Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cache County- Part 1

Dan had some work to do in and around Logan on Friday, the 23rd. And since McKenna and I wanted to see the Pumpkin Walk (post about that later), we decided to tag along. In between his appointments, we went here! Who knew Logan had a ZOO??
There were lots of birds. This peacock was just roaming around.
Lots of ducks!
McKenna wasn't quite as scared of these animals.And this duck has hair just like Val Kilmer in Top Gun (according to Dan).
We also saw this strange species in the swan cage, just stirring her pot. :)
A Wallaby
A Pronghorn
And Bobcats!
Love this face!
Also, while Dan was at his appointment in Newton, UT (30 min NW of Logan), 'Kenna and I drove a little farther to Clarkston, UT to see Martin Harris's grave. A neat piece of church history.

One our way home, we stopped by the Gossner cheese factory.
We got over 5 lbs of cheese for just over $14. We froze half and are almost done eating the other. YUM!

Monday, October 26, 2009

1 year old!

Height- 29 in 60th percentile (1.8 in increase in 3 months)
Weight- 19.3 lb 25th percentile (1.5 lb increase in 3 months)
Head Circ.- 18.1 in 80th percentile (.2 decrease in 3 months)
(They think they measured her head wrong last time.)

These were free family photos from a BYU School of Education alumni gathering.

She LOVES swinging!

Accomplishments and fun things in no particular order

(over the past three months)
  • Has 6 teeth in all (4 top, 2 bottom).
  • Can FINALLY go from tummy/hands and knees to sitting.
  • *As of Wed. the 28th, she can CRAWL--Forward!! (Full on, hands and knees, crawling!)
  • She also scoots on her bum, spins around on her bum, rolls, scoots backwards on tummy.
  • Went through a phase where she would clap after "amen" in prayers.
  • Sneezes 4 or 5 times (or more) in a row, just like her daddy.
  • Loves to bang things together to make noise and bangs her head against things.
  • Still dances to ANY and EVERYthing with a beat (including the dishwasher)!
  • Still sleeps 10-12 hours at night with two 1.5-2 hour naps (unless sick or teething).
  • We think she can say a few words: mama, what, diaper ("baper"), woo woo (for a doggy sound) and she can sign "daddy."
  • Can drink from a straw, give "five", blow kisses, turn pages in books, click her tongue, and do "so big" on command.
  • Loves peek-a-boo, baby einstein, being outside, playing with people's eyes/eyelashes.
  • Very good at using her thumb and pointer finger together.
  • Likes to suck on the soapy wash cloth in the bath.
  • Understands and responds to, "Can I have it, please?"
  • Constantly turns around in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs.
  • Got the first dose of her flu and swine flu shots.
  • I've started to wean her...
  • Copycats a lot and also "speaks" in her own language.
  • Can point to a few body parts: eyes, ears, belly.
  • Strokes her blanket on her hands and face to relax herself.
  • Rolls her eyes to look around (copy cats this as well).
So yeah... We love our little girl and can't get enough of her!
Sorry, I'm so long winded on these posts. It's mostly for posterity's sake. :)

Here's a fun video of McKenna "reading." And if you listen carefully, it sounds like she's saying, "What is it?"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Webster Family BD Party!

With 5 Webster October birthdays (one of them being the head of the family--Grandpa), Dan's fabulous mother went ALL OUT for the family birthday party!  See for yourself. 
Yummy soup in pumpkin theme bread bowls!
The gang (pictures sometimes surprise Jake)
McKenna loved the dinner too-- you can see it all over her face still.
Gma also got a witch pinata!
McKenna wasn't so sure she should be hitting, but Katie seemed to be enthralled.
Everyone grabbin' the candy!
Our own little (unsure/grumpy) witch.
Here's the whole gang (minus Gma taking the pic) with our vampire teeth.  SO scary!  
She also planned a donut eating contest!
Presents were done from youngest to oldest, so McKenna was first.  The David Webster Jr. family got her these adorable farm animal puppets.  

She LOVES them!  

A new book too.
From Gma and Gpa Webster, she got more books and darling outfits!  Apparently I'M pretty excited about them too.  :)

Other birthdays we celebrate in October: 
Andrew (3)

Emma (7)

Grandpa (his shirt says it all) :) 
AND, the newest member of the October birthday club and newest member of the family is...
Russell Elias Webster
Born Tuesday, October 20, 2009
8 Pounds 3 Ounces, 20.5 inches long
Congratulations David and Laurie!

The yummy cake says "Happy 'Boo' thday!"
And here's just a few more cute pictures of McKenna from the party night. 
She LOVES to walk while holding our hands now.  Can't you tell?
Such concentration

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Doll Present

One of McKenna's favorite birthday gifts was her first baby doll!  I LOVE her reaction!  Watch her excited legs too. :)  

She also surprised us when she knew right where the baby's eyes are! 

She immediately had to give it big, open mouth kisses!

Giving her the binki.
Now her turn.

"Thanks mom and dad!"

I think she was getting mad that the hat wouldn't stay on the doll's face longer.

That day, she had a very hard time eating her lunch withOUT holding her baby.  So, I finally caved and let her have her while we ate.  (Can you tell she's been crying?)  
Another form of "kisses" for the baby!

She also got a phone call and birthday song from her cute cousins in Alabama, 
Kari and Kaitlyn.  Thanks girls! 

Here are two birthday cards from her Condie Great-Grandparents and her Nelson Great-Grandparents.  (We're lowering the crib in the background) 

And, these are "I've been working late every night this week--Thanks for taking care of my baby!" flowers from Dan.  Aren't they beautiful??  Thanks honey!