Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aug- Week 1- WX 15 yr Reunion, Lagoon Day

after our usual morning chores, Dan took McKenna and Ben swimming at our neighbor's.  That evening Dan's high school graduating class had a small gathering at a park/splashpad for their 15th year reunion.  We were glad to see the Blasers there.  
After we got home and put the kids to bed, Dan and I enjoyed some outside time.  

Sunday we went to cousin Amelia's baby blessing.  There was a yummy lunch afterwards at Dan's parent's house.  
And because I was actually dressed with my hair and make-up done, I had to take a couple selfies.  ;)

Bethany got to snuggle two great men! 
Talking on the phone to daddy.  
Sunday evening we went back up to Gma and Gpa Webster's house to play games and hang out.  Unfortunately we didn't monitor Anna very well.  She ate so many treats and snacks that she threw up 3 times in the middle of the night.  Thankfully, Monday morning she felt better and seemed just fine.  We had a pretty low-key day on Monday and in the evening we took a LONG walk around the neighborhood to deliver more thank you notes.  Gma Kelly also came over in the evening to start a rock crystal experiment with the kids.  

Tuesday the kids went to their Summer movie.  In the evening I got to go to a ward Relief Society dinner and activity.  It was fun/nice to be back socializing with my neighborhood friends.  My mom also came over in the evening to make a craft with the kids.  They made fish out of water bottles they painted and decorated.  

Wednesday my mom was able to come babysit while I took McKenna back-to-school uniform shopping.  McKenna also put together this "puppet show." 
She told me the paint cans were the stage lights.  She made the scenery as well that we rolled up and unrolled at the appropriate time.  :) 
Ben was having a particularly hard time this day and it was easy to see why.  During afternoon movie/quiet time, he totally crashed and fell asleep on the couch.  He was one tired boy! 
My friend Sarah Moulton brought dinner over that night.  Dan took the three older kids on a short walk then we ate treats outside and a few neighbors stopped by.

Thursday the three older kids had a LONG play date with the Moulton kids.  They loved it! 
I loved my time with this "cutest sister ever."
After lunch, Dan came home and took the older two kids to Lagoon!  I got to stay home with these two angels.  

Here are some highlights from Lagoon! The kids had a blast and stayed till closing time! 

Friday was kind of a rough day since the older two had stayed up so late and didn't really "sleep in."  I took a few pictures of them having a picnic and getting along alright.  

In the evening, my mom came over and we had a pizza and movie night in the basement.  

Saturday I went to a training for a free online preschool Ben's going to participate in, called Upstart.  We did our chores (yardwork/groceryshopping), then Dan took McKenna and Ben swimming at the Winegar's pool.  In the evening we had dinner at a park then went to Hokulia in Bountiful where Swa's family and my parents met us.  My dad ended up flying back to Utah because he was having some severe joint pain which caused major swelling, redness, and even a little heat to his joints.  Poor dad.  He came back for tests and evaluations.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bethany's Newborn Photoshoot

Aunt Lara does such a nice job! And we're thankful Grandma has such a beautiful bed! ;)