Friday, July 15, 2011


I know I recently posted about the kids. But these pictures from the end of June still need to be shared.
McKenna LOVES to read! After I get her dressed in the morning, she could easily spend 30-40 minutes in her room "reading." She stacks all the books in her chair when she's done.

She called this her "cold" face for some reason. Not sure where it came from.
Her imagination is growing so much. Here she is getting ready to feed her baby. I love that she remembered to put a bib on her. :)
So proud.
And now for the BEN boy!!
His younger cousins are catching up to him in size. I wouldn't be surprised if Eli (6 weeks younger) actally weighs more than him.
For about a month, Ben was pretty in love with his toes! McKenna's toe-loving phase seemed so much shorter to me. I'm glad his lasted longer. :)
Happy boy!

Here's a video of a cute little sigh Ben would let out with every bite of food. He's already proving to be a pretty good eater.
I don't know if I've ever posted a video of Ben laughing. So here ya go. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011


June 24th- the day I felt that Summer had finally begun! That's pretty much when it started to get HOT around here. That's also the day Dan's sister's parents-in-law (the Winegars) were nice enough to let us have a Webster evening of swimming and BBQ-ing at their pool!

Dan's bro David and Russie
Dan's sister Sarah Jane and Whitney
4 1/2 year old Andrew's sweet splash!
Daddy and Kenna- quite the glare.

Ben's FIRST time swimming!
Gpa Webster, keepin an eye out.
(Almost) Everyone who came
Ben did great-- other than disliking being splashed.
Tidal Wave!
Yummy dinner at the kid's table!

This picture was taken to show how WHITE my boy is and how tan Grandpa is. I mean, he did just get back from a Mediterranean cruise. :)
"Eat those toes."
McKenna would have stayed in the pool all night if we let her.

And the evening was made complete by the roasting of S'mores over the fire pit.
Thanks again Winegars!


I had the thought recently that I hadn't taken very many pictures of BOTH my kids together in a while. This is most likely due to the fact that McKenna hasn't always been that nice to Ben. I think she's having a change of heart though. Ben's getting much more interactive and smiley, therefore, McKenna is starting to play with him in a more positive manner. :) What a cute little pair they make!

So McKenna has this unique self-soothing technique where she takes a small loose thread from her blanket and tickles the area in and around her nostrils. Here she is trying it out on Ben.
"See Ben. Doesn't this feel good?"
Love this one!

Getting nervous...
"I'm all done." (See McKenna doing it to her own nose?)
They had both just woken up from their naps here.

"I'm loosin' him mom."
"Oh well."
And because McKenna is being a nicer big sister, I can finally give Ben some floor play time and not have to fear for his life. :) Gotta love the tummy time!
This is currently my desktop picture.