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May- Week 4- My BD, Memorial Day, Ben's Kindergarten Program, Epic Pot Pie Fail!

Monday I had a camp meeting with Erica.  We packed a lunch and went to Hogan park with all my sisters-in-law (except Laurie).  I'm so thankful to live so close to each of them and they are such an influence for good in my life!  Jordan Slaugh came with us to play with Ben.  
In the afternoon Ben and Anna played at the Alexander's.  Dan mowed the lawn when he got home and for Family Home Evening we talked about emergency preparedness.  The kids didn't like that too much, but I felt a little more peace of mind.  

Tuesday was my 33rd Birthday!  
The kids were looking cute doing morning stretches before M and B left for school.  
More of Anna's fashion and accessorizing!  Bethany had put them on next as soon as Anna put them down. 
I went walking with Rachael, then Taggart came to play for a bit.  After lunch Rachael came to get Ben and Anna so I could have some time to myself for my birthday.  And what did I do with my time to myself?  BLOG!  ;)  She's such a great friend!!  For dinner that night we went to a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a while, The Protein Foundry.  They have smoothies, acai, and gourmet toast.  It was delicious!  
Unfortunately I had a bad headache during most of dinner.  It went away later with some meds.  That evening I skyped or facetimed with my family and Dan's parents.  After kids went to bed I finished blogging and felt so happy, and satisfied, and blessed to be alive and to be doing what I'm doing in my life right now!  
 Dan got me these beautiful flowers along with some clothes and more peanut M&Ms!! 
Wednesday the kids had gymnastics.  Anna played at Lizzy's and Taggart & Henry came over to play.  I worked on Dan's Father's Day gift.  In the afternoon, the older three kids went to the Moulton's for sprinklers and popsicles.  The youth did a free carwash that night and McKenna and I attended a baby shower for Ann Marie Burkholz.  

Thursday I went walking with Rachael.  After lunch I met Brynn at the ZOO!  We got to see the bird show and ride the carousel.  

We got home around 3:30 and babysat Camille and Ivy Roth.  
 After dinner we went to Ben's T-ball game and my brother Jonathan came.  It was their second to last game so they passed out their trophies.  So fun for Ben to be able to play with cousins Ollie and Henry! 

Dan had a pretty late night doing work and Bishop stuff so after the kids were in bed I watched TV.  

Friday I had a PJ day!  I worked on my grocery list and the blog.  The girls watched "Frozen."  I also listened to my book club book a lot.  Dan got home around 4 and did some work outside with Ben.  Then we grilled hot dogs for dinner.  That night Dan went biking with Paul Schmutz to Rudy's Flat to drop in on the Deacon's camp out.  
We had a dance party after Dan left.  I always want to remember these! 
After kids were in bed I hung out with Mickelle who came up to sleep over so she could babysit early the next morning.  
The girls supervising the grilling in the patio room.  
Saturday Mickelle babysat while we went to the temple to do sealings.  Then I went to brunch with Mickelle and our cousin Stefanie.  Our family had a picnic lunch that afternoon in our backyard.  Dan hung the lights in the backyard.  I worked on going through kids' clothes in the basement (the picture of the hoodie as per Ben's request. He was instantly attached, though it was much too small for him. Funny boy.) and McKenna had a playdate with Camille.  We had dinner that night at the Puzey's with the Lewises, Moultons, and Johnsons (Mike and Molly).  Mickelle slept over again that night.  

Sunday after church we packed up and headed to Mantua for Memorial Day! Everyone in the Webster family came up except Sam and Lara.  We slept in the purple room and had a rough night!  3/4 of the kids napped on the drive up from like 5-6pm so they just weren't tired till 11 or 12!  We still managed to play some games with grown ups though.  
Kids playing before bedtime.  
Monday was Memorial Day.  Dan got up early to go golfing and Bethany finally fell asleep in our bed from like 6:45-10am.  Like I said, it was a rough nights sleep! 
We fed the kids breakfast and when the dads got home we all walked to the Cemetery to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Webster! 

I took McKenna and Ben and went with Dave and Laurie and kids, as well as Brynn and her oldest 4 on a hike.  
 To get to it we have to walk under the overpass and the kids thought it was pretty cool to climb to the top.  
 It was a pretty hike but kind of noisy because the trail was close to the canyon road the whole time.  We made it just to the view of the Brigham City Temple them we turned around.  It was about 4 miles total.  Dan took the two little girls back home to Mantua.  
 We got back to the house around 1 and then went swimming!  We had a BBQ with everyone for dinner and Bethany was pretty much awful because she was so tired.  We made it home to Bountiful by 8 and quickly put kids to bed.  

Monday Ben woke up with pink eye so he stayed home from school.  Dan took McKenna to a braces appointment.  I also decided on a whim to register for a 10K and got my friend Kylee to do it with me!  The girls played dress up and Ben took this picture of all of us in bonnets.  
I did some girls camp stuff and worked on laundry.  
We had Ben's final Tball game that night but unfortunately half of their team didn't show up (turns out there was a preschool graduation or something) so we had to combine with the other team.  The organizers provided free hot dogs that night for families!  

Wednesday Ben had his Kindergarten Graduation program! He was such a performer!  
Ben's speaking part was to welcome everyone and recite the pledge! 
They counted by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.  
Ben got to be Georgie Prodgie.
We loved that Ben, like McKenna, had Mrs. Thomas for 1st grade.  Mrs. Andersen and Mrs, Enquist were wonderful instructors as well.  My sister was able to come too!  Ben is such a sweet boy and was hugging many of his friends as we left.  
Desi, Taggart, and Bennett came over to play, then the kids had gymnastics.  After we picked up McKenna we went to get Keva Juice and Great Harvest for lunch.  Cute pictures of Bethany watching the rain.  
That evening the Gunnersons stopped by and dropped of some hand-me-downs including this awesome Captain Hook costume!  Bethany was having a hard time waking up from her nap.  
That evening I had an epic fail!  I was making two chicken pot pies for dinner for us and the Lewises.  When it came time to get them out of the oven they were two heavy to lift one-handed, which I was doing, so I dropped them! Not only did I burn my arm but I lost half of each of the pot pies down in the crack of the oven door!  
(Day of and a week later) 
 SUCH a mess!  Dan had to help me take apart the oven door that night to clean it all up!  And I just salvaged what I could for both the Lewises and us to eat.  

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