Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Some of you may recall that I'm in a community Choir at Westminster and I could NOT sing in my Christmas concert due to a cold that caused laryngitis. Here's a follow-up.

When Spring comes around, so do the allergies. However, I don't remember ever having them before. Just my luck! It all started with a tickle in the throat. I was coughing like crazy, but no runny nose or soar throat, just a dry cough. The Monday before our Spring choir concert, I substitute taught and along with the cough, I over worked my chords and LOST MY VOICE AGAIN! Really? Five days before my concert! What are the odds? I did the best I could to rest up... which also meant not singing some of the time at our dress rehearsal. I guess it helped.

By concert night, my voice was thankfully back, about 97%. Close enough! I sang as best I could.
One of the best parts of choir this semester was that my Mother-in-law joined to choir too! She's top row, second in from the left. I'm second row up from bottom, second from the right.

My MIL was also featured in the men's piece doing a little percussion (left side). Great job! :)

Here are our wonderfully supportive spouses! I'm so thankful for Dan being with McKenna every Tuesday night. It's been so fun to continue to learn and grow musically!
I didn't get pictures of them, but a special shout-out to Sam, Lara, and Skooter for coming to support us!

Zermatt Resort and Spa

Dan had a symposium for work- HERE!
The Zermatt Resort and Spa in Midway, UT!
Of course, I tagged along-- again.


This was our first time leaving McKenna overnight (two nights). We considered this our early anniversary trip (May 3rd- 4 years!). Thanks SO much to David and Laurie, Swa, and Jake and Ailin for babysitting our little monkey!

While Dan was in his lectures, I got two spa treatments! Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day to me! :)
A massage (not me in the pic) and pedicure, each an hour long.
It was heaven!
Other highlights:
The off season emptiness of the resort, hot tub, steam room, working out, eating out, shopping in Park City on the way home.
I'm so glad Dan works for a company that's very family friendly and flexible! We are spoiled!

Wheeler Farm

Once again, when we had some nice weather, we had a little outing with Dan's sisters and their kids to Wheeler Farm. McKenna is still quite scared of ALL animals. Any time I squated down next to her to point something out, she would wrap her little arm around my neck and pull me in close. I never put her in harms way of course, but it's good to keep exposing her to animals and it's pretty cute to see her get so nervous.

After we saw the animals, we played in a big open field with a bubble generator thanks to Aunt Brynn. Look at how happy these kids are!

The End.


The weekend after Easter my parents came to visit from CA. My mom is SUPER crafty and made this cute little skirt/tutu for Kenna! (Still a little big)
We had decent weather, so we went to the park!

Playing with Grandpa

She also bonked her head on the playground. You can kind of see the red mark in between her eyes.
She didn't really want me to document her owie.
Here's some fun Grandma time while we were visiting my mom's parents (Condies).

Thanks for coming Gma and Gpa Thompson! Please come again soon!

We also had a wonderful visit from one of my best friends growing up in VA, Laura! She was also my freshman roommate at BYU, and yes, we have the same name. :) She was in UT for a wedding and took some time to come play and let our daughters begin their friendship! :) Well, as it turns out, 15 and 18 month olds aren't really into playing with each other yet. ;) But we had a blast chatting, playing referee when the girls grabbed, we ate/fed snacks, and much more chatting. McKenna warmed up to Laura quickly and was climbing all over her lap insisting she read her story after story. Laura's daughter, Julia, was quite content to climb and explore her new environment independently. Thanks again Lo for the catch up!

Sadly, this was the only picture we got.
(McKenna desperately wanted to see the camera.)
We love visitors!

Monday, April 26, 2010

St. George

Since we were still getting a bunch of this around here...
Dan decided to take a work assignment in St. George (Easter weekend) so McKenna and I tagged along. The Utah Foster Care Foundation had a booth set up at the St. George Arts Festival.

McKenna did quite well on the drive to and from. And here she is being so helpful and pushing the stroller. If only she could push it while I sat in it...

There were many dogs walking around the vendor booths. As they would pass Kenna would wave and say, "Byeeee." She wanted to touch them all so bad! These guys were nice enough to let us try. In the end, she chickened out.

Fountains- not quite warm enough to run through.
As part of the Foster Care booth, they had a professional sidewalk chalk artist and a spot for kids to make their own sidewalk ART! :)

The buckets of chalk were the perfect size for her to carry around.
I was trying to get a good pictures of McKenna in front of the Foster Care sign... By this point she had rubbed pink chalk all over the white onesie.

And this is how we she kept herself entertained in our hotel room while I watched General Conference.
She loves taking the insoles out of my shoes.
She stuffed things in drawers
We're so glad Dan's work is so flexible and nice to let us come along! We were also able to go out with the Leavitt's on Friday night, who had recently moved down to St. George. SOO glad we could see them and that they could visit with us during such a busy weekend!

Monday, April 12, 2010