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Jan '17- Week 1- New Years!, HOME, Snow/sledding, Ben's BD date

Happy New Year!! 2017!!

Sunday, New Year's Day!  My parents had 1pm church, thankfully, so we could all sleep in.  We somehow all managed to have a WARM shower that morning AND make it to church ON TIME!  Because of such a fun filled week, we opted to go back home after Sacrament meeting and put all the kids down for naps.  I still kind of regret doing that because my parents stayed at church and I'm sure they would have loved to show off their family a bit and for the men to hear dad's lesson and the kids to be in Primary with Grandma. Dang! What stinkers we were. :(  We had leftovers for dinner and played more games that night as our last night together.

Monday morning my mom made some amazing Pioneer Woman waffles and McKenna and Kaitlyn, with my help, made smoothies for everyone.  We got everyone dressed, packed, cleaned up, then headed for the airport by 11:15am.  
Bethany was dancing and being adorable for Aunt Emily the whole way.  
McKenna took this selfie in the airport.  :)  We ate a packed lunch at the airport before boarding.  My sister Mickelle was on the same flights as us on the way home to UT, but she wasn't exactly sitting near us.  Also, we had a really big turbulent drop in the middle of the flight which really scared the crap out of me!  Not fun! 
I had Bethany for most of the flight from Atlanta to UT and she slept for NONE of it!  She also pooped twice.  So fun.  I mostly fed her snacks, wrestled with her, and tried to watch Big Bang Theory.  When we arrived we were disappointed to find my sister's luggage ripped and Bethany's shade on her carseat missing.  I would have stayed and complained but it was already 7:30pm and we were all SO tired and ready to be home!  Also, the saddest part of returning home was that I realize I left my journal on the plane!  :(  It was only my journal for September-December, but still, the last two months of blogging have just been based off my phone calendar and maybe not quite as detailed as I would have liked.  But oh well!  Life moves on.  We hurried and got the kids in bed, unpacked a little, and got the kids' backpacks ready for school the next day!  

Tuesday I just worked on getting organized.  Laundry, grocery shopping, unpacking, set up new calendars.  When McKenna got home from school, Bethany backed right up to her and sat in her lap.  
Bethany also pushed our new box of wipes over to the fridge to be a little seat for her while she played with magnets.  Anna learned about the letter Nn in preschool and made the planet Neptune out of play dough.  
Wednesday the kids had a lot of friends over to play.  In the evening I took dinner to my friend Jen whose son had his tonsils out that day.  

Thursday there was a 2 hour delay for school due to heavy snow! Because of that delay, Ben's kindergarten was cancelled all together.  He was lucky enough to have a play date with a friend while Anna was at preschool.  That evening we had a consultation for solar panels.  After that I worked on Ben's VIP poster for school the next day.  After kids were in bed, Dan and I watched a movie on Netflix.  

Friday Dan went into school with Ben first thing in the morning to do his VIP spotlight.  
After homework, the kids took advantage of our sloping yard and went sledding and played in the snow! Ben's really ok in that picture.  I think he was just tired.  Though, he did hit one of our trees a couple times going down.  Anna mostly loves to eat the snow! 
My sister came and babysat the girls that night while Dan and I took Ben on a birthday date!  
He chose dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe.  They even gave him a free pizookie dessert.  He was so sweet at dinner and told us he loves having us as his mom and dad.  He even called me the cutest girl he's ever seen! He also said he wants to be a dad when he grows up and do whatever he wants. After dinner, we took him to Dart Zone, a Nerf Gun arena!  He loved being able to shoot and run around, though he didn't always go out when he got shot.  I traded teams at one point so he would have someone he knew on the opposite team to shoot at and he totally talked smack and told me I was going down! 
Unfortunately we ended the night with Dan not feeling well.  I talked to my siblings for a bit, decorated for Ben's actual BD the next day, then went to bed.  

Saturday my sweet baby boy turned 6!!  We're glad we could celebrate the night before because his actual birthday was quite busy with other things.  Dan made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, then we all got ready for cousin Whitney's baptism!  On Ben's note to Whitney, he wrote, "Your special day and mine."  :) 

The three "fashion cookies" (a nickname they gave themselves when they were maybe 4).  
After Whitney's baptism, we unfortunately couldn't stay for the luncheon because we needed to go to another baptism for one of our ward friends, Johanna Lewis (Jojo), which Dan conducted.  After that, Dan took the baby girls home to rest while I took Ben and McKenna to the Lewis's pizza party luncheon.  McKenna and Anna then went to the Alexanders to play in the snow.  I took Ben grocery shopping so he could choose one BD present which was a new Nerf Gun! After baths that evening, we went to a wedding reception for Dan's first counselor's son, Matt Turley.  When we got home Ben finally got to blow out his birthday candles in ice cream!  

Ben’s 6-year-old Birthday Interview (Jan. 7, 2017)

What is you favorite color? Red and green, black, white, brown, purple, aqua
What is your favorite toy? Power Ranger Dino Chargers and Mega Zords
What is your favorite fruit? Pears, apples,
What is your favorite TV Show? Power Rangers
What is your favorite movie? Moana
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Bologna and Cheese sandwich  
What is your favorite outfit to wear? Power Ranger shirt
What is your favorite game to play? Hide and Seek
What is your favorite snack? Fruit leather
What is your favorite animal? Sting Ray and baby pandas
What is your favorite song? Power Rangers
What is your favorite book? Comic books
Who is your best friend? Jordan and Bennett
What is your favorite cereal? Kix
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play in the snow
What is your favorite thing to drink? Pink milk
What is your favorite holiday? Easter and Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Puppy
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Toast
What do you want to have for dinner? Tatertot casserole, sausage corn potato soup
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A really good dad
What is your favorite thing to do with our family? Go to Legoland
What’s your favorite thing to do in school? Recess when it’s warm, and counting days 

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