Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little More Grown-Up

We had some RC Willey gift cards burning a hole in our pockets, so we decided it was time to upgrade our entertainment center. Actually, we'd been wanting to buy a new for, oh I dunno, 3 years. Our old one (on the right) was actually a small bookshelf that was left in the garage of our condo by the previous owner. We got the new one from the RC Willey Outlet in the scratch and dent section. It was about 50% percent off the original retail price. Buying nicer furniture makes us feel a little more grown-up :)

Guess who else is a little more grown-up? Mr. Ben boy is starting to laugh, follow me with his eyes, and (dare I say it?) sleeping better.

I caught this picture right after he finished a yawn, hence the nostril flare :)

Here are some cute smiling videos for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blessing Day

Dan gave Ben a wonderful Priesthood blessing on Sunday, March 13th. Ben was very well behaved (aka quiet) and surrounded by 14 amazing men (definitely exceeded the suggested limit...oops)!

In the circle (we unfortunately never got a picture of everyone):
Great-Grandfathers- Russell M. Nelson, Reed Webster, Paul Condie, Dave Thompson
Grandpas- Dave Webster and Mike Thompson
Uncles- David Webster Jr., Brian Stewart, Jake Winegar, Jake Webster, Sam Webster, Jonathan Thompson (we certainly missed Justin Smith and Adam Webster)
Bishop- Paul Schmutz
Father- Dan Webster

It was so wonderful to be in our new home and be able to host 50-60 people for a little lunch gathering after the blessing.

Great-Grandfather Russell M. Nelson

Webster Great-Grandparents
Condie and Thompson Great-Grandparents
(missing Gandma Jeanne, who was sick at home)
Thompson Grandparents
Webster Grandparents
Snoozing with uncle Jonathan.
Poor little dude was so tired of being the center of attention. :)

Our handsome man!
Outfit and shoes: From Grandma Sylvia
Blanket: Crocheted by Dan's mission president's wife, Sis. Clove.

Sweet little shoes that were almost too small. His tall body has some long feet. :)
Big sister had many distractions with so many family members around, hence her being sweet to Ben. Very minimal hitting that day. :)
Here she is playing with cousins Joseph and Kate and Aunt Mickelle in her "jabroom" (bedroom).
It was great having my parents here to visit for the weekend! Thanks for coming!

Monday, March 14, 2011

All Princess, All the Time

McKenna is currently obsesses with all the Disney princess movies!
Here she is dancing with her babydoll singing the song from Sleeping Beauty: I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.
Here she is singing "Belle" and "Ariel."
(She didn't really love Ben fussing during her singing, hence the "Shhhh" in his face. :))

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ben- Two Months

Height: 23.8 in (1.8 in increase in 6 weeks) 90th percentile
(*The pediatrician measured him different than the hospital)
Weight: 11.3 lb (2.8 lb increase in 6 weeks) 60th percentile
Head Circ: 15.4 in (1 in increase in 6 weeks) 40th percentile

Lots of pictures for the not-so-local family :)

Don't worry. Ben usually looks this terrified when his sister is this close to him. :)
Tummy time-
I love the progression of his head getting lower and lower.

More faces!

I know this one is super blurry, but it was too cute not to share. :)

Ben LOVES getting his diaper changed! It's crazy, I know! Here's proof of how happy he is on this changing table.

Other fun things about Ben at two months old:
  • More eye contact, smiles and cooing
  • Discovering his hands
  • Is now attending church regularly :)
  • Beginning to track things with his eyes
  • Recovering from a yeast infection because mom was on antibiotics (first breast infection=awful!)
  • Still cranes his neck to look around at everything
  • Not the best at taking regular naps yet. Some are 2+ hours. Others are 40 minutes... :/
  • Goes anywhere from 3-6 hours between feedings at night and always goes right back to sleep
  • Only cried for 10 seconds after his 2 month vaccines and then promptly fell asleep
  • Pretty terrified of big sister
LOVE you Ben!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pizza Party

Saturday night! Pizza and a movie (Sleeping Beauty--Kenna's choice)!!

Like daddy, like daughter

Ben really enjoyed the flick as well. :)

Playing in the Snow

I think I've mentioned before how much I dislike being COLD. Therefore, my poor McKenna has been deprived of "playing" in the snow. Until now! Sure, she's seen plenty of it, touched it, and even walked through it, but it was always when we were on our way somewhere. This is the first time I actually told her we were going to "PLAY" in the snow! She was pretty excited and lasted about 30 minutes (what I expected).

Apparently snow tastes like grapes to her. :)

Singing ABCs for fun.