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Jan '17- Week 2- Letter O, Ben BD Date with Gma, BYU Gymnastics, Sea Quest

Sunday church was cancelled due to freezing rain and dangerous road conditions.  However, Dan (and Ben) went to the Behunin's house to participate in their baby blessing of little Daisy.  At Webster family dinner that evening, we all listened to  Grandfather's CES fireside.  (Weather and roads were clear by dinner time.)
This whole week Dan volunteered at the school in carline.  
Monday, I finally put away Christmas decorations! 

Tuesday morning McKenna had an orthodontist appointment to have impressions made for her pallet expander.  I also had my bottom permanent retainer removed and impressions made for a retainer.
Later, I taught letter Oo at preschool.
We put things in Order, matched Owls, ate Oranges and cheeri-Os,

We also did a counting activity with Cheerios. 
Ben went on his birthday date with Grandma Sibber in the afternoon.  He got some awesome Power Ranger, Lego, and Star Wars stuff.  Seriously SO blessed and spoiled by Grandma Sibber! 

Menchies Fro Yo after shopping.  

Wednesday we started Anna in gymnastics and she absolutely loves it!  Almost every night when I put her to bed she asks if she had gymnastics in the morning.  Also, when McKenna got home from school that day, she decided to try to start Anna on potty training.  We may have told McKenna we would pay her $40 (cost of a box of diapers) if she would get Anna to be potty trained! We learned that day that Anna can hold her potty for about 7 hours!  Unfortunately, on day one of potty training she never actually went IN the potty.  
Thursday we tried Anna in underwear again and she had a little tinkle accident just before preschool. Then she stayed dry for several hours! In preschool we colored pictures of Olaf, had Olives and fruit loops for snack, made a giant Octopus with our bodies (Bethany helped), then jumped through Os.  
Right after preschool we went to Aunt Lara's for a sisters-in-law lunch. 

 Anna continued to stay dry! 
Dan was able to take time off work and go with Ben on his field trip to the Gateway Children's Museum.  Ben loves his friends Jordan and Bennet!
Anna finally had some success on the little potty in the afternoon!  That night we went with Dan's mom and brother Sam to the Utah Basketball game.  Unfortunately, because we had a babysitter that night, Anna had an accident just before bed.  

Friday Anna kind of rebelled against under wear at first, but later she went in the little potty around 10:30! We went to ladies lunch and again Anna stayed dry for a while.  That evening we headed to Provo for a fun family night! I cashed in on a Mother's Day gift to attend a BYU event ON CAMPUS.  We decided on the BYU vs. Utah Gymnastics meet.  The girls all dressed in cougar gear, and the boys supported the Utes.  
We also showed the kids the house I lived in my senior year at BYU and where Dan and I had our first kiss! 
Unfortunately, the fun of the evening was kind of shattered...literally.  We pulled into Dan's work parking lot in Murray to pick up his car and found that a rock had been smashed through the back window and his work laptop and wallet had been stolen!  So dumb!  
Saturday morning Dan went to a planning meeting with the youth and I helped the kids set up a mini nerf gun arena in our family room, then Ben and McKenna went to play at the Alexander's.  Dan had his car window replaced. I had Anna sit on the little potty and watch a show while she tried to go pee, but nothing happened.  Around lunch time, Anna decided she wanted to go get dressed and ran to her room.  I didn't think much of it when she came back in her clothes.  Then during lunch I noticed her bum looked saggy/bulgy.  I thought, oh no, she pooped in her underwear.  So I asked her if she had and accident and if she forgot she was wearing underwear.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said "NO."  Then I patted her bum and told her I think she had an accident.  She again said "No I didn't." Then I pulled down her pants to show her she was wearing underwear and I found that she was wearing a DIAPER!!  When she went in her room to get dressed she put a diaper on herself without telling me!  So that was the END of our potty training(for now)!  Here's her grumpy face after I said we need to try underwear again and she refused!  We have tried motivating her with treats, toys, Disney on Ice!  Her response is usually along the lines of "I don't care."  So... Who knows?!  
After Bethany's nap, we headed up to the Sea Quest Aquarium!  It was tons of fun but very crowded!  That was our fault for going during their grand opening weekend! We were able to pet the lizards and feed the parakeets.  
And because it was opening weekend they had a bunch of characters there too!
McKenna was a little too nervous to come in the bird enclosure and feed the parakeets, so she opted to spend her tokens on a fish pedicure.  She said it feels like your feet are waking up from being asleep.  So brave of her! 
After the aquarium we just went home for dinner, baths, and bedtime.  

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