Friday, December 26, 2008


Who doesn't love this face??
This is a cute onesie my mom got her that says "Silent Night?" on the front and "Up All Night!" on the back. :) We celebrated with my family first (a day early). Here are our Christmas Eve PJs. This year we got robes! Thanks mom!
Here's what our basement looked like while we were getting ready. Wrapping central!

We also had our delicious German Pancakes breakfast Christmas morning. YUM!
Then we celebrated with Dan's family and made candy trains.
Christmas morning, Dan's family always has Christmas poppers. Inside we find a little toy, paper crown, and some funny Christmas joke. Here are our lovely paper crowns. So flattering!
Here are the cutes cousins ever!
Kate (5 months) McKenna (2 months and just woke up) Whitney (1.5 weeks)

We're so in LOVE with this girl!
Here's the loot! There are our piles of Christmas gifts from the Thompsons, Websters, and each other.

This onesie is from Aunt Mickelle and reads "Mom and Dad's best present ever!" Totally true!

It was so great to be able to spend so much time with so many members of our family. In fact, this year was the first in 5 years that the Websters have all been together...with 8 more being added since then. We missed seeing my sister Emily and her family and are so fortunate to have such wonderful families that spoil us to no end. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pageant and 2 month Stats

We've become those parents that take a thousand pictures, it's true! This time, it was because our little girl has become a little actress and participated in her first program/play/pageant (whatever you want to call it).
Our sweet McBaby got to play baby Jesus in Dan's Family's Christmas pageant. She got this privilege because other than Dan's sister's baby (one week old), McKenna is the youngest baby in the huge family right now. I made sure she had a full tummy just before she went on stage and she did AWESOME! She's small enough that she didn't wiggle too much and she's old enough now that she was quite awake and alert during the whole nativity. She was pretty content to suck on her hands and look around at the lights and people surrounding the manger.
Here she is with Mary and Joseph
McKenna's sweet cousins Joseph and Andrew were lambs and couldn't resist admiring baby Jesus with pokes, sqeezes, and kisses of admiration. :)
This was towards the end of the pageant. At this point, McKenna is being lovingly malled by shepheards, angels, and lambs. The big guys in the back are the "three" kings.
She survived the night with flying colors and didn't make a peep the entire time!
In other news, McKenna is officially TWO MONTHS old! Before I give her stats, I'd like to brag about our pediatrician. When I went into labor we hadn't selected a pediatrician yet so we were assigned the one that was on call at the hospital and boy did we luck out! He pretty much has a full practice but decided to take us on anyway. The only down side is that Dr. Wirkus is located in Murray (20 minutes away). Anyway, every time we've met with him (4 times total) he has spent at least a half an hour with us! He doesn't rush through the appointment at all. I, of course, come with a million questions every time and he never makes me feel silly for asking any of them. He takes the time to TEACH us when he answers our questions. AMAZING!
She is now:
11.1 lbs (between 50th-75th percentile)
23.5 in. (95th percentile)-Dan's Genes
15.9 in. head circ. (90th percentile)- Also Dan's genes
She makes great eye contact and and can follow objects from pretty far away
She is becoming quite the social smiler
The doctor gave her an A+ and said she's thriving!
The worst part of the check up is the shots of course. FIVE PRICKS! The good news was the nurse was super fast (less than 30 sec. for all five) and McKenna was easily comforted. Here are her brave bandages.

Love this face!Even though her legs were sore, Grandma Kelly managed to get these sweet smiles from her!

We are so grateful to have this beautiful and healthy girl in our life.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life Lately

Introducing McKenna's new best friend...Whitney Winegar. All it takes is a newborn to make our 8 week old baby look huge. Whitney is the daughter of Dan's sister and was just born last Saturday night.
Cute Cousins!

Luckily, Swa was able to finish her finals before Whitney came. It's too bad Jake wasn't as fortunate. We're so glad that mommy and baby (and daddy) are healthy and doing well.

Sunday we had a progressive dinner with a portion of Dan's extended family. As part of this, we made gingerbread houses from scratch using a cast-iron mold that Dan's mom gave to us. We sure missed Mindy and her frosting wars this year. :)
McKenna loved this part of the evening.
I've been wanting to do something new to my hair for a long time. In the winter I get especially tired of the tangles, static, and most recently it getting caught in all sorts of baby accessories. So...


Whaddya think!? I sure got a great reaction from Dan; I keep catching him staring at my hair. I think he likes it :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Trick!

Brag time! I've done tummy time with McKenna maybe 6-7 times and each time has been for about 1-2 minutes. I didn't think it was really doing any good. Her face pretty much stayed on the ground with the occasional short lift, and then she just got mad I was leaving her like that. Then, out of no where this week she starts lifting her head 90 degrees off the ground and HOLDING it there! And because her head is still quite big for her tiny body, if she flops her head to the side she can ROLL OVER! Is that normal? She's not even two months old yet! I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't be bragging at all. But here she is doing her new rolling over trick. :)
Her head at 90 degrees

And here are some cute pictures just because...
Love this girl!

And what am I to do with all this HAIR! I'm still wondering if she's going to lose any of it or get a bald spot. So far so good.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Festival of Trees!!

For those of you who don't know what this is, I think you'll get it just by looking at the pictures. I hope you click to enlarge them so you can see the details. All of the trees, wreaths, centerpieces, and gingerbread houses were for sale to benefit Primary Children's Hospital. There was every kind of tree you could think of! There was a little something for eveyone...
A BYU/Jazz Tree (for me- GO COUGS!)
A Utes Tree (for Dan)

A Lighthouse Tree (for ME- I collect lighthouses)

An Ice Cream Tree (also for ME- I LOVE ice cream!)

A High School Musical Tree (for my niece and nephew Emma and Reed)

A Penguin Tree (for my Aunt Joan who collects penguins)

A TWILIGHT Tree (for all you Edward lovers)

A couple Harley Davidson Trees (for my Dad. Mom, make sure he sees these :))

A Dora Tree (for my niece Kari)

They also had beautiful wreaths!

And some pretty AMAZING Gingerbread houses!

And here's OUR very own TREE at home. I love these guys!