.  
Thursday, Dan took the whole day off since he would be working all day Saturday.  I worked on finishing Bethany's name to display in her room.  I still may add some polka dots to it.  
I took advantage of Dan being home and we ran a bunch of errands together with the younger three kids.  I also went to McKenna's class in the afternoon to help with their Constitution Day. In the evening I attended a Bridal shower for one of Dan's cousins.  Hooray for Blake and Michelle!  

While I was at the shower, Dan took the older kids an RV show at the South Town Expo Center.  He said he only lost Ben once (Ben has been running off lately).  
That night Bethany started a week long stretch of sleeping through the night (10:30pm-7am)!!

Friday, my sister Mickelle came to babysit all day Friday and Saturday so Bethany and I could go to Aspen Grove with Dan for an overnight Foster family camp.  When we first got up there Dan had a meeting and I just hung out in the main lodge and did a few things on my "to-do" list.  I ate lunch with Dan and his co-workers, then took a nap.  SO relaxing to be up there with beautiful scenery and only little Bethany to take care of.  
Some decent Fall colors up on the mountain too. 
I love being surrounded by all the BYU stuff too. :) 
After dinner there was an outdoor movie.  We bundled up as much as we could but it was still pretty chilly.  Since Bethany got hungry in the middle of the movie, I went inside to nurse and got these cute pictures.  

Saturday morning snuggles!
After breakfast Dan had to "work" and help run some games for the foster families.  This was his view from the game field.  
Before his second shift of games after lunch we took a little walk and enjoyed the beauty around us!
We went on a little date to the BYU Creamery at Aspen Grove then headed home around 4pm.
While we were gone, my sister had some help babysitting from my mom.  She brought her craft game! 

We got home at dinner time and got the kids ready for church the next day.  
That night, my sister also got this great video of Bethany cooing and smiling at the ceiling fan.  
Sunday sisters!
Sunday evening we had some of Dan's Canadian friends, the Packs, over for brownies and ice cream. 
 We discovered just how much Bethany really likes soft blankets against her face when she's trying to fall asleep.  Pretty cute!
 Monday was a pretty normal day with these two faces staring at me. :)