Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feb- Week 4- Exersaucer, Anna No Binkie, Ben 5 Year Check

When Bethany was tiny, she loved to fall asleep with a blanket covering her face.  Similar to that, on Monday I took this picture of her.  She often buries her face in my armpit when I'm rocking her to sleep.  Silly girl.  
Monday evening we watched Anna's friend Gigi.  
Tuesday we pulled out the exersaucer and Bethany loved it!  

She sounds like a little squeak toy when she laughs sometimes.

Wednesday I went visiting teaching and McKenna had a playdate with Camille.  

Thursday Dan was home sick with a yucky cough.  Ben and Anna had friends over for a playdate.  That night I gave Dan a haircut.  

Friday we went to watch cousin Oliver participate in his preschool "olympics."  Then we had a potluck lunch with aunts Swa and Brynn and available kids.  That evening we attended our ward's Cub Scout spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  The cubs provided the entertainment and it was brilliant!  

That night we decided to take Anna's binkies away.  In the past we waited until McKenna and Ben were 3 years old.  Anna's not 3 until the end of June.  However, the green round soothie binkies we received in the hospital have given her some cute buck teeth.  So we decided not to wait anymore.  The good news is, since she has given up naps, she's so tired at night that she goes right to sleep!  She hardly cried at all!  Lucky us...and her! And we have already noticed her teeth moving back into place.  

Saturday we did some yard work and Dan took McKenna and Ben to a Utah basketball game with Uncle Sam.  
I ran some errands with the baby girls in the afternoon.  Anna found this back-up binkie in the diaper bag and used it for a little soothing before falling asleep.  Silly binkie stealer.  
 Sunday Anna just couldn't keep her eyes open anymore around 5pm.  Poor girl was also coming down with ANOTHER little cold and Dan was happy to give her snuggles.  
 Sunday night, this is how we watched the Oscars (Notice Dan's earphones?  He watched something else on the iPad). ;) 
Monday, Leap Day, I took Ben for his 5 year old well check.  
Ben's 5 Year Stats
Height: 42.5in (2.5in increase in 1 year) 30th percentile
Weight: 39lbs (3lb increase in 1 year) 30th percentile

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Feb-Week 3- Pres. Day, Thompson Grandparents, Emma Lee's Homecoming

Monday, President's Day!  We went bowling with Brynn and kids in the morning and Dan worked from home the rest of the day.  The weather was also nice enough he took the kids for a walk in the afternoon.  
Monday night we went to Uncle David's work for a pizza and movie (Inside Out) night.  
Bethany also turned 7 months! (Milestones posted at 9 months)

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics to make up for the gym being closed for the President's Day holiday.  
That night, my parents flew into town to spend a few days as they were passing through on their way to Chico, CA.  They lived there prior to Chile and were stopping by to pick up their stuff to move it to their new home in Florida! 

Wednesday night we had a decent wind storm come through and one of our neighbors' got their Jeep shell roof smashed by a tree that fell over.  

Thursday we watched cousin Hailey for a short time and then we had 2 inches of snow fall in the afternoon.  My parents were still in  town so they came and hung out for a bit in the afternoon. Because it was snowing so much during my preschool carpool driving, and then I parked in the garage, I had to sweep out a lake of water that had puddled under the van.  

Ban asked for a picture of his Lego set up.  Handsome dude! 
Friday evening we had pizza and donuts at my Aunt Joan's house.  It was a small, unofficial Thompson family gathering since my parents wanted to see as many of my dad's siblings and his mom while they were in town.  Dan caught this sweet picture of my Grandma Jeanne with Bethany.  
Saturday I attended a Stake service project for Days for Girls.  I came home, ate lunch, then went to Primary Children's Hospital to visit my friend Kasha and her little girl Zoey. This sweet girl had been hospitalized for pneumonia.  The kids made cards for her and we took her a little puzzle.  Listening to Zoey cough seriously made me feel like I couldn't breathe.  In the evening we visited my Condie grandparents and had taco party for dinner.  We also said goodbye to parents that night.  
Sunday the kids and I, along with my sister, attended the mission homecoming for our cousin, Emma Lee.   
 I also wanted to document Anna's "carrying bags" stage.  She fills any bag she can find with all the stuff she can find and then carries them around the house for much of the day.  She never says she's going anywhere in particular, but we for sure have "lost" a lot of stuff lately.  ;) 
 Sunday evening we had Webster family dinner for celebrate February BDs.  Swa showed us how strong she is by holding THREE babies at once!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feb- Week 2- Stuff, and Valentine's Day

