Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lion King!

Have I mentioned I love living by a "big city"? We have such awesome shows stop in Salt Lake City on their tours. How lucky are we?

We were fortunate enough to go see LION KING a week ago with all the grown-ups in Dan's family (minus Jake Winegar and plus Emma and Reed who were grandkids old enough to "handle" sitting through it). It was A-MA-ZING! The scenery, costumes, dancing, singing... everything! A HUGE THANK YOU to Dan's parents for providing this experience for us! (Thanks to my sister for babysitting too. :))

I also have to give credit to DAN for suggesting the idea to his dad. They bought the tickets way back in February and he kept it a secret for 6+ months. What a wonderful surprise!

Rough Start

Today was one of "those days." I'm not looking for sympathy, or even a, "Yeah, just wait. It gets worse." I just wanted to document a little about today so I can look back and laugh at it. Because yes, I'm sure things WILL get worse. I think pregnancy might have exaggerated things in my mind too. :)

8:45- Get McKenna out of bed. She had already been awake for a while but was pleasantly chatting and singing away to herself.
9:00- Start breakfast.
By 10:00 McKenna had done the following things--ON PURPOSE (and most with a SMILE on her face)!!!
  • Dumped out cereal bowl
  • Slammed cupboards X10
  • Colored on the wall (pencil luckily)
  • Grabbed and threw mommies glasses (when I'm trying to discipline her)
  • Stomped on a few DVD cases
...All while I'm trying to clean up breakfast and get ready to go for our morning walk. During that time, she usually just plays nicely by herself and doesn't cause any trouble. In her defense, she's recovering from a cold and maybe wanted more attention than normal, but really? Again, some of you might think, "That's nothin'!" But really, this is one of the first times I've had to deal with her being this naughty, this early in the day, intentionally!

Later, I tried to think of the good things she's done today too. :)
  • Happy at the park
  • Ate a good lunch
  • Took a nice nap
  • After playing with mommy's shoes, she put them away and I asker her to
  • Ate a good dinner
  • Sang her ABCs unprompted (only missing about 6 letters)
  • Answered a question with, "Um, sure!" (using the word "sure" for the first time) :)
That is all. I hope tomorrow morning goes better.
(Saying "cheese!")

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Famous-Part 2

I failed to mention a month ago that I also have a famous husband! Dan was on the RADIO! It was the "Ask A ____" portion of the X96 morning show. They were doing "Ask a Foster Parent." So Dan went to help answer questions on behalf of the Utah Foster Care Foundation.

Circus Parade!

The Greatest Show on Earth came to Salt Lake this week! This is one of the reasons I enjoy living by a big city. McKenna and I went to their opening day parade.
These are all pictures from my cell phone- sorry for the small size.

Kenna has a new obsession with the Jungle Book "ephants." So naturally, this was her favorite part of the parade!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Life Lately

Nothing too significant has happened since Labor Day weekend. So I'm posting some pictures that don't all go together, but they're worth sharing. :)

Labor Day weekend we visited my Condie Grandparents
(my mom's dad and stepmom).
My sister painted McKenna's nails--Green!
Kenna and daddy snuggling before church
I also had my first concert with a new choir I joined, the Lex De Azevedo Millennium Choir. We performed at the state capitol building as part of a Constitution Day celebration. It was a difficult venue to sing in with all the echo in the rotunda, but a very COOL venue none the less!
Can you find me? I'm next to the railing, fourth one down.
My ever supportive husband!
Thanks to my other wonderful family members who came to see the concert as well!

AND, we are still trying to sell our condo.
So we can buy this.
Spread the word! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Butte Gardens- Labor Day

Labor Day was a FREE day at Red Butte Gardens AND my parents happened to be in town for the weekend! They said they needed a McKenna "fix" or something like that. I guess I'll oblige (ANY time!). :) The weather was perfect and I'm glad two of my siblings came too. Unfortunately, Dan spent the morning doing homework (his master's program is in full swing now).
As we walked around, it was fun to get some landscaping ideas for our new home. Of course our condo still needs to sell. Come on people- spread the word!
Saying, "Cheese!"
We fed some fishies.
With Grandpa on the stepping stones by the water.

I'm quite sad I didn't get any shots of the Children's Garden since I was spent, ready for lunch, and it was our last stop of the morning. They had fun tunnels, a fountain, sand box, large fake lizards for benches (which McKenna was scared of), and more. What a wonderful morning!