Monday, April 27, 2009

6 months old!

It's so bitter sweet to see McKenna grow. It's a good thing she's strong and healthy, but so sad that it happens WAY too fast! McKenna turned 6 months on the 19th. Here are her stats:
Height- 25.7 in, 75 percentile (.7 in increase)
Weight- 14.2 lb, 25th percentile (1 lb increase)
Head Circ.-16.9 in, 60th percentile (.5 in increase)

I'm realizing I love each stage of her life for different reasons. Over the past month I've really noticed more of her personality coming out.

  • She will smile and charm perfect strangers.

Sorry for the poor quality. But that smile is just so cute!

  • Still loves to play with her toes.
  • She can pass objects from hand to hand.
  • She can babble "ma, ma, ma" and "ba, ba, ba." I might have even heard her say "o-ba-ma" at one point. I never thought my daughter would be a democrat. ;)
  • She still can't roll from back to front, but she can SIT UP! The doctor says sitting up trumps rolling over since it takes a lot more coordination to sit up. So he's not worried.

  • Solid foods are going well. So far she loves carrots but doesn't care too much for sweet potatoes and green beans. We'll keep trying other foods one at a time of course. It's a fun little experiment to see how many bites it will take for her to come around and enjoy it, or press her lips together in protest. She also tried and liked both cheerios and animal crackers.
  • One of my favorite things about McKenna at this stage is that when I pick her up from the babysitter after work, she CLINGS to me and is SO excited to see me!
  • She is very aware of her mommy and daddy's voices. I love to see her drop everything she's doing when she hears her dad's voice as he comes home from work. She'll look around and around until she finds him.

Other exciting news for McKenna this past week is that we got a SWING! An older couple in our ward was nice enough to give us theirs since they didn't need it anymore.
And just because, here's a FUNNY video of McKenna "dancing." Apparently she really likes rap music :) We still have no idea why Dan has Eminem on his Ipod...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter fun!

Yes, we did celebrate Easter this year. And yes, I know I'm slow posting about it. Oh well.
Here's the dye...
The happy dye-ers (my mom, sister, brother, and Dan of course). McKenna missed all the egg dying fun because she was already in bed by this point. Better luck next year kid.
Can you see the family resemblence?
"Hoppy Easter" *snort* :)

Easter Sunday McKenna woke up with a runny nose. So it was a little difficult to get her smiling in her beautiful Easter dress from Grandma Kelly! Thank you! These beautiful flowers are all around our church building. I'm NOT any kind of photographer... So enjoy.
Nice! Check out those baby blues!
Here's handsome daddy!

And now Mommy's turn. I wish we got a shot of us all together. But we were pushing our luck with what we got with McKenna being so hungry, tired and congested. There's always next year.

We loved celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior and Redeemer this Easter season!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sewing Project #2

From here on out I probably won't number my sewing projects. :) But here you go. I made these!!
They were pretty darn hard for someone with as little sewing experience as I have. However, once again, I had a wonderful teacher! Thanks Sibber! I totally want to make another pair soon so I don't forget everything I want to do differently or better for next time.

Here's McKenna modeling her new kicks!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

McKenna dear, I love you so.

Your happy smiling face,
Is such a joy to look at.
It makes home a lovely place!
I can't help but sing this to her constantly because it's so true!

I really think videos are the best way to capture McBaby's cuteness. Pictures sometimes just don't do her justice.

She's found her TOES!

She loves to play with mirrors and look at herself!

She hasn't quite figured out how to pull things off her face when her mean parents put it there. So she makes the best of it and just "talks" to the baby in the mirror covering her face. :)

She's also become quite the "talker!"

I'm also happy to report rice cereal is still going quite well! She's a plain kind of girl. She'll gobble it all up when it's just mixed with water. We'll start some veggies when she's 6 mon.

Her sleeping habits have improved- a little... Last week she randomly slept from 9:30pm-8:00am! She hasn't done it again since. But it shows me she CAN do it!

Easter fun to follow in the next post.