Monday, Anna tucked in a piece of toast in her napkins to go to sleep.  
Then Ben wanted me to take a picture of him too.
Also, Bethany is eating big girl food three times a day and loves it.  
Monday evening was the Nelson Family BD party for February BDs hosted by Dan's parents.  Here's just a few of the Webster clan in attendance.  
Tuesday I ran errands with only Bethany since B and A were playing at the Alexander's.  That afternoon I got to go to Ben's preschool for a "Be There" activity.  We played number  recognition Bingo and made a heart and paper plate wreath.  
That night, Dan and Bryan Koldewyn worked on fixing our toilet that had been running and filling unexpectedly for quite a while.  Turns out, thankfully, it was a super easy fix!  

Wednesday night Dan took Ben to the Utah basketball game with the Josh and Maxwell Holdstock.  
Thursday we babysat cousins Henry and Clara in the morning.  

Friday I got to attend McKenna's class Valentine's BD party then take her to a private music lesson where she started composing a piano piece by herself.  
That night after the kids were in bed, our niece Emma came to babysit while we went on our Valentine's Day date.  We went to a comedy improve show called...
A guy in our ward was one of the cast members and I think the funniest guy there!  
Saturday McKenna attended her first "open gym" practice at gymnastics and really enjoyed it!  
Later that afternoon Bethany and I went to a bridal shower for one of Dan's cousins, Bryndy.  

I also went grocery shopping and Dan replaced our kitchen sink faucet.  
Sunday was Valentine's Day!  The girls let me do cute heart hair-dos.  
Lara and I accidentally wore the same shirt and helped further the confusion among our ward members of who is who. ;) 
My valentine gifts for my family were the meals I made for them.  Lots of heart-shaped things! :) 
Our fancy dinner. :)  McKenna is making a heart with her hands.  Notice Anna and Ben.  Monkey see, monkey do.  

Feb- Week 1- Seussical, Play Dates, 3 Girls Comparison, Super Bowl

Monday was a normal day at home.  Ben built this fun box seat.  
Bethany practicing sitting. 
Monday night and into Tuesday, Ben had a fever and runny nose and he stayed home from preschool on Tuesday.  Poor tired kids while we waited to pick up McKenna from school.  
Tuesday night I took McKenna to Seussical at her elementary school.  The cast was 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  I was SUPER impressed!  The scenery, acting, singing, and costumes were VERY well done for kids.
Thursday we had Henry and Desi Alexander over to play.  
I just love Anna's dress-up style.  

I posted this picture of all three of our girls around 6 months old wearing one of my favorite outfits,  They all look so different to me.  
Friday we babysat cousins Eli and Lola.  We had mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner then watched the Tinker Bell movie.  McKenna had a hot dog that looked like a thumb.  
Dan was gone overnight Friday at Mantua with the Teacher's Quorum.  Saturday morning, I sent him this picture of Anna with her friends.  
Friday, McKenna celebrated her 100th day of school.  They sent home this awesome picture using a app to make her look 100 years old.  So I tried the app on all the other kids too.  
Saturday morning the kids played pretty nice and built a fort.  My sister Mickelle came to hang out and babysit.  I went to a baby shower.  Then in the evening Dan and I attended our adult session of Stake Conference.  We had Nielsen's frozen custard with Dan's parent's, Sam and Lara, and Brynn and Brian afterwards.   

Sunday, I sang in the stake choir during Stake Conference.  I loved hearing messages about having more faith WITH works.  
In the evening we headed up to Dan's parents' for a Super Bowl pot luck dinner.  Dan made this amazing fruit platter all by hisself.  ;)