Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving! I'm sad I didn't take more pictures. Here's our "Lil' Pumpkin" Thanksgiving day, complete with her scowl face. :)
She looks so offended that I would take her picture.

My parents also came into town from CA. They loved their McKenna time.

She's showing my mom her couch dancing skills while watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. (My mom has some bad neck and shoulder pain- hence the neck brace.)
We were lucky enough to have TWO meals Thanksgiving day. Lunch with the Websters and dinner with the Thompsons. I know, we're spoiled! And very full of turkey! I also enjoyed watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while making mashed potatoes. We have SO much to be thankful for! We feel truly blessed in so many ways!

We also took a quick trip to St. George on Friday and Saturday. The only pictures I got of that trip were McKenna intently reading in the car.

Highlights of the St. George trip (Borrowed Pics from Dan's mom's blog):
  • Shopping out the outlet mall
  • Dinner at The Brick Oven
  • Bike riding (Dan)

  • Brunch at Cracker Barrel with Dan's Webster Grandparents who live in St. George during the winter
  • Hotel naps :)
  • Seeing The Twilight Saga: NEW MOON! (SOOOO much better than Twilight)
  • Watching the BYU/UT game and BYU winning in OT!! Go Cougs! (Even though Max Hall is a dope).
(Dan's eating something)
  • Walking around a Christmas Boutique and getting a cute new scarf
  • Visiting Dan's mission president and wife who also live in St. George
  • McKenna being very well behaved in spite of getting so little sleep and meal times being all over the place!!
  • Arriving home just in time for our new nephew's baby blessing. Congrats baby Russell!
Four Generations
Now for the Christmas decorating!

Back in the Saddle

In case you can't read the sticker on my shirt, it says SUBSTITUTE.  As in, substitute TEACHING!  That's right folks.  I finally got my act together enough to get back in the classroom since I quit in July.  I put out a little flier to three local elementary schools advertising myself, and the calls quickly started coming in.  Not because I'm good or anything, I just think these teacher's were desperate for a break. I accepted a Thursday/Friday job in 1st grade for a former co-worker of mine.    
Here are some of the great things about going back to teaching through substituting:
  • Showing up 10 minutes before the first morning bell and every thing's ready for you!
  • Keeping my classroom management skills fresh
  • Getting points to help towards renewing my teacher's license
  • Having old students excited to see me
  • Seeing past co-worker friends
  • Being able to leave at the end of the day before 4 pm and again, everything is already ready for the next day!  
  • Not having to worry long term about those kids that you KNOW need some serious help.
  • It was a nice break from the daily routine with McKenna.  I'm sure I'm not the only mom who enjoys a break from her kid(s) every now and then. :)  
Now, of course there are down sides of substituting.  But I mainly wanted to focus on the positive for now. Thankfully one of my visiting teachers was able to watch her Thursday and Dan took the day off to watch her on Friday. I hope to get a sub job once or twice a month.  I love teaching!

Jazz Game (Nov. 18th)

The last Jazz game we took McKenna to, she was only 2 and half months old.  Now that she's 13 months old, she was much more interested! 

When we first arrived...
Uncle Jake and Aunt Ailin arrive.
The players (Vs. Toronto Raptors- WE WON!)
She stayed AWAKE and happy the whole game! :) (7:00-9:30pm)

The only part that concerned her was when the Bear got everyone to make A LOT of noise! 

Yeah, it was pretty loud! Incidentally, she was also this mad when we stopped feeding her ice cream...go figure.

Towards the end, she was looking pretty tired.

All bundled up walking to the car.

The car ride home. :) 

We're so blessed to have such a good baby who lets us mess with her schedule to go to such fun things!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Bedroom Set!

Our bed frame used to be two IKEA bunk-beds next to each other. Queen size. Our night stands didn't match the bed or each other. The dresser didn't match anything either. We decided after 3 1/2 years of marriage it was time for an upgrade.

Before- Nothing matched!


King size (Dan fits a lot better). Dark brown wood (even though it looks black). Great head board with shelves/storage. Two drawers at the foot of the bed also for storage. New bedding as well!
New mirror and picture frames too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Funny Face!

You all know our daughter, McKenna?

Well, she has a cute new face she loves to make.

It's pretty much a scowl with an "o"!

AND, we think she's 20lbs now. So she's FRONT facing in the car!! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Year Professional Pictures

Here's a little look at McKenna's photo shoot! This is the same photographer that did her newborn and 6 month pictures. She's AWESOME! We love her work and she's a great friend! Thanks Melissa! Check it out!

Go here to see them all!

Name: McKenna-One Year
Password: lauras1

This and That

These are some of the wonderful people Dan worked with when he served on the Institute Council at UVU.  We had a fun reunion the day before Halloween (hence some costumes).  Great to see everyone! 
Halloween day, McKenna and I got to meet our new cousin/nephew, baby Russell! 
Sorry it's sideways.  
I really am supporting his head, I promise.

This is one of McKenna's new favorite sleeping positions.  Sitting up, blanket piled in her lap, leaning on the blanket and bumpers.  I wonder if her legs ever fall asleep?
Love this face!
She also likes to drink her bath water.

She still loves dancing; especially with cousin Whitney!
(This is a Guitar Hero cereal box toy.  She knows how to push the buttons herself.)

It took her about a day to learn to sign "please."  
(She can only sign "more," "daddy (aka father)" and "please.")

At McKenna's one year check up, we expressed a little concern about 'Kenna not being able to crawl on her hands and knees yet.  Two days later, she decided it was time to get up and move!  The baby proofing has begun!   

And here's two videos I never posted from her birthday.  Enjoy!   

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cache County-Part 2 (of 2. Don't worry.) Pumpkin Walk

Welcome to the 25th (or more) annual North Logan Pumpkin Walk!  This is the second year Dan's work has done a scene to get the word out about becoming a foster parent.  The overall theme of the event this year was "And now a word from our sponsor."  So, this post may seem like one LONG commercial break.  :)  Enjoy the amazing things people do with pumpkins as heads (other Fall veggies may have been used as other body parts).    

"All the World Loves M&Ms"
Star Wars M&Ms

Missionary M&M's

California Raisins
Band-Aid Brand
McKenna and Dad enjoying the walk.  Really, she liked it. :)
Serta Mattress Sheep
Where the Wild Things Are
Cache County Heritage
See, she was having fun! 
The Geico Caveman

MJ Tribute- Thriller

Keebler Elves
Fruit of the Loom
Green Giant
Zest Soap
And drum roll please... Here's the scene Dan's work did.
"Car seat:$85, Diapers for a year:$800 , Formula for a year:$1,000 , Caring for Older Children and Keeping Siblings Together: Priceless!  For everything else, there's Mastercard."  
They had a bajillion of these boards to put your face behind.  We had some fun with 'Kenna.

And McYoda
She really did have fun, I promise. 

And, to finish up with the Halloween celebrating, here are some pictures from our ward's Trunk or Treat.  Here's our cold little Tinkerbell.
Lovin' the candy!
Our only cool decoration... BY our trunk.  
Happy (late) Halloween!