Friday, June 29, 2012

Benny's Broken Bone

My poor, sweet, 17 month old Benny broke his arm!  It was a quite Monday morning.  We were playing in McKenna's room.  I was sitting on the bed doing some mending and Ben was playing beside me by her pillow.  He stood up and when he went to sit back down he sat down off the edge of the bed.  Since I had a needle in my hand, I sadly didn't even reach out for him.  :(  From what I saw, I thought he landed pretty flat on his back and maybe bumped his head on a book basket.  But he screamed and screamed and screamed!  I had a very difficult time getting him to calm down and he wouldn't really eat any lunch.  But because of how I thought he landed, a broken arm was not even on my radar.  I put him down for a nap, he slept off and on (waking a fussing a few times, which is NOT normal) for 3 hours.  When we sat down to dinner that evening, Ben held out his left arm to me while making his usual voice inflection.  I rubbed it a little and kissed it, thinking maybe he slept on it funny.  But he screamed once again.  That's when things started to click in my brain.  "Something's not right here."  I soon noticed he wasn't using his left arm to eat, pick up his sippy cup, or even to play.  It was kind of dangling by his side.  I called the pediatrician around 7:30pm.  The nurse suggested giving him motrin, putting ice on it and keeping an eye on it for swelling or bruising. She said that, if he's still not using it the next day to bring him in.  
The following morning he was using the left arm a little bit more, but still not a lot.  My visiting teachers came over.  I told them the story and they both suggested I take him in, because even if it wasn't a broken arm, I would know for sure.  I called the pediatric ER Doc we have in the neighborhood, told him the story, and asked him if he thought it would be worth it to take him in to get looked at.  He said yes, based on what I told him, had he seen this in the ER he would have sent him to get x-rays.  Shortly after those conversations, Ben tripped (like toddlers do) and he caught himself with both hands and screamed and screamed and screamed.  SO... we were finally in to see the Dr by 3pm that day.  He felt the good arm first, then the bad one and Ben fussed.  Off to x-rays we went.  I cannot say enough GOOD about the x-ray tech.  She was phenomenal with Ben!  She brought out a toy, spoke softly and sweetly to him, and he held her hand and sat in her lap no problem!  I think she might have been an angel. ;)  Maybe I was so pleased with how the x-ray went because the mommy guilt was starting to set in and I was so worried about him being cranky and fussy since this appointment took place during his nap time.  
We went back to the pediatrician's office and waited for the results.  Turns out his radius (thumb side) suffered a "buckle fracture."  The bone just kind of bent.  The doctor did NOT cast Ben's arm because  casts tend to slip off chubby baby arms that don't taper off at the wrist so he'd have to cast him above the elbow.  And, you have to remove casts with a really loud and scary (for a 17 month old...and maybe mommy) power tool!  So we left the office with a splint we can remove for baths and swimming.  We gave him motrin every night and as needed for about a week.  The poor little guy was having a tough time sleeping through the night without meds.  I always thought our kids would break bones at some point in their lives, but not this young!  
It's a good thing he's still so cute and happy...poor little boy!
Some of the bruising after a few days.  
After a week or so.  Big, dark, purple bruise! 
The band-aid is to keep the splint from irritating his elbow pit. 
Our follow-up is this Tuesday, July 3rd.  Wish us well! 

I have to share two more cute pictures of Ben.  This particular Sunday, Ben had woken up at 6:30ish instead of his usual 8am.  He fell asleep on the 2 minute drive home from church, stayed asleep from car to highchair, from highchair to crib and then napped for 4 hours--with no lunch in his belly!  
This picture just makes me laugh.  I usually shut the bathroom door and leave Ben outside while I do McKenna's hair and brush her teeth for the day.  I don't really want him playing with the plunger, toilet, etc.  Usually he sits in the hallways and cries and bangs on the door.  This particular day, I think he finally got used to the idea that he wasn't getting in the bathroom.  So he set up camp with toys and books and waited patiently till we came out.  :)  
We love our little broken Benny!

28th BD, Memorial Day, Old Roommates

I had a fabulous 28th birthday way back at the end of May!  First of all, when I scanned my card to get in at the gym that morning, the usual "Welcome" voice was replaced by a few bars of Beatles' "Birthday" song.  :) I received so many lovely and thoughtful FB birthday wishes, a few cards in the mail. phone calls, texts, and singing from my family members, some amazing smelling (Dark Kiss from Bath and Bodyworks) body wash, lotion and spray from my sister Mickelle, and a new necklace charm with Ben's name and birthstone from Dan.  Speaking of Dan, we were also able to go to dinner (Macaroni Grill) and attend the SLC temple the night of my birthday!  Thanks to our sister-in-law, Lara, for babysitting!  Then, a few days after my birthday, I was spoiled (an understatement really) once again by going out to dinner and then outfit shopping with Dan's parents!  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my in-laws?  Thanks, this time, to Dan's sister Sarah Jane for babysitting.  
Memorial Day weekend is always the weekend after my birthday.  The Webster fam was all headed up to the Mantua Manor for the weekend, so the usual Sunday family dinner was up there where my birthday was also celebrated.  Dan's sister made a delicious brownie/fruit dessert pizza for my birthday cake!  SO YUM!  I think I had three helpings.   

