Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just because

So this post actually came to be on Feb 1st, but I started it on the 25th. Anywho, here I am, still alive and well after two weeks of not blogging. Oops.
Sometimes McKenna makes faces like her daddy :)
Before bath time
I love this sweet smelling, warm and wet, bundle of joy!
Here's my lastest craft project. It says her name in case you couldn't tell. :) The colors match her mobile that also has ladybugs on it.
Here's a great video of Daddy making "baby Kenna" (nicknamed by her cousin Joseph) laugh. She thinks his fake sneezes are hilarious. Sorry the lighting isn't so good. What really makes this, though, is her crazy hair from the hood she was wearing. So cute!

And here's a little video of her "tracking" skills. She's fascinated by cell phones. I just hope she doesn't want one by the time she's three.

Monday, January 19, 2009

3 Months old

Our little girl is growing up SO fast! We are truly trying capture and enjoy EVERY moment! Here's some new things in McKenna's life.
  • She's very social now and smiles at almost everyone. With someone new, she'll usually give them the cocked eyebrow stare for a moment while she studies their face, and then she'll charm them with her gummy smile!
  • She's eating from a bottle once a day (while at the babysitters) like a CHAMP!

  • She can LAUGH! We've gotten a few good chuckles out of her as we discover her ticklish spots (ribs and under arms for sure!). Pay no attention to Dan at the end of the video. He's laughing at a funny noise mommy made... :)
  • She's officially sleeping upstairs in her own crib! I think the transition was harder on ME than for her. I kinda miss having her next to me in her bassinet.


  • Along with sleeping upstairs, Dan and I are making more of an effort to get her room "finished". We finally purchased a dresser for her clothes and I'm currently working on a craft to hang on her wall. More pictures to follow.

The set up while putting the dresser together
Dan working very hard!
McKenna intently watching and eating her hands.

  • McKenna's neck muscles are strong enough she seems to be ready for the Bumbo seat! She's still not very interested in toys, as you can see.

We love this girl SO much and are very excited for what next month will bring!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another new trick

At two and half months, McKenna has recently started cooing like crazy! Her favorite thing to coo at you might ask? The ceiling!! Here's a cute video with some proof. We love having her sweet, happy spirit in our home. She's getting to be so fun as we see her personality emerging.

Some other big news in our family is that I have officially gone back to work teaching first grade (part-time in the afternoons). I'm six months away from getting my level two teaching license. Once I receive this, I'll only have to renew it every 5 years. This is pretty easy to do by substituting and taking classes every now and then from the district. This way, years from now, I should be able to return to teaching more easily.

For the past week and a half we've been getting used to the routine of playing in the morning and taking her to the babysitters (grandma/neighbor/aunt) in the afternoon. Of course I miss her terriblly while I'm gone and feel guilty for not being with her evey second of the day. But we'll get through the next six months alright. :)

Dan is SO supportive and comes to school with me (and plays with McKenna) in the evenings and on Saturdays while I plan and grade papers. Sometimes, he gets lucky enough to capture these moments while in my classroom!

Love them!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Picture update needed!

After Dan and I put our Christmas decorations away, guess who fell asleep to the sound of the vacuum??Also, here's a progress report on McKenna's bald spot... It starts.
And last not but not least- I did a little photo shoot of McKenna and her tummy time. Enjoy!

This one and the next are a little blurry because she's moving.

Oh, and I got another one of MY baby pictures to compare with McKenna's. Check out the resemblance in these two shots.



I need to do this sometime with Dan's baby pictures. Stay tuned...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jazz Game

We took McKenna to her first Jazz game the Monday after Christmas. As you will see from the following set of pictures, she was thoroughly entertained.

We arrive

First quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter (she actually slept for about half an hour)

Fourth Quarter

Overall, I think she had a great time- and- we WON!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blessing Day!

The Sunday after Christmas, Dan was able to use his priesthood and give our little girl a name and blessing. He did a beautiful job! He brought such a sweet spirit into the meeting. She was so well behaved, sleeping through the whole thing. It was a wonderful day filled with MANY family and friends. We added about 108 people to our Sacrament meeting-- all for our tiny little girl! She's SOOOO loved and we appreciate it. Here are the highlights.

Webster Grandparents

Thompson Grandparents (Dad was all ready to cheer on the U in their bowl game-This time I will say GO UTES! I guess they deserve it.)

Thompson Great-Grandparents

Condie Great-Grandparents
Great-Grandfather Nelson
Four Generations
Great-Grandma Jeanne, Grandma Kelly, Me, McKenna (and Dan)
A close up of the queen for the day. My mom MADE her dress and bracelet! THANK YOU! She will cherish it for years to come!
The booties were made by one of my co-workers
Most of the priesthood circle. We're missing Dan's dad and Grandfather.
Our Family