Monday, February 22, 2010

So Excited!

McKenna gets pretty excited when she hears good music. I think we must be related.
For example, this is the beginning of a Baby Einstein movie.
(She's also signing "please" because she wants the camera.)

This is her favorite opening credits song. Dragon Tales on PBS kids. She doesn't really watch the show. She just really likes the opening song.
(LOVE her dance moves in this one!)

Old Macdonald

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cuteness Update

Dan and I always give each other a little kiss after the blessing on our dinner. In the past few weeks McKenna has expressed interest to get in on the kissing action. As soon as we say, "In the name of..." she puckers up! :)
A funny "sign" she did for a few days. We had no clue what it meant.
Another funny "sign" :)
She knows what this is used for
When I put this raincoat on her, she started patting her head. I assumed she wanted the hat that matches. A pretty dang cute hand-me-down from cousins Kari and Kaitlyn!
Say "Cheese!"
And this is McKenna speaking in her own language! Enjoy!

Harlem Globetrotters

For our Valentine's date, we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant (Olive Garden)...

and then we saw the Harlem Globetrotter perform! Some of you may remember we did this last year too! LOTS of fun! Thanks to Dan's sister, Sarah Jane, for babysitting!

The mascot "Globie"

"Big Easy" taking pictures with fans after the game

Some of our favorite moments:

More Crocheting

Here's my first attempt at crocheting a hat. It only fits McKenna's head and the edge isn't "finished." I put a couple of her flower clips on it to dress it up. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This hijacked blog post is brought to you by me, Dan. Laura spends enough time on here that I thought I'd jump on this thing while McKenna and I are home sick from church and talk about what I love most...
It has been an amazing 3 1/2 years being married to this incredible woman. Here are but a few reasons why she is so great, though I'm sure most of these will not be a surprise to the readers of this blog:
  • She loves me...that alone deserves a medal!!
  • Laura has such a strong testimony of and dedication to our Savior Jesus Christ.
Shown in the way she lives, how she treats others,
and her desire to follow Him is truly inspiring.
  • Her thorough attention to detail in every aspect of our lives helps keep me on my toes. Without this, I'm pretty sure we'd still be behind on our HOA fee (sometimes I forget)
  • On a related note, she's a HUGE list person. I can generally count on there being 2-3 lists of things she wants to do/projects she would like me to complete, going at one time.
  • She loves cleaning; something I do not love to do. It makes her so happy to be able to use our new vacuum for an hour or so, and what kind of husband would I be to take that source of happiness from her :)
  • She is (mostly) willing to try new things, and to take part in activities that stretch her. At the top of this list would be singing in herself! In fact, as I'm typing this she is performing yet another solo for another ward; oh yeah, she found out about this YESTERDAY!! Pretty sure I would have said no. [the things she's not so willing to try are raisins and watching all 6 Star Wars movies with me. Seriously. I mentioned that Yoda dies, and she didn't know this happened...sad, I know. I'll keep working on her:) ]
  • Oh, and did I mention that she has a BEAUTIFUL singing voice?! It is so sweet and clear that you can't help but feel the sincerity and love she has for music and the pieces she performs. She has brought many to tears with her awesome voice, and I'm sure will be doing so again right now as she is performing.
  • She's such a good baby mama! I've always known that she loves children, but to watch as she has embraced this opportunity to grow and adapt as a mother has truly been inspiring. How lucky McMonkey is to have such an amazing mother!

It's so comforting to know that when I'm gone all day, she's being cared for and loved by Laura. If only every father and child could have the same reassurance.
  • If there's one thing that stands out about her, it's her beautiful smile! When she smiles at me, or is laughing, life just seems better. Oh, and she's funny. Like, for reals. She can make jokes and can lighten any mood with her infectious laugh and smile.
  • I have yet to find a more calming influence than the touch of her hand on my hand or arm after a long day away from her. Many guys have to go play video games, or watch tv to unwind after work. For me, it's her touch.
  • Laura is smokin HOT!! Seriously! Have any of you seen her lately?! I wish I had more pictures of her to show off, though these are a few of my favorites:
I love you Laura!! Thank you so much for marrying me and I'm looking
forward to the rest of eternity with you! Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Lately, McKenna LOVES to talk and play with my phone. If only she could really hear through her cheek, she'd be set!

She even thought our camera battery charger was a phone. :) She's so funny!

Fun with Luke!

Kenna always has fun playing with our neighbor Luke!
She especially likes to take his stuff.
They like to read together too.

Here's Luke sharing is favorite book.

It's fun to watch these kids learn how to interact with each other.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Books, Self-feeding, and Walking (sort of)

Did you know McKenna LOVES books! She's at the age where she wants to read the same book over and over and over... Currently the fav is Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. You know, the one that goes, "Dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum." :)

And here's one of her first attempts at feeding herself with a fork. If the food is sticky enough, she does pretty well. She's quite proud of herself too! :)

Here are her first stages of "walking." We still need to work on her balance and standing though.

Grad School!

That's right! My wonderful, intelligent, hard working husband got into the master's program at the University of Utah in Social Work! No GRE needed (thank heavens). And it's only a 1 year program- Aug. 2010-2011.

I'm very excited for him to make this next step in furthering his career. This degree will open many doors in the future. My only concern or reservation is how little McKenna and I will see him. I'm convinced wives of law school and med school students are much "tougher" than I could ever be. One of my love languages is quality time. I'll just have to know he loves me other ways. :) GO DAN! We're so proud of you!


The Relief Society in my ward has had two crocheting nights in the last little while. They said there was no experience necessary. So I decided to go and learn. :)
Here's my first attempt!
I learned the basic chain and how to turn a corner. The ends are slanted on this sample, so I'll have to work on preventing that next time.

(So maybe I look a little like and old lady in this picture with a warm blanket on my lap as I crochet...)

I'm working on a hat next!

Food Storage

Doctrine and Convenants 38:30-
I tell you these things because of your prayers; wherefore, treasure up wisdom in your bosoms... but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.
Dan's parents were SOOO NICE to help us get our 3 month food supply. We don't have enough room in our little condo to store much more than that. We are very grateful! Peace of mind is a wonderful gift. Here's our fun afternoon at the cannery!
(I'm not exactly sure what Dan thinks he's "getting ready" for??)

Dan, Sarah Jane, and Daddy Dave
Me and my Bro
(who was visiting for the weekend from Provo)
I labeled
Dan and B-I-L Brian ran the sealing machines

Sarah Jane helped fill the cans and made sure they had an oxygen packet

Jonathan lifted the heavy boxes

Dad worked with David and Laurie on the milk and flour

We missed getting a picture of Dan's mom; she was the labeler on the other line.
The end results! Again, peace of mind is a wonderful thing!

Now I just need to learn to cook with it! :)