Monday, July 10, 2017

May '17- Week 1- Anniversary, Park and Grocery Store for Preschool, Window Washing, Camille Baptism

Monday I registered the kids for some Summer camps.  After we picked up Ben I went walking (1.5miles) with the kids.  We had Camille over to play in the afternoon (on her birthday).  We played outside for a little and even practiced some T-ball with Ben.  After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood as a family, then we had Twinkies as a treat.  I love all of those children...twinkies as well!
Tuesday morning I did a workout video.  For Anna's preschool we went to the park and had a picnic.  

That afternoon I accidentally drove carpool when I wasn't supposed to.  Hate when I do that.  Woke Bethany up for no reason.  We had the Dandurands for dinner that night. Aunt Pickle came to Ben's T-ball game that evening.  
At bedtime McKenna showed us how she can do the center splits! She's been practicing for a banana "split" party at her dance studio.  

Wednesday was our 11th Wedding Anniversary! I went walking in the morning with Rachael.  I babysat Clara and Ellie briefly.  Jordan Slaugh also came over play in the afternoon.  Silly dress-ups!
McKenna had Activity Days and said it was her favorite one so far.  They did a modesty fashion show using garbage sacks, streamers, and ribbons.  The leaders brought shoes for them to wear also.  They came up with names for their fashion creations and had some music to model to.  
We went out that night as a family to celebrate our Anniversary.  We ate at Nacho House then had treats at Hokulia! 

Before we put the kids to bed, we watched our wedding video.  I love Dan more and more each day and I'm so thankful for our marriage!  He is the best!  (Editor's Note: Nope...Laura is the best. I'm positive.)

Thursday I did a workout video then we went to the Winegar's grocery store for a preschool field trip.

The kids got to see behind the scenes storage areas, the cold fridge area, and the giant mixer and oven in their bakery.  
They were also lucky enough to get free cookies and suckers!  

The preschool kids came and played at our house for a bit after, followed by my YW window washing meeting.  After McKenna got home we went to register Anna for Adelaide preschool and the kids were very well behaved!  McKenna went with the Alexander's that night to Charley's Beauty and Beast play.  We skyped Aunt Pickle for her birthday!  I also sorted Bethany's clothes and put away clothes that are too small for her.  

Friday Dan went biking in the morning and later I went walking on Bntfl Blvd.  We had a picnic lunch with Brynn and Swa at Deer Hollow Park.  After school, I helped with the YW window washing fundraiser from 4-7:30pm.  I came home and had some dinner,  then we had a debriefing meeting at the Gunnerson's swimming pool.  When I got home that night I put together my menu and grocery order.  

Saturday the YW and leaders met at our YW President's house at 8:45am to do more window washing all day!  It was a little tricky because I had to go back and forth from window washing to two baptisms.  One was for Annalise Durant (I visit teach her mom, Jen), and the other for Camille Roth!  Thankfully the weather was pretty good all day.  We had one little microburst storm for about 10 mins, but overall, the weather held out. 
 In the evening Brooklyn Ulmer babysat for us while we went to dinner (CPK) and a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy 2) for Mickelle's BD!  The movie was hilarious and made me laugh out loud a lot! 
I'm so thankful for a healthy body that could work hard washing windows all day and very thankful for generous ward members who donated so much to the YW!  We're going to have a great camp!  
Sunday Anna unexpectedly threw up two times so Mickelle came and stayed home from church with her.  I'm so thankful for her sacrifice so I could go to church.  Mickelle stayed for dinner also and we had an FHE scripture lesson about the topic Jesus Christ, Firstborn.  

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