Friday, May 20, 2011


Photo Dump!
Congrats again Dan! We're so proud of you and CANNOT wait until August when you're DONE!
We ate at The Pie (an awesome pizza joint just west of the U campus) with some of Dan's family before the School of Social Work Graduation.

Katie was being a little pouty. :)

Dan's mom hurried over to get some awesome shots of Dan's graduating class (just Social Work).

Love this man!
Dan with some of his classmates before walking across the stage to receive their diplomas. Ben got to go across the stage too! :)
The best shot I could get of Dan and Ben walking...
Just after getting his diploma!

Some groups shots after. My sister and brother came up from Provo to cheer him on!

Thanking his dad for all his love and support!


Ben was thankfully asleep by this time.
Three years ago we took a very similar picture after Dan's under grad graduation and I was pregnant with McKenna. My, how time flies!
The next morning was the University convocation. That's Dan, waving. :)
LOTS of grads!
The main speaker was Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays With Morrie. I really enjoyed his speech. Towards the end, McKenna was getting quite bored and politely said, "I'm done listening." :)
Here's the University President declaring them all official graduates!

The hood!

My parents had just flown in from Chile the night before. So glad they could come celebrate too!

Monday, May 16, 2011

5th Anniversary and Pre-Graduation

Dan and I celebrated our big 5th wedding anniversary on May 3rd! While I would like to do a super romantic post about how much we adore each other and how much we've been through the past 5 years together, I'll spare you all the mushy love stuff. Plus, Dan's still extremely busy doing school, work, and internship that we barely had time to even go on a date!

We went to one of my favorite restaurants (Olive Garden), took Ben (because he would need to nurse while were gone), and even had a little excitement while we were there. Our waiter spilled my Italian cream soda on the table, the glass broke, and in the process of trying to save it, spilled the other two drinks he was carrying on his tray. It really was quite impressive nothing actually got on us. But the manager gave us free dessert anyway! :)
Dan also had these gorgeous flowers delivered to our house with a beautifully written card!
After the lily burst open!
I'm eternally grateful that I married my best friend, Dan! He's the man! This past year hasn't been easy- master's program, buying and selling houses, moving, and having a new baby! I'm SO glad we've had each other to get through the difficult times and rejoice at all the happiness life brings! I can't wait to spend the next 5 X a million more years together! LOVE YOU DAN!
Speaking of Dan's master's program, he walked at the U's Spring graduation! He still has classes through the beginning of August, so he felt like the weekend was kind of anti-climactic. But we celebrated his accomplishment none the less! I did a little pre-graduation ceremony "photo shoot" with McKenna. Enjoy! :)
Classy, right?
A little bored?
Watching cars go by

Not so sure about being up in a tree
That's better!
Go Utes!
(Says McKenna. You all know I say Go Cougars!) ;)
I'll post the rest of the graduation pictures next...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Outfits and Tulip Festival

Grandma Kelly, brought an Easter package when she came in town for Dan's graduation (more on that later). She filled it with candy, Easter crafts, and this darling dress she MADE! :) Thanks Gma!

This is the only picture (so far) of the Easter outfit she brought for Ben. I love little boys in sweater vests!
And these are the Easter outfits we bought for our kids. I know they don't match. There were just cute and Spring-y.

Aunt Lara was out playing with Kenna and cousin Katie before Easter Dinner with Dan's family. She had the camera and was trying to capture the "perfect" shot. I think she got it! :)
And no, Katie's not strangling McKenna, just cute hugs!
McKenna and I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point with Dan's mom and sister Brynn + kids. I only got cell phone pictures that day. Sorry. The gardens were breathtaking!
The fountain in the "Secret Garden" area.
With cousins Joe and Katie
And here are some random pictures, just because.

I think his sad face is pretty cute too.