Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aladdin, Ballet, Mantua, and Other Stuff

Daddy took Kenna on a date to see Bountiful High's production of Disney Jr.'s Aladdin.  
 She was pretty stoked! 

 This is what she did when they kissed! ;)  
 She had her last day of Ballet

 This was Ben's usual routine during ballet class.  Snacks! 
 Teacher- Ms. Kristen
 Memorial Day at Mantua- Ranger ride with cousins Katie and Whitney.  
 Aunt Lara painting toes! 
 We hosted Dan's 11 year old scouts for a movie night.  Can anyone say, "Smelled like wet dog"??
 Cute sibling moments

 Picnic in the van with dad.
 Peacefully coloring on the floor at church
 Monkey see, monkey do.  
 Boys and their electronics-- with cousin Oliver.  
 A magic show with cousin Whitney.  

Mother's Day 2013 and Birthday #29

The month of May is full of many celebrations for me!  Anniversary, Mother's Day, and my Birthday.  
I am one lucky mom!  
These little darlings of mine were so good in church on Mother's Day.  It's like they "knew." ;)  
Excited and nervous like crazy to soon be a mother of THREE!  
McKenna drew a picture of her and Ben kissing my cheeks, just like the above photo.  She draws the cutest  little "chicken nugget" looking people. :)  The hand print is Ben's.  
Beautiful flowers from my honey! 
I also received a tub of Red Vines, some new socks, and the lovely yellow shirt I have on in the above family photos.  

For my birthday, I came home from a morning walk to a lovely decorated house!  Then I opened up some presents from Dan and the kids.  A new front door mat to replace this old one that doesn't really say "Welcome" anymore.  
 The old one
Then we went to Kneaders for their incredibly delicious french toast!  Ben was not amused.  
Throughout the day I received MANY texts, phone calls, cards, and Facebook messages.  I totally felt special and loved!
 Not the greatest picture, but here we are celebrating the May birthdays at the monthly Nelson Family Party. (Holding baby M. McD)
 I was also spoiled by Dan's family Memorial Day weekend.  Dan's parents took us out to eat at Olive Garden (my choice-- I really wanted an Italian soda that night), then shoe shopping at City Creek.  

Memorial Day was spent up at Mantua with most of the Webster clan. 
More celebrating-- Ben's always a good helper.  
 And I received a new squishy bath mat, spoon rest, one of the Six Sisters' books, and this gorgeous picture of the Salt Lake Temple called "Refuge."   
I am one spoiled girl, that's for sure!  
Thanks everyone!   xoxox

More Goings On

At the beginning of May we celebrated my sister, Mickelle's, birthday! My dad happened to be in town for work and we had a lovely dinner at CPK and then went to see Iron Man 3.  
Good times!

Some cute pictures taken on Easter Sunday by Aunt Lara.   

Ben was clearly eating something.  A bribe from said aunt, perhaps?  ;) 

Dan's work held a "Walk" to raise awareness for National Foster Care month.  He was asked around 1pm if he would be interviewed by one of the local news stations for the live 4pm news!  He felt a little ill prepared (didn't even shave that day), but he did awesome!  So professional!

Cute snuggles after daddy comes home from work.  
McKenna's learning how to cross her eyes. :) 
The last month of preschool was filled with many fun field trips!

The Zoo. 

Giant polar bear made from Legos!

A local grocery store.  
The Bakery

Who doesn't like a frosting flower covered finger? :)  
The meat department
The local fire station
Driving the truck

They had a legit emergency they had to speed off to at the very end.  All the kids were cheering and covering their ears when the sirens turned on.  
The Sweets Candy Factory.
Warning: Do NOT take your two year old with you unless you're SURE they'll have no problem with the hairnets.  
We also had a fun preschool "graduation" where the kids played, ate root beer floats, chips, and popcorn, and watched a fun slideshow (prepared by Brynn) with pictures from the school year.