Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Prom!

A young woman in our ward planned an Adult Spring Prom for one of her Personal Progress projects. The night before, I told Dan I was a little disappointed he hadn't asked me yet. The next morning I found this on our garage. :)
My reponse- sent via cell phone picture message. :)
Lame I know, but we didn't do all that creative asking and answering in VA.
The dancing! (Made me realize how out of shape I am...)

Eating and visiting
Ben came too and loved being passed around. Dan and I especially loved we could bring him and then didn't really have to worry about him at all while we were there.
There was a drawing for Prom King and Queen. Congrats Novaks!
I love my date! :)

Neighborhood Hunt

Get ready for a lot of Easter blog posts! :)
McKenna went on FOUR Easter Egg Hunts. Yes, probably too many for a two and half-year-old, but we recycled lots of the candy and have already given some away too.

Our neighborhood hosted the first.
Doesn't she look ready?

I liked this hunt the best. Each child was limited to finding only 12 eggs.

Can you find McKenna? Almost the bottom row, light pink jacket, fifth from the left.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Some Pictures

These post-bath pictures were taken back in February and I never posted them. So fresh and so clean!

Here are some more current pictures.
Ben is more fussy in the evenings than during the day. So when he has to be in his seat during that time, I often have to use not only the binki, but also a soft blanket to calm him down. He won't snuggle with ME, but he'll snuggle with his blanket. :)
Here's Ben next to a baby picture of Dan from our wedding video.
What do you think? Are they related?
And I needed to get some pictures of Ben in his onesie which bears his name
(before he grows out of it).

McKenna was a little sad I wasn't paying enough attention to her (or her hair-do). Oops.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


My cute parents are moving! To...

Chile - South America!

My dad will be the South American Area Controller for the company he presently works for (The LDS Church's Deseret Farms/Ag Reserves). Kind of caught us all off guard. My dad's boss presented this job opportunity to him on April Fool's Day! But this is no joke- for sure!
The church farm they'll be living on is outlined in red on this Google Earth map. It's about an hour and 10 minutes from Santiago, 20 miles from the coast.
The farm currently has fruit on it, but they're going to sweep all that off and put olives on it for olive oil. Lots to do for them to get ready such as storing furniture, getting passports renewed, Visas, and finding someone to lease their 2011 Sonata to. (They JUST bought that car... terrible timing)

I know this will be such an adventure for them! I'm excited and sad all at the same time. Sad they'll miss seeing my kids as often. I guess we'll have to Skype a lot! They will be there at least 2 years, maybe 3. Luckily, the company will fly them home once a year. They'll have a guest house for visitors, if anyone's interested. ;)

They're going to take a trip to look things over at the end of the month and will be down there to stay by the end of July!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Amigos!

Remember that one time I was pregnant the same time as two of my sisters-in-law?

Well, none of us are pregnant anymore! That's right! The three Webster boy cousins have all been delivered!

Ben- Jan. 7th
Eli- Feb. 21st
Oliver- Apr. 1st- No Foolin' ;)
They're all 6 weeks apart! Matching outfits were totally by chance. :)

The dads, mocking their boys.

Couldn't leave big sister out.
She was having fun with cousin Whitney who is adjusting quite well to her new baby "brudder," Oliver.

In other news, we tried the Bumbo the other day.
Yes it's purple, because he has a big sister who used it first. :)
Almost ready I guess. I kind of had to rescue him a little from this lean. :)