Wednesday, August 26, 2009

County Fair-Petting Zoo

We took McKenna to the Davis County Fair a little bit ago.  It was FREE except for parking- YEA!  The best part was definitely the petting zoo.  Since McKenna is still quite young and doesn't know a lot about animals, we basically put her as close to the animals as possible to see her reaction.  How did she fare, you ask??  
(Pay close attention to her body language.) 
Bunnies: Scared
(The "I'm being forced to do this look")

Chickens: Scared

Goats: Scared

She wants to touch them so bad, but you guessed it, she's scared.  
The first goat nibbles her toes a bit.  

This guy: More scared

Big Cow: Still scared
Dairy Cows: Yup, scared
Sheep: Scared
Tarantula: BOTH 'Kenna and Mommy were SCARED on this one!!  Yuck!
Basically, when we put her closer to the animals, she pulled back twice as far!  Good times!

Well, hello big fella'
She doesn't quite understand you're only supposed to put your HEAD through...
Maybe we'll have better luck next year!  

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Final Helmet Update

We had our final "McPod" check-up on the 11th.  
One last do-rag shot before the laser scan.

Not a huge fan of the scan this time.  The toy kind of helped.  Luckily the machine is fast!
Such concern...
And the results are in!  Her head is "NORMAL"!!  Her symmetry numbers look great! The red outline is her original shape, and the blue is her current shape.
Boy, we are SO thankful for modern medicine and technology that helped give our little girl a normal head!  Yea for no more people staring everywhere we go!!  :)  

Her cute cousins also can't get enough of her "new" noggin'.  

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!

Glad as I can be.
Clap my hands and shout for joy 
and climb upon his knee...

 About 10 minutes before Dan comes home, we like to sit on the front porch and wait for him.  She watches like a hawk as he pulls in the driveway. 
There he is!
She watches his every move!

She knows it's time to PLAY!

Wrap my arms around his neck,
Hug him tight like this.
Pat is cheeks and give him what?
A great big kiss!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Park City is Fun!

We've spent the past two Saturdays in wonderful Park City where we went to shop and play!

We played on the Bungee Trampoline

Dan's turn

My turn

Check out that beautiful backdrop!

We also did the Alpine Coaster and Zip line! Sorry, no photos. Thanks Mom and Dad Webster for the fun times AND for babysitting McBaby!!

Next, we did a little "skiing".

And bobsledding of course.

We also happened to be there the same time as a fleet of these:

That's right. Around 40 Lamborghinis!

Zooming their way up to Olympic Park!

While we were at Olympic Park, we got a peek at a few guys practicing for a Free Style Jump show!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


She can do it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

9 Months (on the 19th)

Height: 27.2 in, 50th % (1.5 in increase
from 6 month check)
Weight: 17.8 lb, 30th % (3.6 lb increase)
Head Circ.: 18.3 in, 95th % (1.4 in increase)
*Note: My sister Emily had a baby boy in March who is pretty much the same size as McKenna. BIG boy! :)

*Also Note: McKenna's head went from the 60th % to the 95th % in three months. A pretty significant spike. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with her helmet treatment, since her head's not flat anymore. :)
Since I'm a little slow blogging this, here's what she can do now that she's 9.5 months old
(in no particular order).
  • Can now roll in any direction but still not too interested in being mobile. No hint of crawling or scooting. I'm still in no hurry though. She's pretty content to sit up and play with a bucket of toys for a long while.
  • Moves all over her crib at night!
  • As soon as I quit working (July 2nd) she FINALLY decided to start sleeping through the night. Hallelujah! I'm talkin' 10-12 hours!
  • Only nursing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed time! :)
  • She has to eat when we eat or she gets real mad.
  • She uses the back of her hand to push food further into her mouth.
  • Just barely cut her top left tooth and the other will soon follow.
  • She loves to "eat" her blanket for comfort.
  • Flaps her arms like a birdie when she's excited.
  • Smiles a lot with her tongue sticking out.
  • Still touches everything with her pointer fingers.
  • Went camping for the first time.
  • Experienced fireworks for the first time (x2).
  • Has started being awake for all three hours of church... She won't fall asleep in our arms anymore. Not so sure this is a good thing, but we knew it would happen eventually.
  • Her eyelashes tickle my arm while she's nursing.
  • She scrunches up her nose and breathes heavy, on command (see video and pictures below).
  • Has learned to put her binki in her mouth by herself (in the middle of the night even). This is pretty good considering we don't use a binki very often.
  • She had her first 12 year old babysitter (just for 2 hours during the day).
  • She's learning to use a sippy cup.
  • She has a tan line in her skin creases.
  • She had her first trip to IKEA. :)
  • I started baby sign language with her. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get her to sign "more" on her own. But she's doing it! She even signs "more" in between sides while nursing. (I'll post a video later.)
The nose scrunch

Sippy cup action and McKenna's new favorite store
The tan line :)

In case you can't tell, we love to brag about our little one and document EVERYthing! I'm just trying to savor and celebrate every second of her growing up. It passes too quickly. We love our McKenna!