Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I like to think there are two kinds of messes McKenna makes around our house: supervised and unsupervised. I obviously approve of or allow the supervised messes to occur. These next two little messes occured unsupervised. :) They really were very insignificant compared to other child-induced chaos I've seen on other's blogs. But they were cute none-the-less and I wanted to share.

She dumped out a pack of gum from the diaper bag. I'm not really sure why she's crying in these pictures. Maybe she's just upset she got busted.

This one was clearly my own fault. I left a box of Kleenex on the ground unattended while I was changing laundry loads.

The stack after I gathered them up. Definitely not as bad as it could have been.
She also wanted to shred one- just because. :)


Our main bathroom had a little drama a week or two ago. It actually started a few months ago and we only NOW realized what it was. The area between the vinyl adhesive tiles under our toilet had slowly been getting very yucky. No amount of cleaning/scrubbing was working. Then one night, one of those tiles started to BULGE. We knew then that the toilet was leaking and had probably been leaking for a good long while.

Bulging, nasty tiles
So Dan got to work on ripping everything out to find out what the problem was. Turns out, the wax ring had just worn out...

He tore up the tiles, disinfected, and let the subfloor dry out. Thankfully, the wood had not yet begun to rot. Sorry for the grossness...it smelled just a wonderful. :)

Our bathroom looked like this for a few days
Dan worked so hard and installed a new wax ring no prob!
I was SO very thankful he has no sense of smell and did all the dirty work himself!!

We also decided to change our flooring with NEW vinyl adhesive tiles with a totally different color & pattern. :)

Sorry if bathroom "drama" doesn't interest you. That's just what's been going on in our lives.

Easter Egg Hunts

Dan's brother's work had an Easter egg hunt March 27th. It was a little chilly, high 40s, and McKenna was a little nervous about the big crowd. In the end, she kinda got the hang of it. It was also the debut of her pig-tails! :)

Still a little nervous

The pep talk

There she goes!

The goods!
Some cousins (Andrew 3, Reed 5, Emma 7)

McKenna didn't want to cooperate for a group shot...

And of course she was terrified of the Easter Bunny!

We also had a candy hunt Easter Sunday at the Webster Grandparent's house. I don't think McKenna made the connection that she was picking up treats, mostly because we haven't exposed her to a lot of candy in her life. She just liked the bright colors and the idea of putting things in a bucket that was just her size. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sometimes I have blog posts that don't have just one "theme." This is one of those. Just some things I want to document and share. :)

McKenna had her first week at church in nursery! I stayed with her during the first hour then snuck out without incident. Two minutes later they brought her to me due to a messy diaper. I was nervous she would have a hard time going back in after being with me...she didn't even look back! When I went to pick her up after Relief Society, I got a little teary eyed as they handed me her "stuff." She had "colored" (at the bottom) these pictures about Joseph Smith.
The second Sunday Dan dropped her off and kissed her goodbye. She only cried a couple times, but overall did just fine. We'll see how she does after a week break for General Conference.

That same first Sunday she went to nursery we also had some pretty nice weather outside. Kenna was playing outside with dad and fell and got her first skinned knee! Such a first time mom thing to do, I know...I'm sure I won't even think twice with the next 17 kids.

Ever since the "incident" she makes a sad, hurt face and touches her knee... either knee really. Apparently it was pretty traumatizing.
Here's a few of McKenna's new words: Mom, Dad, Bye, and of course her default if she doesn't know how to say something- "dats." She can also say eyes, up, hi, more, I love you (ay-oh), pop, no, all done (ah duh), please (eese), thank you (eh eh), and poop (but only after she actually poops). I mostly love how she tries to crawl onto Dan for most of the video.
Fun walking on the noisy newspaper. Made her socks black.

I forgot to upload this with the wedding post, and it was too cute to not share. That hairbrush/compact "toy" from Aunt Ailin was a lifesaver!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Morning with Grandma "Sibber" and Whitney

While I was gone babysitting for a friend in the ward, Dan decided to take the day off work to be with Kenna (which was very helpful). So he took her to Grandma's house for a visit; turns out Grandma was also babysitting cousin Whitney! This is how the morning went-

McKenna was quite jealous of Whitney being up on the desk (Kenna had been attacking Whitney...so unlike her :) ).
That's better.
Grandma fed them yummy snacks. Favorite parts in this video: Whitney does a cute shoulder shrug, McKenna shows us what she's eating, and they both blow kisses. :)

As you have probably noticed, they both desperately needed their hair combed and styled. Grandma to the rescue!
The finished product

Add some bows for a finishing touch.
And of course Grandma read to them!

Then they had some fun in the guest bedroom on the beds. It's nice they're so close to the floor.
Towards the end of their time together, McKenna would get very, if not too, helpful for Whitney's liking. When Kenna gets excited around other kids, she expresses her joy by hugging (squeezing) and kissing (biting).

Cute cousins and a fun grandma make for a great morning!! Thanks Grandma!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sam and Lara's Wedding!

Dan's brother, Sam, got married last week to a wonderful girl who happens to share my name; Laura Jeanne/Lara Jean! Here are some of the highlights from the blessed day!

First toe painting of the season. I was pretty excited about the hot pink!

The happy couple!

The other happy couple... not really. Just Dan and his youngest bro Adam, who's on a mission. He was a cardboard stand-in. [Isn't my hubby hot? :) ]

ALL of Dan's immediate (and available) family

McKenna LOVED her pretty new dress for pictures at the reception. She was also very good at giving loves to her cousin Whitney (2 months younger).

With mom

With dad- Can you tell she's such a toddler now! Quite distracted and MUCH more opinionated about having to hold still. *Note: For some reason, she was terrified of Sam and Lara and SCREAMED in every picture she had to sit on their laps. Sorry guys.

On the other hand, she LOVED the fountain on the tenth floor of the JSMB.

She's mid sign, "water."

The best family shot of the night

Here's a little McKenna montage. We got some good ones because she loved looking out the windows! The flower in her hair was made by Dan's sister Sarah Jane!

Holding mommy's painful but super cute shoes! :)

The best one we could get with Grandfather

After a "dinner" of pie and cake, she caught her second wind and was quite cheerful.


Back to the couple of the day.

They were both very "nice" with the cake.

Their dance

The End (of the reception)

But just the beginning of Sam and Lara's eternal marriage! :) Love you guys!