Sunday, May 30, 2010

Camping in Fairview

We went camping a few weeks ago down on Fairview. My Aunt Alyson was nice enough to invite us down to play at their house and sleep in their backyard. McKenna had her first experience with S'mores! Thanks Aunt Mickelle for sharing yours.

This is what she did when we told her to "lick her lips."

It was quite a COLD night! No pack 'n play crib for Kenna either. So she slept between us inside two open sleeping bags zipped together. I didn't mind the cold as much as I minded being squished together (with my two favorite people, of course). Don't ya love our sleepy eyes?

Did I mention my Aunt Alyson has 7 kids? They were fabulous for entertaining and playing with our little monkey. Thanks guys!

Thank you Lee family! Hope we see you again soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hogle Zoo!

I took McKenna with Dan's mom, sisters, and their kids to the zoo for the first time a few weeks ago. She did fairly well with these animals, especially since they were all pretty far away.

It was nice of the ape to join some of us for the picture :)

Kenna was quick to point out most of the animals were eating.

Grandma helped fund a carousel and train ride. Thanks Grandma, McKenna LOVED them!

Apparently I did too :)

Brynn with Kate
Swa with Whitney

Grandma with baby Truman

This was the reaction when we got OFF the ride

The Train

What a fun day! Nice weather and great company!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


At the beginning of the month, McKenna got her first birthday party invitation by mail. I think I was more excited than she was. Here are her party pig tails!
The party was for a friend turning 1!
McKenna wishing Camille and happy BD!
We also celebrated my older sister, Mickelle's BD!
I was in charge of the cakes. Fun Fettie and Chocolate!

Some guests

The blowing out!

Just because these guys are family, I had to take a picture.
My bro Jonathan, cousins Tim and Jeff, and my handsome husband.
The girls cousins!
Me, Kelle, Lucy, Marianne, and Stef.
May birthdays are the BEST! ( I'll be posting about mine later. :) )

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Midway Webster Girl's Weekend

All of the Webster girls got together the last weekend in April for some girl bonding! We went to the Nelson family cabin in Midway!

We split up being in charge of the three meals we'd eat together. I was on the Friday night dinner crew along with Ailin and Lara. :) Ailin made wonderful empinadas, I contributed some Spanish rice, and Lara brought a delicious salad!

After we ate, we began our various "projects" while watching each other's wedding videos. Ailin and Lara embelished shirts, I did some much needed hand sewing/mending, Laurie organized recipes, and Sarah Jane and Brynn cheered us on (they brought projects for the next day).

These two handsome devils tagged along for the weekend, mostly because they're attached at their mother's bosom. :)
Brynn and Laurie were in charge of Saturday breakfast. Apple German pancakes, fresh strawberries, sausage, and juice. Yum! We went for a walk and then got started on some more crafts!
Here are the completed embelished shirts. So cute!
Those of us with children got to work on making "I Spy" bags!

The trinkets to go inside the bags.
My finished product is the circle (the square was our sample to follow- thank Kellie R.) I kind of wish I had made my window smaller. Oh well.
Dan's mom also brought supplies to make hair bows for the little girls. I made these a few days later. So fun!

Thanks Webster girls for an AWESOME overnighter. Can't wait to do it again- soon!

Tea Party!

My Thompson cousins get together once a month for a Book Club. It's a great excuse to see one another more often! Once a year, one of these book clubs is also a Tea Party! Yes, the book usually has something to do with tea. This year, the book was Alice In Wonderland.

My cousins go ALL out with the decorations: on the far wall it says, "You're late for a very important date," there were beautiful fresh cut tree blossoms of every kind, not to mention the pretty tea cups and saucers, lace curtains and table cloths, and of course scrumptious treats!!

They also made everyone these delightful little hats! We all dress-up for the occasion too! Here are pictures of all the family "groups".
Me and my sister, Mickelle
The Aunts: Shauna, Alyson, and Joan (holding a cousin's baby, Eden)
Tabitha, Sariah, Rebekkah, and Abigail
Liz, Marianne, Peggy, Lucy and Aunt Mary
These girls were the hostesses with the mostest! :)
Tim, Stef, Melissa, and Shauna (again)
Thanks for a fun party!