Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Webster Girl's Weekend- Part 2

(Part 1 was back in April when we made the "I Spy" bags, remember? And we have one more planned in Sept!)

We all arrived at the Nelson Family Midway cabin at 6:30ish (minus Sarah Jane- we missed you!). We had a yummy chicken curry dinner and then started our various projects and "fun things!" We also had an awesome thunder storm that night! We invited my sister to come this time too. She's an honorary Webster anyway. She brought some of her nail polish collection and painted a few sets of toes!
I mostly worked on a little sewing project: adding some trim to a dress that was a little too short. It took longer than I wanted/expected. But it turned out great! Sorry, no project complete pictures...
Most of us worked on making hair bows either for ourselves or our daughters.
Check out the spread of clips, ribbons, buttons, and flowers! All thanks to Sibber!
I decided to wear every single one I made the first night. Yeah, it was getting late.

Some of us also learned how to french braid! I was too busy sewing... maybe next time.
Ailin was on a roll!

The next morning, we had a delicious belgian waffle and fruit breakfast and then took a little surrey ride!
Some of the Webster boys were nice enough to come up and mow the lawn so we wouldn't have to. :) Ailin wanted to help afterall.
We continued to make hair bows all morning on the front porch. The weather was PERFECT! We had a delicious lunch of salad, rolls, and more fruit! Thanks girls for the bonding time! Can't wait for the Sept. one!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lara's Photo Shoot

Our newest sister-in-law, Lara, is an aspiring photographer and needed some subjects to practice on. Dan's sister Sarah Jane and I quickly volunteered our girls! We couldn't be more pleased with the results! THANK YOU LARA! You did an awesome, awesome job!
If you want her contact info, please let me know!

The suckers at the end were a hit!

The pictures together with cousin Whitney (2 months younger).

I love McKenna's sandle tan line.

Still enjoying her sucker on the way home!

4th of July 2010

To celebrate this year, we attended the annual Nelson family party at the cabin in Midway! We came a little late so we missed the parade, but McKenna got in on some of the games with Aunt Lara!
She was also very excited to swing...
... and "bouncing!"
Kisses for GF
A little photo opp...
That's better!
We had a delicious dinner with everyone and celebrated the July BD babies too. On our way home, we stopped to show Kenna the cows. Even though they were behind a fence, she was of course terrified and kept saying, "Buh-bye!"
Next, we went to my Aunt's house in the Holladay area for some steet fireworks and then watched the Sugarhouse Park firework show. I'm happy to report McKenna wasn't scared AT ALL! In fact, when we tried to cover her ears for the loud ones, she wouldn't let us.
Kenna's always so excited to see my sister Mickelle, who she lovingly calls, "Picko." Here she is giving "bones."
Most often, when we get around my Thompson cousins, McKenna has a little posse of kids following her around and, "taking care of" her. It's so cute to watch!

I don't think she minds the attention at all!
Here they are playing, "Ashes." You know, Ring Around the Rosies.
With my sister and brother (who died his hair dark brown) watching the Sugarhouse fireworks.
Sunday the 4th- Normal day at church. Then, a get together with Dan's parent's friends, and more street fireworks. They also had a trampoline McKenna spent most of the evening on.
Monday the 5th- Dan had work off. He went biking in the morning. My sister babysat and Dan and I went on a lunch and a movie DATE! We don't go see movies in the theater very often...more like never! We saw Toy Story 3 and loved it!
*It was a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We're always so grateful to be reminded of this wonderful promised land we live in with so many freedoms!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dan's BD!

Sorry, I don't know why these pictures loaded vertically instead of horizontally.
You still get the idea.
Dan had a pretty "normal" day for his birthday. He went to work and had a church meeting in the evening (to call new counselors for his EQ presidency). BUT, here are some of the highlights and gifts we want to remember:
  • NEW Golf clubs!
  • Under Armor workout clothes
  • FREE shake from Iceberg
  • Cute phone call and song from nieces Kari and Kaitlyn
  • White Sunday shirts
  • Church socks
  • An old James Bond movie
  • Some Reeses cups
  • Going out to dinner with his parents to Cowboy Grub
  • Other phone calls from family and friends

I hope he felt loved and celebrated!
(I'm definitely realizing the older you get, the more your special day is a lot like every other day. And I'm totally ok with that. :))
We love you SO much Dan! Happy 28th BD! Thank you for working so hard to support our growing family! You're amazing at balancing/juggling your many responsibilities!

*NOTE*:A few days later Dan interviewed for and got a promotion at work! He is now over the Foster Care recruiters for the Salt Lake Area! He has his own office with a WINDOW. :) So proud!!