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May '17- Week 2- Parrish Creek Hike, McK and Preschool Zoo, Preschool Fire Station, Mother's Day/May BDs

Snapchat silliness!  
Monday Jonathan came over in the morning to look at some computer problems I'd been having, then he babysat while I volunteered in Ben's class.  I quickly ran to the grocery store before needing to pick up Ben from school.  When we got home, Ben quickly changed while I gathered a few things before heading out on a hike with Laurie and Brynn.  It was up Parrish Creek and it was honestly a little scary at times.  There was rushing water very close to the trail at times and several steep parts where I could only slide down on my bum.  I had Bethany on my back so I didn't feel like I had great balance and I wasn't much help to Anna and Ben.  Thank heavens for Laurie who hefted lots of the kids several times!  
In spite of me being scared, it was still mostly fun for the kids!  The older kids were able to scramble up some rocks to be able to see the reason for the hike, the petroglyphs!  Henry said it was "Indian blood."  The hike wasn't very long in length, but the technicality of it was quite difficult in my books. 
Still, I was thankful to get out of my hiking comfort zone. :)
Very steep at some parts.  
Desi and Henry came over to play in the afternoon and I went through McKenna's clothes with her.  We also went to the Ringwood's house that night for the May Nelson Family birthday party.  

Unfortunately Anna got some bug bites on our hike and by the next morning there were quite large and inflamed.  She must be pretty allergic to them.  Poor thing said they hurt a lot! 
Tuesday was a crazy day!  Anna went to the zoo with her preschool friends (Rachael and Holley took them) and I went to the zoo with McKenna's class as a chaperone.  Bethany and Ben were babysat by Swa.  I only had McKenna and her friend Grace in my "group" and they are such good girls.  On top of that, I had no stroller and the weather was perfect!  It was such a lovely day at the zoo.  They have a fun insect exhibit going on right now which was very cool because McKenna's class just finished doing insect reports.  
Pictured are the elephants, wolves, snow leopard, inside the reptile house where we found Anna and the preschoolers, and the bird show where we saw McKenna's teacher!  
The lions looked like they were having a meeting at one point with ALL of them hanging out so close to each other.  The girls had fun walking through the gift shop afterwards as well.   And Bethany loved hanging out with Ellie and going for a walk with Swa.  
All the girls at the zoo and their moms.  Do you think we look alike?  
Here are some pictures of Anna with her preschool friends at the zoo.  
Brittana and Henry Alexander went also because this was their one chance to go this year with their mom.    
That evening we ate grilled cheese for dinner at Ben's Tball game.
It's a hit!!
I also went to my first Book Club of the year!  I only made it halfway through the book but it was a great time talking with all my friends and even getting to know some of them better as we discussed The Happiness Project.  
*McKenna did some sleep walking a couple times this week.  Mostly, she just comes upstairs, then can't remember why, and just wants to go back to bed.  She doesn't usually remember doing it in the morning either.  

Wednesday I went walking in the morning with Rachael.  We picked up Ben then ran an errand to the DI to find something for Dan for Quest.  As I was back home, packing lunches for after gymnastics, Ben needed something in the upper cupboards and as he jumped up on the counter to get it, his head accidentally hit another open cupboard door.  It started bleeding and freaked us both out a little.  He was mostly embarrassed but ok and he sat out of gymnastics for the day.  Bethany was also showing me a cool trick she learned!  
We babysat Henry and Clara Stewart for a little bit in the afternoon.  We had the Dandurands over for baked potato dinner that evening.  

Thursday morning Anna had another preschool field trip to the Fire Station.  They do a cute job teaching kids brief fire safety and showing their equipment.  Bethany totally cried when the fire fighter put on his oxygen mask.  
After the field trip, Anna played at Beck's house for a bit while Bethany and I played outside.  
I sorted my own clothes that afternoon, then we had Bennet, Desi, and baby Will come over to play.  I started listening to my new book club book (What Alice Forgot) and really liked it!  
Anna and McKenna played at the Alexander's that aftenoon.  McKenna ended up staying with them for dinner while I took the girls to Ben's Tball game.  After the game, we went for a walk, just me and the kids.  The goat and rooster came right up to the fence! 
Friday Dan went biking, the later I went walking with Rachael.  My visiting teacher's came over.  Then we went to ladies lunch where Ben made that block creation.  After lunch, Anna went to play at Mila Cundick's house.  Then Ben's friend from school, Sam Burton came to play.  We picked up McKenna from school and Anna wouldn't wake up after falling asleep during carpool. 
 Later, Taggart Lewis and Brinley Aune came over for a play date in the sprinklers and some otter pops!  
That night Dan performed his second civil marriage since being called as Bishop.  Thankfully it was a home ceremony two doors down the street!  

Saturday morning we were out the door by 8:45 to drive to the Aspen Meadows girls campsite with the Steve and Erica Day.  It's a beautiful campsite and we're excited for it!  The kids had fun exploring too!  
After returning the keys to campsite, we had to quickly buy a present for McKenna to go to Camille Roth's ice skating BD party.  
I took Anna and went to a bridal shower for Dan's cousin's fiance.

Dan took Ben and Bethany grocery shopping.  We all got back home around 4.  Kids had showers.  Dan and Ben got haircuts.  I vacuumed a little.  Then my sister babysat while we went on my BD date with Dan's parents.  We ate at a Thai food place, then shopping at City Creek.  It was a crazy busy Saturday but I felt so spoiled and loved being with so many family that day! 
Sunday was Mother's Day!  I'm so thankful for all I inherited from my mom!  My love and talent for music, her kindness, and her love for others!  I admire my mom's creativity and ability to look at anything and think, "I could make that!"  Love you mom!  And this is could all be said of my wonderful MIL, Sylvia! So generous, supportive and loving. Great examples of motherhood, for sure! Glad I was able to Skype with my mom just before dinner time.  

My own children gave me darling cards, love notes, and even played very nicely together, in this fort behind the couch, most of the morning before church!
This was the best family picture we could get.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these people who helped me become the only thing I ever dreamed about becoming... a Mother!  

Dan's dad also gave all his daughters-in-law roses.  The white ones representing my 4 children, and the red ones representing all I do for them and teach them.  Dan knows me well getting me my favorite nut (peanut M&Ms)!  I love all my cards and just look at those darling bookmarks from McKenna and Ben! 
Dan was also able to drive to and from church WITH us!  He had no appointments!  And instead of saying, "This is nice"  he kept saying, "This is weird."  ;)  Haha.  He's just a little out of practice.  

After church, we had the Webster family BD and Mother's Day dinner.  The men in the family did a great job making and meal!  The only other May BDs are cute Lola and Mila!  
Cute little girlies!  

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