I love my darling little family!  Thanks everyone for making it a special celebration! 
Dan's sister Sarah Jane ALSO had my name for the Webster birthday gift exchange.  She made this adorable "measuring stick" for us to measure our kids on as they grow!  Darling, huh?  She's so talented!  Now I just need to find a good place to hang it.  

Here's a cute picture of me snuggling McKenna while the family went for a walk while at Mantua.  The Summer temps hadn't quite hit yet.  Brrrr.
Memorial Day evening, the Webster fam left Mantua and we all headed to a Bee's Baseball game.  So fun!  
Cute hugging cousins.  
Dan and I were both lucky enough recently to be able to see some of our past favorite roommates.  Dan's old roommate, Jon V., was in town to bless is first baby (boy).  AND, his old roommate Dave M. has just moved back to Utah!  Hooray! 
I'm lucky enough to have three of my past favorite roommates all have ties to UT so they always come back to visit.  One roommie, Britt, was passing through UT on her way to NM for her husband's Summer internship.  Hillary thankfully lives here (we need to hang out more), and Heather was in town for the Ragnar Relay Race.  We have all had babies now and all had GIRLS first!  My kids were thankfully home napping during our Sunday afternoon get-together, but aren't their children beautiful?  Thanks again for  keeping in touch ladies!    

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Kids (Pics From May)

Every mom has to have a picture like this of all their kids, right? 
This is how Benny eats his morning banana.  He doesn't take bites.  Once it's in his mouth, it stays and just gets smaller little by little.  Not unlike a wood chipper; just slightly less noisy.  
 I just thought this picture was too cute (watching Dumbo).
Signing "daddy" and "eat."  
 Anytime you ask Kenna to make a silly face, this is what you'll get.  
 This is Kenna dancing with her 7 year old cousin at wedding reception.  
 This was cousin Henry's baby blessing day.  Cousins Katie and Whitney and McKenna were his adoring fans (also with Gma).  
 This was taken by my cousin at his sister's wedding.  Thought it was kinda cool.  
 Ben and McKenna have been pretty cute together lately.  This was when we visited Daddy's work and they were busy reading "The Foster Roster" (a bi-monthly magazine that helps foster parents keep connected to resources in their area).
 Dancing at a wedding reception.  I love that you can see how much she's moving and Ben is probably just trying to get away.  :)
 It's double-double swinging with cousins Whitney and Oliver. 
 Just taking a little break to snuggle together.  
 Hooray for boxes! 
More snuggles
 Ben LOVES McKenna's dress-up high-heel princess shoes.  Who wouldn't? :)  
 Dan took the kids to the Zoo one day while I was at a class for some teacher relicensing points.  (This day happened to be our 6th wedding anniversary.)  
This is pretty much Ben's face whenever he sees any animal.  
 Love these cousins! 

 We had a fun family night at a Bee's baseball game.  Not pictured were our friends Dave and Monica who recently moved back to Utah--Hooray!  
The End.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Home Improvement- Texturing and Painting

The first weekend in April, Dan spent 9 hours total texturing the walls.  Doesn't he look like a pro?  Thanks a TON to our friend Dan C. for holding our hand through most of these projects (window trim, texturing, painting)!  He's a great teacher!  

A couple close-up shots.  

 Before we even textured, we painted all the baseboards, door frames, and new window trim throughout the entryway, main floor hallway, living room, dining room, and kitchen. WHEW!!
 My brother was a great helper. :)

The entryway trim took a  lllllloooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg  time! 
Proof that I helped.  (Editors note: it took quite a bit of convincing to muster up her courage to climb that ladder. I'm very proud of my acrophobic wife. You all should be too. Seriously though. She's awesome)
My siblings were also VERY helpful to entertain the kids in the basement during many hours of painting.  
After the trim, we painted the ceiling. Isn't Dan's "uniform" sexy? ;) So much plastic everywhere!

The finished ceiling. Ooooooh.  Aaaahhhh.
LAST came choosing a color.  After 6 samples (two of these splotches are the same), we finally made a decision.  

It's called "Grasslands" and we LOVE how it turned out!
He's having so much fun! (Painting in this lighting was the WORST!!!) We should have gotten the new light fixture BEFORE.  
The entryway was tricky sometimes. (This picture is a perfect example of how NOT to reach that one last spot. Definitely NOT endorsed by OSHA)  :)
Some of our other fabulous helpers (missing Jake Winegar).  Thanks everyone! 
When we finally pealed the tape off we were pretty disappointed how many touch-ups we had to do.  But our friend told us it was perfectly normal.  He gave us an awesome tip to use some tiny watercolor brushes and do the touch-ups freehanded.  Worked like a charm!   
Come on over. We'll give you a tour!