Sunday, July 16, 2017

May- Week 3- Gpa Mike Here, Anna PS Grad, Spring Concert, YW Campout.

Monday I went visiting teaching then to Wal-Mart.  After Ben got home from school he got to work making a Lego fidget spinner!  He's so nice to share.  
That evening my Dad came to town for some work meetings in SLC.  
Cute selfie with the kids (Anna being Darth Vader).  
After dinner we walked up to the Alexander's for Anna's co-op preschool graduation!  
 I made the hats and certificates and Charley put together a slide show of all the pictures we took throughout the year.  We also had the kids sing a couple songs they learned.  
 It was such a fun year with those kids and their moms!  I'm so thankful to have done this with great friends and neighbors!  
Tuesday was a rough day for me.  I came down with a stomach virus!  I was down pretty much the whole day and thankfully Anna played at Desi's and Ben played at Bennett's.  
That evening I helped McKenna finish her insect report and bug model for school.  
Anna has some great fashion sense! 
 Wednesday we woke up to a skiff of snow and the kids got excited! 
 That day the kids also got to do the parachute at gymnastics! 
McKenna had Activity Days in the afternoon and they did pedicures.  
Dan had a welfare training in the evening but I spent time with Mickelle and my dad.  
Bethany dancing to a garage band demo song with Grandpa.
Thursday I went VT to Shelly's and Anna had playdates with preschool friends and Lizzy.  
Adorable "Popcorn Popping" with Bethany 
Pretending she had a smoothie. ;) 
In the evening my siblings and dad came over for a quick dinner before we headed to the school for McKenna and Ben's Spring Concert and Art Extravaganza.  
Ben's right in the middle.  

McKenna is also in the middle.  
SO thankful for all the family support!  Dan's mom came too! 
 Their displayed artwork.  
When we got home the kids laid out all their art work from the whole school year and we had a little art museum going on! 

 Friday I did a workout video and put together my grocery list and order.  
After school, McKenna had a late over with Swa's house with Katie and Whitney!  Dan's mom came to babysit (until Mickelle could get off work) while Dan and I went on a YW campout!
We drove most of the beehives down to Diamond Fork (past Spanish Fork).  We had a hot dog dinner and cobbler for dessert!  Becky gave a little devotional and we went to bed around 11.  I was so thankful to have ear plugs!  I slept mostly through the night!  It was quite cold that night but Dan and I stayed toasty in our tiny tent and it helped that I had four layers on my upper body!  
In the morning we ate, had another devotional, packed up, packed sack lunches, and left for a hike around 10am.  We hiked to the Diamond Fork Hot Springs.  It was crowded so we had to park pretty far from the trail head.  All in all, we hiked/walked 6.5 miles!  It was beautiful and the Laurel's kept us going at a pretty fast pace.  
We got home by 4pm, started laundry, and Dan worked outside on the sprinklers and taking down Christmas lights.  We had Del Taco dinner and picked up our groceries then went to bed exhausted! 

Sunday snapchat fun! 

McKenna made this darling sign, inspired by the Liv and Maddie Disney show about twin sisters who have a sign in their room that says "Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice." 
 Dan came home late after church due to Seminary Graduation but we still managed to watch some of our favorite show "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!"

This was a funny video we took of Bethany one night before bed.  She all of the sudden volunteered for something very enthusiastically and loudly and it made us all laugh.  So she kept doing it!  Then, when we told her to calm down she for some reason felt the need to bend down and touch the ground. :)

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