Monday, August 30, 2010


I have to brag a little. Remember those "practice" (aka- AWESOME) pictures my s-i-l, Lara, took at the beginning of July? Well, she entered one of them into a photography contest at a local grocery store... and she WON! Grand Prize and $100 grocery gift card! Her winning photograph is now poster size and hanging in the entry of Dick's Market in Bountiful!!

We went for the unveiling ceremony. Kenna loves the car cart!

Waiting for the big moment!
It's titled "Little Lady Liberty" and has Lara's name on it!
Congrats Lara!!

And I just had to include these pictures of McKenna learning to smile for the camera. They're blurry because she can't hold still. :) I love her little crooked teeth. Probably time to get rid of the binkie soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dan's Phone Pictures

Dan just got a new cell phone, meaning it was time to transfer his old phone's pictures. I couldn't help but share this cute little face!

March- in our church nursery (almost 18 months)
March- Sam and Lara's wedding
April- A pair of pants my mom made for Kenna, she'll grow into them. :)
April- Starting to warm up outside
April-Easter dress
May- Camping in Fairview
May- Race for the Cure
May- Stake Conference at the Conference Center
May- Temple Square
May- Las Vegas
June- Swimming babe
June- Helping grocery shop
June- We were trying to show the funny face she made when she bit into a creamy.
So cold!
August- Pudding!
I can't remember when these next three were taken
Watching TV with her baby
Waiting for daddy to come home!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Dan's parents recently bought a 2nd home in Mantua, UT! It's such a lovely get-away kind of a city! Very small town, friendly, and beautiful! It's just past Brigham City as you head up Logan Canyon. We've already spent two weekends up there, soaking up the sun (there's a POOL!) and enjoying some family time! It has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and two living rooms. *Disclaimer- some of these pictures were taken from Dan's mom's blog. Thanks!

See what I mean by beautiful? This is a view from the back yard looking at Mantua Lake.
Here are some of the usual things we do up there. After the kids go to bed, we play games and eat lots of candy! Why not? Don't know where the men are in this picture...
Oh there they are! Charming!
Fun cousins playing together!
McKenna even went on the slide with daddy-- more than once!
Typical uncles puting on a show.

We're SO excited to make many happy memories together in Mantua!

Monday, August 16, 2010

July Wrap Up

So, I have to confess I skipped some stuff in order to share our big news about our NEW HOME, and our HEALTHY baby BOY. I need to back up a little and finish July. :)

I went and saw ECLIPSE with these lovely ladies! My sister Mickelle (right) and her best friend Becca (middle). I LOVED it! The best one yet!

McKenna is ever the busy body "organizing" our shoes.

We eat snacks outside sometimes...
I love this girl!

Pioneer Day- McKenna and I went to the Bountiful City Parade-just the two of us. Dan was helping out at the drinks booth for Handcart Days. You can tell by our pink cheeks it was quite HOT, but we had fun!

Don't let the confused/concerned look fool you...
She was really getting into it! :)
Cheering and clapping!
Then we watched the Mueller Park Fireworks show!

At the end of July, Dan's sister Sarah Jane was working on packing up their house and left on a cruise, so we were lucky enough to host/babysit Whitney a few times! These girls sing each other's praises when they're apart, but still need some serious referee-ing when they're together. :) We try to capture the tame moments.

When Baby Einstein was on and they had their babies and sippy cups, they were happy campers! :)