Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Painting, Nelson Birthdays, and Silliness

Dan's work hosted their 9th annual Pumpkin Painting Party at the Gateway Mall a few weeks ago to help raise awareness for Foster Care.
We dropped by and created a masterpiece! ;)

See what I mean?? :)
The monthly Nelson family birthday party is also a fun costume/halloween party for the month of October. Once again, here's our McMickey Mouse ready to celebrate her birthday with the rest of the October babies.
I couldn't pass up getting a picture of these two NERDS! We love Aunt Lara and Uncle Sam!
Here are the October birthdays being sung to!
And blowing out the candles... sorry it's sideways.
Whenever I expose my belly to watch baby brother dance around inside, McKenna sweetly comes over to blow on it! No, she doesn't kiss the baby, she blows on it to give him/me a nice, wet, zerbert!
I wonder where she learned that from??
More silliness
These were McKenna's shoes Sunday after nursery. I have no idea how she got the idea to decorate her shoes, but she was quite proud. :)
This video is nothing to SEE, really. You just have to listen very carefully. This particular afternoon, McKenna was BEGGING me to put her down for her nap and then proceeded to play, jabber, and yes JUMP (at the very end of the video) in her bed for almost 45 minutes. I guess she just really wanted some alone play time. :) Funny girl.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friends Birthday Party!

We decided to try out a Friends birthday party for McKenna this year. It was a success! Although, I can't say I'll throw a 2-year-old BD party for all my kids... :)

We had the party in Dan's parent's backyard (better space and lighting) and invited McKenna's church nursery friends and 2 year old cousins. About 10 kids in all and parents stayed to play.

Dan borrowed a bounce house from his work and I realized after the fact that jumping is actually a tough motor skill for 2 year olds. :) Oh well. Most enjoyed it anyway!
Watching others do their "tricks"
Dan's parents have had a slide from an unassembled swing set resting against their house for months. We decided to try resting it on a set of stairs in their backyard for the kids to slide down. It quickly became the funnest activity of the party!

Other entertainment included this helicopter teeter-totter
and basketball hoop.
The kids played for about 40 minutes and then we had the treats!
Cupcakes, goldfish, chips, and juice.
Here's McKenna trying SO hard not to cry while everyone sang to her. She did GREAT!
Clapping after blowing out the candle.
Some of her fun new presents!

LOVE this girl! Happy Birthday McKenna Jean!

Mother's Group

Our ward has a play group that gets together once a month. This month, we had a fun Halloween party! Here's my cute little Mc-Mickey Mouse! :)
We played Bingo
(although McKenna ate all her game pieces--Smartees!)
Drank spooky potion
Had a bean bag "toss"

And had fun with friends!
Oh, and climbed in cupboards. :)
Good times!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Webster Family Oct. BD Party!

Since there are 5 birthdays this month in the Webster family, October is kind of a big deal. :) Here are the photo highlights from the family celebration!

McKenna opening her present from her cousin Kate.
(She has her binki because she cried her eyes out when everyone sang "Happy Birthday." She's a sensitive little thing. Maybe it was too loud? Who knows?)
Tinkerbell stuff! A placemat, plate, cup with straw, and sunglasses! THANKS Katie!

And some wonderful, darling new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa.
I think she was saying, "Thank you!"

Yes, McKenna is crying because we just sang...
Sad little girl.
However, I'm pleased to report she did NOT cry at her friend's birthday party when they sang to her. Yea for progress. :)