Thursday, October 31, 2013

July- Week 2

Dan went back to work this week.  Thankfully my mom was still in town and nice enough to come and help.  
McKenna was able to attend a few days of a kid's summer camp run by one of my friend's sister.  Each day had a theme.  Here are pictures from the "Magic" and "Cooking" days.  She also did "Broadway" and "Safari" day.  

Daddy reading a new book to the kids that was written by one of our family members.  
 My dad came to town and met Miss Anna for the first time.  

 She also met my mom's parents, the Condies.  

 McKenna's running away from the geese.  
Some more pictures from the week.  

McKenna expressed many times how glad she was that the baby turned out to be a girl!  :) She was a great helper to always give Anna her binki when she needed it.  Ben even liked taking care of all the dirty diapers first thing in the morning.   

Anna had her newborn photo shoot with Aunt Lara, had her 2 week check-up, her cord fell off when she was exactly two weeks old, we moved her out of our room and across the hall to her own and therefore sleeping in her crib more (as opposed to our bed), and she attended her first movie theater movie, Despicable Me 2. :)   

July- Week 1

I was lucky enough to have Dan off of work the whole first week in July.  Monday the 1st, he took the older kids bowling and swimming!  They had a blast with their Daddy time.  McKenna came home that afternoon and threw up... Too much fun for her--who knows? 

 Just some cuteness going on.  
Anna has been my earliest "social" smiler.  She really made eye contact and would smile at you around 2 weeks old! 

Funny sleep poses while snuggling with Grandma Kelly.  

This delicious cake was made by my dear friend Kasha who is an amazing cook!  She made this delicate chocolate butterfly to put on top and as she was bringing it to the door, it was so hot outside the wings melted and folded down.  
Anna had her first bath at home.  You can see she loved it. ;)
(She actually loves her baths now and rarely cries!)  

All fresh and clean and locked eyes with mama.  
More visitors.  The Winegar cousins.

Anna also had her first check-up which was a NICU follow-up.  At that check up, she was 6 days old and already back up to her birth weight!
Some ward friends Melanie and Ryan brought dinner and got a little snuggle.  They also brought the sweet Angry Birds swaddle blanket.  
We had some fun outside time with the kiddie pool to try to beat the heat.  
(ignore the Grand Canyon in our of the many projects that didn't happen this summer :) )
Grandma in heaven with these two tiny ladies.  
On July 3rd, we hung out at Dan's parents' house, did some poppers and snakes in the cul-de-sac, and then watched the Eaglewood fireworks show. 

July 4th, we had a yummy big breakfast and took it easy till the evening.  We went to Dan's sister's house, let the kids play in the water some more, had a BBQ dinner, and did sparklers and fireworks.  Thankfully, the Winegars live just on the other side of the fireworks restriction line.    
More fun in the water! :) 

Dan's oldest brother, David, and his family came to visit on the 5th.  

 Reed is so good with babies! 

While this week was filled with lots of fun, it quickly became less fun. That night, I unfortunately took a turn and threw up a few times.  Possibly the same tummy bug McKenna had earlier in the week and boy that knocked me out!  Between puking and being so new to nursing, I was totally physically drained! McKenna also got pink eye that same day.  Thankfully, our pediatrician was nice enough to just phone in the prescription so we didn't have to take her in. 
Sunday, July 7th, Dan was able to participate in our niece, Lola's, baby blessing.